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Mother’s Day Message from Beau Satchelle

To our Moms and all Mothers who have taught us swag, style, beauty, jazziness, grace, laughter, healing, and being powerful. Who introduce us to patience, acceptance, being grateful and humble, showing class and being devoted. Who told us to follow our heart, keep it real, living a life of giving, fall in love, and being open minded. To love ourselves, to being committed, having self-respect and doing the right thing, and experiencing unconditional love. To say nothing if you don’t have anything nice to say. Always represent Mom well in public through manners and appearance. Never stop learning no matter how many years you’ve lived. Take care of Mother Earth. And to pass all of this knowledge on to future generations. T. Michael is not only a master in building stunning bespoke leather products, but he has the talent to create word symphonies into beautiful poems. We decided that there was no better way than to honor Mother’s Day by sharing this poem he wrote years ago for his Mother. Enjoy! Blessings from Above Going from one child to another I love what you made us become, Mother Your beauty and grace makes you a queen And your children are proof of your winning team I do not see you often but I miss you much You have an everlasting effect that keeps me in touch I thank you for your support and trust If it were not for you, I would be in the dust I remember those times when you gave us an inch and we took a mile This was knowledge gained as our lessons started to pile Teaching us each day was your mission And wanting the best for us, you were wishing I will never forget those hot meals right before sunrise Hearing you call […]