Product Reveal: Italian Racing Inspired Duffle Bag

Iconic.   Perhaps a word excessively used today, as we all have opinions on who has rightfully earned that particular standing.   Throughout history, both individuals and brands have been celebrated for achieving this transcendent status with incorporating influence, history, and immortalization.    This term spans all categories of cultures and eras…such as Ali, Rembrandt, The Empire State Building, Ralph Lauren, who all earned their perspective iconic honors.

Beau Satchelle had the good fortune to be invited to participate in the renowned 41stConcourse d’Elegance of America, a weekend of events revolving around a competitive car show of classic and vintage automobiles. 

We were honored to donate a travel bag that was built specifically for racing car enthusiasts who would appreciate our tip of the hat to two iconic Italian ultra-luxury automobile brands, Maserati  and Ferrari  who have both made their mark on the racing circuits of Formula 1 and G2. 

With great pride, we presented a one of a kind, bespoke Italian racing-inspired duffle bag, designed especially for the charity auction event, Motor City Mingle held during the Concourse d’ Elegance to benefit Project Beautiful, Inside and Out .

This bespoke masterpiece consisted of a number of highlights and features:

  •  The exterior is an Italian Buttero Leather in Green, with Green and Red Racing Stripes
  • The interior is an Italian Buttero Leather in Chestnut
  • The Hardware is Solid Brass throughout with RiRi Zippers, Bottom Feet, D-Rings and Studs
  • The bottom is reinforced with soft felt and stiffener board
  • It comes with a Shoulder Strap and Shoulder Pad
  • There are 2 main interior pockets – one zippered and one to hold your smartphone
  • There is one custom power bank pocket with the power bank included to keep a smartphone and perhaps a tablet to charge simultaneously
  • Italian racing stripes are on top of an Epi Calf Skin Inlay which is off-centered right, both front, and back
  • The entire bag has hand-cut and hand-assembled leather pieces, with hardware
  • The duel handles have unique Racing Cross Stitching as seen on leather wrapped steering wheels
  • As with any of our designs, the entire bag was Hand-Stitched meaning no machines were used
  • And, for the finishing touches, all of the edges were Hand Painted and Hand Burnished
  • The bag came with premium packaging which included a Custom Dust Bag and Custom Box.
  • There were over 60 hours and over 1200 hand-stitches that went into building this uniquely designed bespoke piece and it was received with an original Beau Satchelle certificate of authenticity.

We were pleased to be one of the four live auction donations and the auctioning of the bag was exciting and humbling as evidenced by the buzz and interest that happened during both the preview and bidding process.  Congratulations to the winning bidder and to Project Beautiful, as the recipient of the funds from the bag!

As with all our bespoke products, this bag was designed to embrace the impeccable style of an individual passionate about auto racing and will appreciate the art of a hand-crafted bag as an accessory for an iconic automobile.  –AJ

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