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My Leo the Lion Dad will turn 86 years old this August and manages to act like a 60-year-old (with bad knees).  I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to be an integral part of his elderly years still learning from him and able to celebrate his many life accomplishments.    I have also been blessed to cross paths with a number of important male mentors, similar to my Dad, who have been advisors, teachers and sages in my life as a woman navigating adulthood, both as a professional and an entrepreneur.  

When certain occasions arise throughout the year, which allow us to honor our personal male heroes that have impacted us personally, professionally or both and we have the opportunity to show our appreciation, (unlike the hundreds of ties and cards that have been gifted over the years…sorry Dad), as grown-ups with discretionary income, we tend to look for gifts that are unexpected and unique.   As a student and curator of luxury,  I look for gifts that are unique, will improve one’s life, or enhances one’s lifestyle. 

Successful, impeccable men, are usually attracted to certain interests or hobbies and as a gift-giver, if you think outside the box,  one won’t go wrong when purchasing a gift that will be appreciated. Here are a few suggestions:

Covid-19’s wrath has resulted in redefining our homes as where we will spend more time working and playing as the U.S. economy re-opens.  Companies have experienced the benefits of offering employees the opportunity to permanently work remotely and so lifestyles will inevitably conform.   
If training at a fitness facility is still not a comfortable environment,  having the ability to bring the gym home in ways that prevent boredom and open up new ways of training was disrupted in 2018 by this woman owned company and has exploded in growth since the pandemic. 

The invisible home gym called The Mirror is an innovative wellness system that creates less than two feet of wall space into a personal fitness studio that is delivered and installed in the privacy of the recipient’s home.  When it’s off, it is a full-length mirror incorporated into an individual’s home design.   When it’s time to sweat, it becomes an interactive digital display integrating a choice of  70 + live weekly classes with personal trainers or choosing from a library of workouts that consists of different forms of cardio, stretching, yoga, boxing, and weights training.  Membership can include up to six family members and will track results as the trainee sets goals and preferences including curated workout playlists.   ($1495.00 plus a $39.00 a month subscription fee)

Now that we all are quite sensitive when it comes to the spread of viruses from persons and surfaces, it makes sense to consider gifts that identify, clean, or prevent germs that we come in contact with.  Two gift items in particular offered by Sharper Image for peace of mind with regards to cleanliness and good health.

Sharper Image’s Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitizer basically kills two birds with one stone by simultaneously disinfecting and charging your smartphone.  The UV  light along with advanced ionizer technology safely eliminates 99% of bacteria on your phone in just 20 minutes.  A wireless charger brings a dead battery back to full in approximately three hours. ($99.99)

A second high tech sanitizer for the home, the office or hotel, the Travel UV Sanitizing Wand uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly reduce microscopic germs, mold, and other health hazards that cause colds, infections, asthmas, and allergic reactions.  This battery operated device sanitizes high and low traffic surfaces, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli.  It contains an auto safety shutoff if accidental overturned. ($79.99)

Accessories for the Distinguished Man

A well-dressed man takes care of the smallest details from head to toe.  From the conditioned manicured beard to the well-polished shoes which inevitably will be noticed and admired. 

Although the impeccable man will schedule regularly manicure and pedicures by a professional, there will be the DYI occasions to keep nails trimmed and shaped.  It only makes sense to own a quality manicure set, such as the German manufacturer,  Niegeloh Solingen renowned for its stainless steel hand and foot care instruments offer the sharpest tools for precision grooming.    Their manicure sets are housed in beautiful premium leather cases from vegetable-tanned to ostrich skin.  The seven-piece set prices to begin at $200 U.S. dollars.


A second gentleman’s accessory that is petite in size but impacts the look of a well-dressed man is the tie clip or tie bar.  Hugely popular in the 1930s and 40s, it actually disappeared from men’s wardrobes in the 80s and 90s, but has lately grown in popularity again with men of all generations who are discerning dressers want to own several to accentuate ties and from a functional standpoint, keeps the tie in place when dining.    A number of brands offer lovely tie clip precious metal choices including Tiffany with options of sterling silver or 18k gold or Dunhill high-end tie bars designed with a sterling silver bar embellished with 0.30 carat pave diamonds or an 18k pink gold with a blue lapis stone placed in the center.


For the golf obsessed player in your life, who deserves the Mercedes of golf “cars”, the Garia Via is the premier, sleek  luxury vehicle that can be driven not only on the golf range but for leisure and city travel (street legal in the United States  as opposed to its sister model the Garia Monaco which is faster and built only for European streets). 

With a 25 MPH, this beautifully designed vehicle is loaded with top of the line features and custom options that include the front hood covered storage, golf bag holder sits at a 45-degree angle for easy access of clubs and pockets, automotive safety glass with heated windshield and windshield wiper, automatically engaged electromagnetic  parking brake and self-canceling turn signals and an abundance of other bells and whistles for an exceptional golfing experience.


Whether the recipient’s passion is High-End Luxury, Vintage, Antique, Classic, or Performance cars, when driving on a weekend jaunt or to a car show or cruise as a must activity for this summer let Beau Satchelle design the ultimate bespoke weekender luxury leather bag that complements his car.  

Refer to blogs for more information on the  Porsche GT2 RS  or  Italian Racing Inspired Duffle Bag

For the classic racing and ultra-high performance automobile owners, we design and create a limited-edition line of collectors racing-inspired bespoke duffle bags to complement your prized possession.  Each one will be numbered and accompanied by a series of extras, including a certificate of authenticity.

Because each car comes with its own design and features, our process of bespoke; ‘to build one piece at a time’ with a focus on client specifications.  Beau Satchelle does not mass-produce and only creates limited edition collections from products they deem aspiring.
We will use all precautions in distancing guidelines and most consultation will occur over the phone or digitally. The bags are designed and built in Metro-Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.  It requires over 60 hours to hand-cut and hand-assemble the pieces, install the hardware, hand-stitch the entire bag, and finish with hand-painted and hand-burnished edges.  No machines are used during the production process.  This results in an heirloom quality bespoke luxury traveling bag to last for many years to come to accompany the recipient’s signature automobile. 


Note:  Beau Satchelle does not receive any commission or payment for the suggestions mentioned  and opinions shared are from personal experience or research with the vendor and independent reviews.

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