New Bespoke Product Reveal: 2021 Signature Edition Bordeaux Wine Case

When meeting with our stockists in Metropolitan Detroit, our goal is to convey to their customers the beauty and exclusiveness of Beau Satchelle Bespoke leather accessories.   Our designs are created for lovers of exceptionalism, admirers of fine craftsmanship, and enthusiasts of leather products built as timeless and one-of-a-kind luxury goods.

For leather lovers, purchasing a bespoke leather product is truly sensory experience!   The intoxicating smell that emits from the premium leathers used for your bespoke creation can be nostalgic.  Depending on the type of leather and its preparation, the feel of a carrying accessory can range from either buttery softness to a more textured signature with markings of the original hide.  We purposely select a blend of traditional and bold dyed leathers designed to create visual eye candy within a wide spectrum of colors.  

For wine lovers, frankly, is there no occasion that wine is unacceptable? 

To be able to marry the love of leather, as a functional piece, to transport an excellent bottle of wine is the best of both worlds. Would you agree?

Experience True Indulgence with A Handcrafted Fine Leather Wine Case or Carrier

For certain individuals of status and affluence, a premium handbuilt wine case is sheer indulgence.  Each manufactured process (from the construction of the wood box to the hardware attachment), was crafted from an artisan’s hands and hand tools. This guarantees sustainability and long-lasting quality for a lifetime.  

Our cases offer peace of mind while safely and elegantly transporting your premium wines. A bespoke case can be made to transport wines from standard sizes all the way up to large champagne bottles.  Any of our accessories will be monogrammed at the client’s request.

Signature Series Bordeaux Wine Case (1st of 2 Series)

– Beau Satchelle’s unveiled its latest engineering marvel built for that one connoisseur who loves to transport or show off in a unique way their love for wine.  

– Created for pure indulgence for an individual desiring to enhance their wine accessory collection.

An all-in-one case to take care of your needs for a romantic, pleasurable tete-a-tete of wine and cheese.

– Made for the superstar to carry or display high-end wines.

– Beautifully Crafted and Designed to show off your selection of premium wines.
 In Collaboration with Julianna Glassware by adding her exquisite hand-cut European Bordeaux wine glasses, featuring Swarovski crystals in the design.

Specifications, Features, and Complimentary Wine Accessories

  • Built exclusively for 2 standard bottles of Bordeaux Wines

  • Handcrafted Frame in Poplar Wood and Dovetailed Corners

  • Exterior in Italian Ravello Pebble Grain Leather in Slate Grey

  • Exterior Stainless Steel Corners for Added Protection

  • Palladium Plated Italian Made Hinges, Feet, and Draw Bolt

  • Palladium Plated Italian Made Combination Lock-2 Dial Mechanism

  • Custom Installed Rubber Foam Interior for Contents Protection

  • Custom Made Italian Ravello Pebble Grain Leather Pouch for accessories storage

  • Custom Interior Strapping to Secure Interior Wine Accessories

  • 2 Crystal and Swarovski Bordeaux Glasses by Julianna Glassware

  • 1 Electric Wine Opener with  2 Replacement Screws

  • 1 Manual Stainless Steel Wine Opener with 2 Wine Toppers

  • 1 8 inch Triangle Cheese Tray in Pink Marble

  • 1 Stainless Steel Cheese Knife

  • Dimensions: 18” W x 14” H x 6.5” F (17” H with Handles and Feet)

Original Wine Case

The Bordeaux Wine case was inspired by our original prototype, handcrafted and wrapped in a Burgundy French Calfskin exterior and padded Taupe Italian Lambskin interior.  All the hardware attached is solid brass.  This case featured 2 “lead-free” imported crystal wine glasses, a premium wine corkscrew, a stainless steel vacu-stopper, and a foil cutter.

Our wine cases are designed to be one of a kind created with the input of our future client’s preferences and T. Michael’s transcendent vision and connection to his craft and the types of leathers sourced.    

Re-introducing Our Collection Of Wine Carriers

Undeniably, our designed luxury leather wine carriers are showstoppers; providing great conversation starters among admirers of both wine and bespoke leather craftsmanship.   All of T. Michael’s creations are inspired by diverse sources: the look and feel of the raw leather in his hands, an interesting piece of hardware that has caught his eye, or even a particular bottle of wine purchased.   Every carrier is manufactured with love and respect using old-world hand-stitching leather techniques, along with a soulfulness to present works of art solely built to transport splendid wine. 

We currently have in stock, ready for purchase:

  • A handcrafted French Chevre Red Single Wine Carrier with contrasting blue stitching and blue and red interior lining

  • A handcrafted French Chevre White Single Wine Carrier with contrasting black stitching and edge paint

  • A handcrafted French Chevre Blue and White Single Wine Carrier with contrasting blue thread and tan interior

  • A Handcrafted Pebble Grain Tan Single Wine Carrier with contrasting orange piping

New Product Carriers Revealed

Our latest additions to our Wine Carrier Collection were both made from English Bridle Leather

Wine Carrier Handbag
Specifically designed for our clients who desire a Wine Carrier handbag style for convenient under-the-arm traveling.
  • Exterior in Dark Brown English Bridle

  • The interior is unlined, highlighted the natural leather

  • Hand Stitched with Brown Waxed Tiger Thread and Hand-painted edges

  • Three-piece leather design for stability, strength, and durability to carry a bottle of wine

  • Permanently Attached Gold Toned Handbag Chain

  • Gold Toned Turn Clasp to Secure Bottle during Transport

  • Neoprene Sleeve for Additional Bottle Protection and Help Maintain Temperature

Single Wine Carrier

  • Exterior in Dark Brown English Bridle Leather

  • Interior Naked with no LIning 

  • Hand Stitched with Brown Waxed Tigre Thread and Hand-painted edges

  • One Full PIece leather Design for Stability, Strength, and Durability

  • Double Layered Front Strap for Extensive Usage

  • Solid Brass Bottom Feet for Carrier Bottom Protection and Stability

  • Solid Brass Buckle and Wrist Carry Handle Loop for an overall Sustainable Wine Carrier

  • Neoprene Sleeve for Additional Bottle Protection and Help Maintain Temperature

House of Pure Vin  

Our latest wine case is on display for a limited time, along with the above-mentioned carriers are all stocked exclusively in Downtown Detroit’s signature retail wine destination, House of Pure Vin (HOPV).  A premier, boutique wine house that attracts downtown residents, neighboring communities, and out-of-town visitors to choose from a generous wine and champagne selection, along with an online store, a wine club, and high-touch service to ship wine to your door around the U.S.

If any of the accessories listed above peak your interest, we will be happy to ship from HOPV  to you.   Or, if you prefer a particular color scheme or other specifications, we are able to reproduce any of our carriers in a selection of colors, an array of leathers, and various types of hardware.

Keep in mind, the color and hardware combination(s) shown above with our carriers will not be duplicated (guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind item).  Also for a bespoke order, a corkscrew leather matching holder may be added as an attachment on the exterior or in an internal pocket.  

Beau Satchelle has the capability to satisfy wine lovers to either display a stunning wine case on your home bar mantle, or carry a single bottle, two-bottled totes, or three or more bottle bags or backpacks for sharing favorite wines with dinner companions.   

To experience bespoke at its finest, contact us at  or visit our Contact Us page and begin your journey in creating a signature wine case or hand-stitched leather wine carrier to express your unique style while satisfying your wine carrying needs.   -AJ


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