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Bespoke Leather: In Style Forever!

As we continue our first year launch of Beau Satchelle, we have had the privilege of being invited to attend private events or showings to display our current designs. We love the fact that what draws enthusiasts of leather to our products is first and foremost, the undeniable craftsmanship. Our expertly constructed leather products exude a rich elegance, that just can’t be found anywhere. Without fail, those being introduced to the world of premium leather will ultimately ask why our journey began with leather versus other textiles, as the foundation of our creations. As snobbish as this sounds, there is no other textile that can stand up to the beauty, scale and strength of what leather can do. Leather is extremely versatile and can take on many forms for styles. Besides, Leather is natural and a by-product that would be waste if there were no leather products and artisans to create leather goods and other leather luxuries. Depending on one’s preferred taste, leather can be developed into a raw, western look for a rural farmer or hunter; take on a more sleek and security-led function that a biker would prefer; perhaps have a more earthy, bohemian style for a hipster; or lastly, have a European flavor so artfully constructed that its home should be in a metropolitan museum. But no matter your choice, lovers of leather understand this about bespoke leather…it’s ability to stand the test of time. We believe this, for three reasons: 1. Bespoke Leather is Absolutely the Perfect Accessory Available with beautiful, sophisticated clean lines combined with classic or contemporary colors. Bespoke leather accessories are notoriously flexible, easily paired with a wide variety of casual and formal ensembles. What’s exciting about bespoke leather is that it is not only focused in the fashion arena, but can transform […]

Celebrating the Fashion of the Kentucky Derby!

This past Saturday, the “Superbowl” of horse racing sporting events took place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby with the participation of twenty jockeys and their horses competing for the top four finish. The undefeated Nyquist (3:1 odds) completed the first leg of his journey to the triple crown (which means winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness held on May 21st and finally the Belmont Stakes which will be held on June 11th) earning the win of a most thrilling race. Nyquist took home a $1.24 million dollar purse for his owner, J. Paul Reddam. As incredibly it is to witness the race, what is just as fascinating is the celebrated cultured events that are held with fashion being the star of the show that attract visitors from all over the country. The Derby is steep in tradition with the drinking of mint julips and Kentucky Bourbon and all things that represent Southern belles and gentlemen. The Derby festivities include a two week public festival, a number of galas with auctions and many pre and post parties with celebrity and affluent attendees. Over 150,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby every year and there are races all day up till the actually Derby that starts around 6:30 pm. So what else is there to do until the main event, but watch the fabulous fashion. And, based on Derby etiquette, the more expensive your tickets, the more formal you should look. Let’s be clear again….. as exciting as the race is, the Derby is not all about the horses…but being seen in the finest attire. The hat is EVERYTHING. Whether it is modest or magnificent, ranging from a trendy London fascinator (a chic, dainty headpiece decorated with feathers and netting and secured with a comb) […]

For Lovers Of Luxury Leather…it’s a way of life.

The look…sensual and rich. The feel..it begs to be touched. And definitely, the smell…awakens powerful memories and positive moods, connects to nature and no other scent can imitate that of leather. Leather is a lifestyle; whether it cushions your body in the seat of your automobile or brings warmth to the interior of your home through furniture or floors, frames for mirrors, valued historical books, or customized cigar or jewelry boxes. In fashion, leather’s versatility is everywhere. The range of fashion in outerwear and stylish clothing, protecting your hands from the winter elements in soft lambskin or kidskin gloves, fashioned into the finest bespoke shoes for the well dressed man, or enhancing a diva’s jewelry collection with select leather pieces. And of course Ladies, our favorite…handbags. Let’s be clear, not all leather was created equal. Inexpensive and less durable items are created from bonded leather which is essentially a process of shredding leather scraps and fiber, then mixing it with bonding materials that is then pressed together with a fiber or paper backer. This keeps consumers replacing their products after short periods of wear and tear. So let’s take a quick look at the different types of leather. Cow is the most common source for hides and it is processed in a few ways: Full Grain Leather which is made from the finest natural hides that have not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections. Durable, does not wear out and over time develops a rich patina. The types of products made from this leather is high quality leather furniture, footwear and bespoke cases. Full grained calfskin handbags are made from the skins of young cattle and are prized for their smooth texture and fine quality. Top Grain leather is the most common type in high-end leather products. It is […]

So What Is Luxury Anyway?

This past week, I read a great online article by James Roumeliotis; a lifestyle marketer titled “Luxury versus Premium versus Fashion: Clarifying the Disparity” in which he discusses how the terms Luxury, Premium and Fashion, can be convoluted and confusing depending on who is defining for what consumer group. And, that brands targeting the affluent must have clarity as to their “lane” with these specific segments. As we continue to clarify our brand, we realize that we offer a Premium product. As Roumeliotis states in his article ” Premium, stands for performance, value added, state-of-the-art, craftsmanship, and timeless design.” What a beautiful and appropriate way to describe Beau Satchelle. Yet, it’s important to add that our long term strategy is to grow our current ‘new brand’ into a luxury lifestyle brand. The terms mentioned above have been adopted in so many ways that you do wonder if mass marketers have weakened the exclusivity of those words. For instance, take the word “bespoke”. Is it losing its power because of it’s overuse in a variety of industries? Webster dictionary defines the term bespoke as dealing in or producing custom-made articles. According to wiseGeek an online blogger, it is a British word that originated among tailors of London’s Seville Row where cloth for custom-made suits was said to be spoken for, or reserved for an exclusive client. Interestingly, Haute Couture is the female version fashion term of the word bespoke which is most connected with men’s tailoring. When marketing to a demographic that appreciates purchasing unattainable products or services, we must strive for offering perfection within our wheelhouse. Being introduced into the affluent market has been an revealing journey for Beau Satchelle as we gain more knowledge, create memorable experiences and build long term relationships with our clients. Our leather creations will […]