Pairing Couture Fashion for a Vision: JDRF for Curing Type 1 Diabetes

This week’s blog is reviewing a special event that Beau Satchelle participated in this past weekend. There are several causes that have special meaning from personally touching our lives (i.e. homelessness/fighting hunger, childhood education, domestic violence, mental health, prostate cancer and diabetes to name a few). This past weekend, it was our honor to donate a couple of bespoke pieces for a charity dinner and auction, “Type 1 to None: Raise for the Cure with Couture Event” sponsored by the renowned fashion designer RC Caylan Atelier to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to eradicate a disease that can potentially strike anyone no matter your lot in life.

JDRF’s vision is admirably straightforward – a world without Type 1 Diabetes. Their mission is to improve the lives of today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent, and treat. For most people, Type 1 Diabetes is tied to several misconceptions and is unfamiliar, until they or a loved one is diagnosed. Presently there is no cure and unlike Type 2, which can be linked to diet or lifestyle choices, Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that affects both children and adults and often comes unexpectedly with no warning signs. About 1.25 million Americans live with Type 1 Diabetes and 40,000 new people will be diagnosed this year. Affording the vital lifesaving hormone, insulin, can be challenging for many individuals; insulin regulates glucose levels and prevents long term health complications such as kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes and blindness. In 2018, 227 million dollars was raised by charitable programs including JDRF One Walk®, golf tournaments, school fundraisers and extravagant galas similar to “Type 1 to None: Raise for the Cure with Couture”.

Our afternoon arrival to the delightful scenic view of Grand Rapids certainly reminded us to return soon for a weekend stay to our sister city for further exploration of what this cosmopolitan region has to offer.  Grand Rapids is Michigan 2nd largest city, known for being the childhood home of President Gerald R. Ford, and has over the years been nicknamed “furniture city”, (home to five of the largest furniture companies, “river city”, (situated off the Grand River which spills into Lake Michigan) and most recently “beer city” (for it world-renowned home of craft breweries). The event was held at the over 100 year old historic Amway Grand Plaza which after its renovations was an integral part of the resurgence of downtown Grand Rapids following a flight to the suburbs in the mid 1900s. The evening began with a harpist welcoming VIPs to a private reception, followed by a delectable beef tenderloins and roasted shrimp dinner. The program’s Mistresses of Ceremonies were Jennifer Pascua of Serendipity Media and CJ Devries of GRNow with musical entertainment provided by DJ Ace Marasigan. The auction consisted of an array of items from original prints to a number of RC Caylan’s gown designs worn by celebrities including Grammy award winning artist Carrie Underwood.

RC Caylan’s world was shaped by the seamstress talents of his Mother and Grandmother, achieving recognition as a well-respected cosmetologist as a way to finance his schooling, and eventually graduating with a degree in design from GRCC School of Fashion and Design. His creations range from red carpet designs, bridal gowns, the bridal entourage’s gowns, and even men’s suits. RC Caylan has been featured in well-noted magazines such as British Vogue, Cosmopolitan Mexico, Basic Magazine, and L’Officiel AU.  Guests were privy to RC Caylan’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, fresh off the runway from New York Fashion Week.

We are truly fortunate to cross paths with exceptional designers, who impact the world of couture fashion with unique creativity and passion. It was exciting to partner with RC Caylan who hails from Michigan yet his signature designs have made their way into the world of Hollywood and the music world with his red carpet designs. He was a delight to work with and we look forward to collaborating with him on future projects.   – AJ

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