Unlocking Dreams Through Bespoke Luxury Leather

Welcome to the world of Beau Satchelle Bespoke… where we fulfill dreams for enthusiasts and devotees of premium quality leather products and accessories.   Our clients adore leather in all its glory and appreciate its adaptability, longevity, and simplistic beauty.  Like the aromas of summer rain or fresh-cut wood, premium tanned leather carries an intoxicating scent along with its touch of suppleness and richness found in quality leather goods.  

Visiting Beau Satchelle for the first time?  We are delighted to introduce ourselves to you! We are an entrepreneurial partnership consisting of an extraordinarily talented artisan and a sales and marketing professional.   We were raised by hardworking blue-collar families influenced by two of the largest auto industry cities in Michigan – Detroit, and Flint.  A series of divine events directed our fates into the immersion of learning the art of hand stitching leather followed by the creation of our leather luxury business.  

Beau Satchelle adores bespoke as both a process and a state of mind.   The term bespoke originally derived from the British ateliers of tailoring men’s suits and shoes yet in contemporary times the term is used (perhaps overused) in a variety of industries.  Nevertheless, we celebrate bespoke as an item or service commissioned to an individual’s specification.

We are in the business of enhancing your impeccable style through unique leather accessories.  Unlike the vast majority of leather production manufacturing behemoth brands,  we invest and source in smaller manageable quantities of premium materials preventing waste and guaranteeing a long-lasting, sustainable product backed by exceptional workmanship.  Be assured that waste is unacceptable as we use any leftover leather to produce small leather goods for our e-commerce shop.

We prefer classic lines versus trendy.   We embrace uniqueness and unforgettable carrying bags considered by our clients as works of art.  We don’t duplicate other designers’ handbags but, instead will create inspired pieces from our clients’ imagination or from life itself.  A client can carry his or her bag with sheer attitude and confidence in knowing that his or her bag is ‘one of one’.  We envision our luxury leather products fitting in perfectly with a client’s exquisite and affluent lifestyle.  

Also, keep in mind; we engineer our bags to stand the test of time.  Our products are legacy pieces to be shared with future generations as we stand behind our workmanship.

Even with the new paradigm of working from home is the new normal, high-level professionals still expect top-tier standards with regards to their carrying bags for work-related travels.    For example, one of our clients, a luxury homes realtor in the Metropolitan Detroit area requested a custom “office in a bag” to solve a couple of problems that involved 1) eliminating carrying both an office bag and her handbag while on the road;  2) providing her with the necessary space and compartments/pockets for her tablet, paperwork, a backup charger for her phone and tablet, and a few personal items, and; 3) match her fashion style of success.   As with the majority of our clients, frustration grew in purchasing designer bags that could never quite satisfy both the need for a durable utilitarian bag, while simultaneously showing off her success as a stylish and accomplished saleswoman.  

We built a briefcase that had the ability to convert the straps into a backpack for those times when she needed hands free without setting her bag down.  The end result was a handsome brown bridle leather briefcase/backpack serving as an exclusive and beautiful workhorse that will last her for decades.

Are you A Beau Satchelle Client?

We find our clients are quite sophisticated and possess exceptional fashion style.  Regarded as savvy consumers when it comes to where and how they spend money specifically expecting authentic processes.  Our clients are ultra influential and appreciate statement pieces.   They are driven and aspirational or have made it to the top of their game in their chosen profession and have the wealth to splurge in celebrating their accomplishments.  Our clients are also generous givers to family and friends and will spare no expense in ensuring their loved ones experience the finer things in life.

High-end designer labels may have shelf space in our clients’ wardrobe, but their preference is to seek out one-offs or invest in  items not accessible to the general public

Not only is the sourcing and craftsmanship relevant, but having personal access to the designer throughout the design and manufacturing process creates an exclusive and unforgettable experience.

The Journey To Owning A Beau Satchelle Luxury Leather Accessory

The journey begins with a complimentary, in-person, phone, or online consultation appointment.  

We will communicate with our client in whatever method satisfies valuing time availability and/or comfortability with social distancing.

During this appointment, a discussion will cover:

  1. The recipient’s personality or tastes.
  2. Decide on the type of handbag or carrying case desired: Tote, Clutch, Top Handle, Messenger, Briefcase, Weekender, etc.
  3. Select the type of leather (premium cow or exotic),  size, color(s), function and uses.
  4. Determine the budget for the commissioned item.

At that point, our artisan design team will carefully assist you with your decision-making and guide you through the leather and hardware selection before the mock design process begins.  

There are instances where a client desires a piece from one of our collections, (ie the Michelle Handbag, the Regina Handbag, etc.).  Somewhat simpler than a bag made from scratch, our work begins with sharing the specific leather choices and discussing color combinations with an assurance that those colors will not be duplicated.

Production time for hand-stitched, bespoke luxury goods will vary based on size, design intricacies, and degree of difficulty.  However, an average-sized handbag can take anywhere from 25 and up to 40 hours.  We keep the client updated throughout the process with phase one, phase two, and finished product photographs sent via email.  Thus, the reason a 4-6 week wait time is needed (and even longer during peak seasons such as Christmas orders).  

Once design decisions are finalized, we are able to give the client a date for the delivery along with an invoice.

At this stage, we ask our clients to sit back with anticipation and be amazed at their finished product we create from raw materials.  

For your complimentary consultation, complete the form on the Contact page or email us directly at info@dev.beausatchelle.com.   -AJ

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