The Magnetism of Premium Leather

In your pursuit to acquire a one-of-a-kind luxury gift for your beloved, our recommendation is to consider a bespoke piece from Beau Satchelle.  We are committed to delivering premium, quality custom fine leather accessories expertly crafted to exude a rich elegance that will be difficult to find elsewhere.  When compared to the high-end leather designer titans, we are relatively young in the space, yet many say our luxury creations surpass our competitors in beauty and craftsmanship.

So why choose premium leather? Here are our team’s top 5 reasons why premium leather is always (and always will be) in style.

1. Premium leather is the perfect accessory

Premium Leather is available with beautiful clean lines and classic colors combined with contemporary sophistication. Premium leather accessories are notoriously flexible, easily pairing with a wide variety of casual and formal ensembles.

Brendon with BRoss Photography and his 2015 Stone Oil Messenger Bag.
Wearing many professional hats with crowns and titles to match, Sherlyn Fox showcasing our"Michelle" Handbag.

2.Premium leather is long-lasting

Premium leather delivers luxury construction and design, meaning every component from the stitching to the straps is reinforced to withstand the test of time.  While premium leather will be more expensive than other options in the marketplace, it will almost always outlast the competition which uses other materials, particularly synthetics.  We choose to purchase our leathers from tanneries which color the hides through a vegetable tanning process as opposed to chemical tanning.  Finally, in committing to sustainability, our products will be cherished heirlooms, that with proper care, will last for generations.

MC at RAINN on Common Ground Charity Fashion Show, WDIV Anchorman Jason Colthrop, poses with our "Ambassador" Briefcase.

3. Premium leather is functional

 Throughout time, leather has been used by tradesmen, cowboys, fashion icons, and everyone in between. All of these people know that nothing else offers functionality and confidence than leather does.  Premium leather handbags, briefcases, totes, and more have proven track-records of reliable, usable storage space and ease of use.

Our Ghost Buttero Leather Rosé or Champagne Single Carrier making its debut at House of Pure Vin.

4. Premium leather is Diverse

Leather connoisseurs are aware that leather artisans have a range of styles that span from western or rustic to a natural unfinished product. Beau Satchelle’s Artisan team has adopted and been trained in Old World European methods that honor precision and finishes using all hand tools and techniques for a more refined and polished luxury good.  Handcrafting ensures that an owner of a Beau Satchelle creation will never be duplicated. 

The choice of leather is determined by both the style and functionality of the piece. We source either cattle hides or exotic leathers, such as wild American Alligator or Stingray; all considered by-products as the meat is farmed for food.  The picture above showcases our latest designed Rosé or Champagne carrier made with vegetable-tanned leather called Ghost Buttero in black which is sourced from Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy.  The ghost finish is a white wax finish that will wear and patina over time exposing more of the beautiful color beneath.  Ghost Buttero is just one example of the many options that are available to our clients. 

5. Premium Leather is One of a Kind

Beau Satchelle’s bespoke service begins with a free consultation; collaborating with the client in selecting the proper design along with the colors, leather, hardware and other specifics to compliment his/her lifestyle and wardrobe.  The client is kept in the loop throughout the manufacturing process and upon completion, with much deliberate thought and care placed into the packaging and delivery of the luxury leather good (our shipping is complimentary for continental U.S. clients).    

Of course, shopping online or visiting an upscale mall to buy the latest and greatest designer bag is certainly a fast option.  Yet, if a personal journey in owning a luxury good appeals to you, made by talented artisans who are inspired by the creative process and in love with the beauty of bespoke leather, reach out to us on our Contact Page and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

To arrange for a Christmas delivery, our window is quickly closing as November 30th is our deadline for bespoke orders (orders after that will be charged an expedition fee or we have available gift certificates).  We also invite you to review our collection of single wine carriers at the House of Pure VIN in downtown Detroit, MI.   – AJ

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Hat Tip to our Pixabay photographer!

Monsterkoi – leather samples


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