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We will soon be honoring the one woman or several women who have influenced our values and  inspired our dreams.  Our Mothers took on the responsibility of being our disciplinarians, educators, nurses, counselors and cheerleaders .  Motherhood which comes in all ranges from those who birthed us to women who appeared in our lives either for short or long periods as divine angels, 

As the day of celebrating Mothers approaches, the Beau Satchelle  team wanted to offer one of a kind gift suggestions that we were drawn to based on the three lifestyles of women who have influenced us.  We hope this gives our readers a few indulgent ideas to please that special woman who deserves the world.

The Nature Lover Mother

This particular out of this world destination was actually covered in a blog a few years ago when we introduced our readers to one of their treerooms named the Mirror Cube which was built incorporating mirror walls to reflect and blend in with the surroundings.. The Treehotel located in Harads, Sweden, is an over the top outdoor global destination that offers a number of treerooms contemporarily designed  in the middle of unspoiled nature .  

We are excited to update you about the latest addition being introduced this year by the hotel group… a most spectacular gift for the Mom desiring to explore, live and sleep among nature up close and personal.  The “Biosphere” opens May 2022 and features 340 bird nests (of varying sizes and shapes to attract different birds)  designed on the sphere’s exterior, (imagine a round pine comb) which allows guests to experience birdlife in close proximity among their natural habitat. To be able to observe the daily habits of birds and other wildlife would have to be utterly fascinating for global adventurers. 

Sticking with the theme of nature, Beau Satchelle’s creativity and expertise has the ability to create a number of leather handcrafted personalized gifts for this particular Mom in your life.  If you can dream it, we can build it.  If Sweden is booked for her nature get-away, present her with a leather passport cover to protect not only the passport, and also add several internal card slots for credit cards, cash and ID.  

Other luxury leather accessories for your favorite outdoorswoman could include a beautiful hand-sewn leather wrapped flask to provide a vessel for her favorite spirits, a leather journal for capturing thoughts and recording memorable nature experiences, or a customized leather straps or dual harnesses to attach and carry either  binoculars or camera.  

Finally, a leather camera bag or backpack for the naturalist, serious about her photography, can be custom sized for a camera, video and accompanying gear.  Also we can offer the choice of non removable or removable inserts for converting the bag into a daily or weekend carrier for necessities such as her laptop, phone, water bottle, wallet, and other personal essentials.   We give our future handbag owner a choice of premium durable leathers that will be waterproofed.  The hand stitching guarantees this bag will be in your Mom’s life for generations to come as it will continue to age gracefully and beautifully.  

The Performing Arts Mother

As youngsters, my brother and I were exposed to all forms of the arts, thanks to my Mother, an educator.  She knew I was particularly drawn to the production side… I had big dreams of being a future director since I was so intrigued by the behind the scenes of theater operations. So much so, that I volunteered as a summer usher at one of our city’s prominent theaters when I was a teenager.  And then, as a young adult, I was fortunate to see the travel production of the Phantom of the Opera in Toronto.  That experience solidified my ongoing love for the performing arts.

New York’s theater scene is beginning to recover after 2 years of shuttered silence. For the specific woman in your life who is drawn to the arts, what better gift than a weekend trip to experience a Broadway or off Broadway show.  And Broadway is giving you a great deal of choices not only with pre-Covid theater, but according to critics, journalists and writers, 2021-22 season has experienced quite a few new productions.   

To arrange for a trip on Broadway, there are a number of U.S and European (with U.S. offices) concierge companies that will handle every step of her trip.  Or if you have more DIY tendencies, it is advised to purchase tickets from the show’s website, and ticket provider or the theater’s box office as opposed to third party ticket vendors.

Along with the long playing productions such as Wicked, Mrs. Doubtfire and Hadestown, there are several new shows debuting this spring including Girl From North Country, The Little Prince and American Buffalo.  This year promises to see an increase in the theater business as show-starved spectators slowly make their way back to those coveted seats.  

A Leather theater themed suggestion from Beau Satchelle is to offer a luxurious keepsake for the theatergoer-Mother in your life by gifting her with a bespoke Playbill storage Leather binder. Made from premium leathers, handcrafted, “Theater” debossed on the front cover and personalized with her initials.  The binder will come with 25 Plastic Inserts to hold her favorite playbills and paper tickets of memorable theater trips and large enough to add future inserts.  Additional interior pockets are also an added feature.     

The Stylish Mother

This Mom can be described as impeccably, well dressed.  Fashion is her love and she exudes class from top to bottom.  Trendiness is not necessarily her cup of tea as prefers to pull together looks that speak true sophistication with well thought out details. All of her combined roles as a Mother, Spouse/Partner, Professional, Community Leader, etc. are embraced with her confident style of dress while representing her circle of stakeholders.  No matter the wardrobe piece or accessory, her poise, authenticity and elegance speaks volumes.  

This is the woman that Beau Satchelle has in mind when creating the perfect handbag. Our bags are polished arm candy – the added cherry on top of a well-dressed woman.  In your quest to find the right gift for that special Mom in your life, consider commissioning us to work with your special Mom to create a masterpiece that she will adore carrying,

To give the gift of a bespoke handbag experience in which your Mother is an integral part of the unforgettable creative process.    Keep in mind that we have the capabilities of also handcrafting leather and exotic replacement watch straps and custom-sized belts.

We would like to reiterate that Beau Satchelle Bespoke provides products to our clients in two ways. We have created collections of products, conceived from our artisans’ creative minds, (i.e., handbags, briefcases) built structurally the same but will not necessarily have the exact elements (i.e., the type of leather, the dye, the hardware and handles may differ).

Our second service is exclusively bespoke and will be designed to the specifications of the client. Since our inception, we have been commissioned to design and build briefcases, attaches, handbags, journals, wine carriers, chef rolls, leather costumes, leather jewelry, pet collars, phone cases, and furniture/homewares.  For us, the sky’s the limit as we encounter more niche luxury product requests for clients who desire a one-of- a- kind piece that no one else owns. We love the challenge of bespoke and servicing the high expectations of our clients!   -AJ

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Thank you to the following photographers’ contributions:

Anton Luzhkovsky – Mother and Child

Junior REIS – Stylish woman

Ron Lach – Stylish woman seated

Tima Miroshnichenko – Woman working in car

Alena Darmel – Black Pumps

Peter Schulz – Treehouse in Sweden

James Genchi – Broadway

Nathan Jefferis – Woman in Nature

Mario Fliegner – Playbill and theater tickets


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