A Few of Beau Satchelle’s Luxurious Favorite Things for 2019

To our wonderful readers, please accept the above present…. to get centered and calm before the holiday craziness engulfs us all, a darling puppy wrapped in holiday flair!

With creative juices flowing, we took time to gather a list of unique ideas that are absolutely breathtaking or, at least, switches on the “what a fabulous gift” lightbulb!    Although, it is so much easier to shop for someone who has specific interests or hobbies that can be satisfied rather quickly, the challenge lies with one individual who gives you fits in finding the perfect present.

In the search to fulfill our gift list, the goal was to pinpoint luxury brands that are credited in providing exceptional services or products to clients.   We are confident that the following will showcase brands offering unique and world-class products and services.

With that being said, let’s dive in and see what’s in Santa’s booty!:

Without a doubt, recognition has to be given to a few of the giants of Christmas gift catalogs who never disappoint in displaying exceptional, one-of-a-kind gifts for those with discretionary incomes and lavish tastes.

Neiman Marcus is considered the Granddaddy of Christmas Catalogs, especially when it comes to their anticipated Fantasy Gifts!  What is fun about their choices is how creativity is curated into a luxurious experience around select renowned brands. This year, the fantasy gifts consist of:

–         Limited edition 007 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera designed by Daniel Craig, current James Bond, plus a Limited-Edition all-platinum Seamaster Diver 300M Omega Watch; airfare to London to witness your customized car roll off the assembly line, and airfare and accommodations to the World Premiere of the new James Bond Movie, “No Time To Die” ($700,007)

–         Front row seating and the opportunity to rub elbows backstage with Industry leaders as a guest of InCircle while attending four of the most coveted Fashion Week shows in New York City.   A gift of a designer outfit from each show, daily hair, makeup and styling, airfare and all accommodations are included ($250,000)

–         Design your own one-of-a-kind Christian Louboutin couture shoe (my dream gift) plus be gifted five more pairs of shoes from the current collection and a framed sketch of your custom shoe signed by Louboutin. Airfare and accommodations to Paris, France are included ($125,000).

–         Other fantasy gifts include spending a styling session with internationally known celebrity make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic

–          Five start treatment and a behind the scenes tour at Maison Boucheron, creator of high-end jewelry 

–          Collaborate with Rockstar Puppy to design a one-of-a-kind luxurious doghouse at your home;

–         Fly to Japan for a 4-night stay to spend quality time with sneaker designer Jeff Staple and receive 8 pairs of authenticated sneakers from his collection throughout 2020

–          A 4-night VIP immersion of Italy cuisine in Modena Italy with Chef Massimo Bottura

–          A VIP private around-the-world tour for you and three guests with stops in Morocco, Italy, Sweden, St. Lucia and lastly, Park City, Utah.

Proceeds benefit nonprofit organizations including The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation


 Gwen Paltroy’s Goop also offers a list she calls “The Ridiculous But Awesome Gift Guide”  which also offers her readers some exclusive, living in the moment experiences including

– The Aman Properties hosting a seventeen days private jet travel from Bali to Luang Pragang ($6,900 per person);

-A customized music installation system install in your home to play music for your plants ($25,000)

– And an innovative automatic joint (yes, as in marijuana) that claims efficiency in rolling perfect joints (according to the website, the product is sold out, so you will be added to a waitlist).

Food Subscription Services

The premier choice of fruit and food gifts, Harry and David’s, originated in 1934 as an export and mail order business for their elegant pears named “Rivieria Pear”, promoted as high-end business gifts.   Their mail-order business, a monthly fruit of the month club was an old school basic subscription service way before “subscription services” of today built to disrupt industries.  The fruit and food box selections range from specific choices of fruit (citrus to exotic) to their premium VIP package containing in-season selections of fruit every month. 

What brings me even more joy is that Harry and David’s parent company brought into the fold  the Cheesecake Factory brand  with a subscription service for a  Cheesecake of the Month

Tippsy – Sake has been a favorite spirit for us, and learning about the different tastes is fascinating.  Tippsy allows sake lovers the opportunity to taste a variety through their subscription program (3-10 oz bottles are mailed on a monthly basis) that ranges from approximately $300 to$ 600 a year. 

The Farmer’s Dog – We would be remiss if we didn’t discuss a subscription service for the fur babies in your family’s lives.  There are at least 8-10 companies that created delivery meal subscription service for pets.  The emerging company on the scene that rates highest among online review publications is The Farmer’s Dog.  The company had created innovated meal plans of meat and veggies made for dogs but USDA human tested and the company stands behind their claim of balanced, freshly made food delivered to your door weekly.

The 2.0 Family Picture Album

That Book – Returning from a trip, perhaps your motivation has disappeared in organizing your family’s vacation pictures into a scrapbooking project.   This gift is super exclusive for providing, in print,  a historical record of a special event(s) in your family’s life.  You hire photographers to tag-alone, taking professional photos and after the event is completed, will then integrate all those pictures into an artistic “coffee table” book (created from various textiles) to be passed down as a legacy gift.  I love their mantra, That Book “is for the person who can buy anything but knows that the most precious gift is a beautiful life”. ($75,000)

Top of the Line Gaming Chair SecretLab Omega 2020 Series

The top income-earning gamer won a total of almost $7,000,000 from 108 tournaments by the age of 26.  So, if you have a teenage gamer in your household who has aspirations to be the next superstar, why not contribute a gift that provides him/her with the best tools.   That young person will adore you, if you replace your old borrowed desk chair, with the SecretLab Omega 2020 Series gaming chair ranked highest among all the gamer publications.


Pocketalk Translator – For the international traveler in your life or the professional who works in a diverse environment of languages, an awesome tech gift is a handheld translator for successful bi-language conversations to be held.  Most tech review sites state Pocketalk is the priciest of its competitors, however it comes with a global SIM, with will provide data (without using WiFi) for hours of translation. It supports 74 languages (less than others), so be advised to confirm the language you seek before purchasing.   Pocketalk sells straps and carrying cases separately, or go with something more bespoke and allow Beau Satchelle to create a leather case that will elevate the owner’s style. 

Finally, if your gift recipient loves leather, Beau Satchelle has the ability to satisfy any style of products ranging from briefcases, handbags, and other luxury accessories.   If you prefer your loved one to experience bespoke at its’ finest, contact us at info@dev.beausatchelle.com  or visit our Contact Us page and begin the journey in creating a hand-stitched leather product.

Please note for Christmas orders, a personal bespoke leather travel bag or accessory will require four weeks from design to delivery.  The last day to order is Wednesday, November 27, 2019 to ensure timely delivery.     – AJ

Please share your ideas of upscale, creative gifts below in the comment section or on Twitter!

Beau Satchelle receives no compensation for the products and services mentioned above.

Thank you to the following sites for providing source content:

Niemen Marcus
The International Man

Thank you to the following Photographers from Pixabay and Unsplash

Geraldine Dukes – one pear

Zaji Kanamajina – bottles of sake

Jakob Owens – Christmas puppy


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