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Beau Satchelle’s Gratitude Blog – Our Top Ten

“Live everyday as if it were your last, because someday you’re going to be right.” -Muhammad Ali The past few months has really moved the universe with the deaths of three colossal giants in life… David Bowie, Prince and just two weeks ago Muhammed Ali. Each of these dear souls influenced many lives in music and sports, American culture and history. If one death (much less multiple deaths) doesn’t remind you of the preciousness of each day and every moment of your life. Should the saying “not sweating the small stuff” take on a deeper level of meaning for us all? Every day, as we move one step closer to the reveal of our bespoke leather products, we must remember to take stock of our good fortune of having the opportunity to build a business that shows off an old world skill by a self-taught American Artisan. With that in mind, it is important to us that we publicly acknowledge what Beau Satchelle is thankful for: 1. God’s Grace for our talent, our creativity, our well being, our abilities, and our dreams. 2. Beau Satchelle’s Master Artisan and Leather Craftsman, T. Michael, whose discipline and high standards towards his craft are awe-inspiring. To watch him meticulously hand sew thousands of stitches for a bag or accessory is fascinating and admirers who experience the finished product understand why we stand behind the quality of our luxury goods. 3. Our customers’ appreciation of our creations, living the journey with us while becoming our biggest fans and promoters. Beau Satchelle will prosper because of your love and appreciation. Every purchase confirms our decision to break into the world of bespoke and the luxury market. 4. Our readers and followers of our social media sites. Especially to those who read our weekly Blog, and […]