Product Update: Beau Satchelle’s Latest Releases of Fine Bespoke Single Wine Carriers

A meal without wine is called breakfast.”
                                             – Anonymous

“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.”
                                           – Aristophanes

Is buying a bottle of wine at your preferred spirits shop a routine for evening meals at home or seeking out epicurean experiences at Bring-Your-Own (BYO) restaurants?  Perhaps a beloved family member or friend who is an absolute snob for all things wine has you determined to purchase the perfect gift for the collector of not only fine wines but of all the accessories which showcase their lifestyle.  

As we enter the season of celebrations and gift-giving, we are thrilled to reveal our latest single bottle bespoke luxury leather wine carriers.  Whether your choice of vino ranges from Cabernet, Zinfindel, Sauvignon Blanc or Resiling, in which bottles are served cool or chilled, our durable premium leather carriers will provide security for your bottle, along with a neoprene sleeve to keep your wine  chilled for a short period of time until ready to uncork.

The French Chévre Single Wine Carrier in Blue

This carrier’s exterior was built with French Chévre Goatskin in a beautiful deep blue ocean color with a contrasting tan cow leather interior.  The hand-stitches were done in a complimenting blue Tigre thread.   The future owner of this carrier will notice T. Michael, Beau Satchelle’s Master Artisan’s, painstakingly hand-painted and hand-burnished all the exposed sides with blue leather edge paint, resulting in a refined and finished look.  The carrier’s single handle measured just long enough to be hand-carried comfortably, was hand-stitched in the same blue French Chévre and sewn to the sides of the carrier.  Nickel-plated hardware was selected for the front flap clasp and feet for added bottom protection.   The carrier was built to hold a standard size wine bottle.  A neoprene sleeve is included for added bottle protection and prolonging the wines’ temperature for short periods of time.

The French Chévre Single Wine Carrier in Blue and White

A colorful alternative to the Blue Chévre is our two-tone French Chévre Goatskin sewn with blue sides and bottom and white front and back.  Contrasting blue Tigre thread was chosen to pop against the fine stark white leather.  The interior was saddle-stitched with tan cow leather.   Once again, all exposed sides were hand-painted and hand-burnished with white leather edge paint for a polished appearance.  The handle was created in the same white French Chévre with a blue bottom in the same leather and was also saddle-stitched to the sides of the carrier.  It features an automatic turn clasp in nickel plating along with the bottom feet.  A standard bottle will fit comfortably with the accompanying Neoprene sleeve.

Undeniably, our designed luxury leather wine carriers are showstoppers; providing great conversation starters among admirers of both wine and bespoke leather craftsmanship.   All of T. Michael’s creations are inspired by diverse sources: the look and feel of the raw leather in his hands, an interesting piece of hardware that has caught his eye or even a particular bottle of wine purchased.   Every carrier is manufactured with love and respect using old-world hand-stitching leather techniques, along with a soulful desire to present works of art solely built to transport splendid wine elegantly. 

Both of these carriers (among several others) are stocked exclusively at Downtown Detroit’s signature wine shop, House of Pure Vin (HOPV).   We will be happy to ship any of our HOPV stocked carriers out of state to you.   If you find any of the above carriers not in your particular color scheme or specifications, we will be happy to reproduce in a selection of colors, an array of leathers and even various types of hardware.  Keep in mind, the color and hardware combination(s) shown above will not be duplicated (guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind item).  Also for a bespoke order, a corkscrew leather matching holder may be added as an attachment on the exterior or in an internal pocket.  

Beau Satchelle has the ability to satisfy wine lovers who prefer two-bottled totes for sharing favorite wines, perhaps, a dinner companion couple.   We also have the capacity of designing three-bottled wine bags for the oenophile who appreciates a trio of choices for those BYO dinners.   If you prefer to experience bespoke at its’ finest, contact us at  or visit our Contact Us page and begin your journey in creating a hand-stitched leather wine carrier to express your unique style while handling your wine carrying needs.

Please note for Christmas orders, a personal bespoke leather carrier will require four weeks from design to delivery.  The last day to order is Wednesday, November 27, 2019 to ensure timely delivery.   – AJ

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