The Best Place To Find Customized Sustainable Luxury Handbags With No Duplicates

 Beau Satchelle Bespoke offers an exclusive, private collection of leathers and exotics in multiple colors, with a premium hardware selection to create one-of-a-kind handbags you will see no one else wearing.

 Our process is simple… convey your desired style and size, select 2 colors – one for the exterior and one for the interior; and our design team will bring your vision to life.  

 You have the option to have a prototype created from scratch or draw inspiration from our current collective.

 We provide updates throughout the construction of your luxury good.  Most importantly, we want your satisfaction before starting our final inspection process.

 Lastly, you will receive a completion notification, with photographs, before shipping.

  Please Note:  (Allow 4 – 6 weeks for the production process)

        -The Beau Satchelle Design Team

Our Handcrafted Wine Case And Single Wine Carriers

For Wine Lovers…  if having a wine case is not your preference, why not consider our single bottle wine carriers. They are a perfect luxury accessory to have for your wine when traveling.

Today's Best Single Wine Carriers

Beau Satchelle Single Wine Carrier in Red 2020

Made of French Chèvre

This red single wine carrier has contrast blue hand-stitching and nickel plated hardware

Beau Satchelle Ghost Leather Wine Carrier

Ghost Leather

Italian Buttero Ghost leather adorned with rose gold hardware

Beau Satchelle Caiman Single Carrier in the Wine Vault July 2017

Exotic Carriers Available

Want something different from the norm… our sustainable exotic single wine carriers are definitely an exclusive choice

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Beau Satchelle and it was an enjoyable experience. Their handbags are very beautiful and I own several of them.” 


Fmr. Brand Ambassador