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Scenic and charming, Budapest Hungary, is truly a city of architectural wonder and awe.  A cosmopolitan European city that holds its own in offering a mix of centuries old cultural traditions with an embracing of 21st century  progressive thinking and lifestyle.  The city developed from a merging of three cities in 1873 (Buda, Pest and Òbuda) all situated on the banks of the 2nd largest river in Europe, the Danube River, connected by  its most photographed landmark, the Chain Bridge.   What’s neat is each region has still kept their independent identities in offering the best, ranging from cultural attractions of museums and art to meditative, physical healings of water from thermal spas.  Centrally located in Hungary, Budapest is the capital and largest city with close to 2 million residents. 

Budapest has developed into a friendly hub for the film industry for its generous film tax credits and other offerings to shoot movies, especially with its iconic location shots that are used to represent Germany, Austria and even, Paris.   So it is not unusual to view production companies shooting scenes or actors being a part of the landscape during downtime.   The city’s amenities are certainly on par with other Western European metropolitan locales with regards to accommodations, attractions, and restaurants to satisfy any gastronomic cravings.     

The Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport https://www.bud.hu/en, caters to both international and regional flights, whether commercial or private.  To accommodate more personal airport service for individuals or corporate travelers, located within the airport, Bud:VIP https://www.bud.hu/en/vip advertises    á la carte or membership packages for discreet and dedicated services whether arriving or departing to Budapest.  All major car rental companies are located in the Terminal as well as taxies or reserving private limo service.

If arriving in Budapest by land is the preferred mode of transportation, more than 50 high speed trains (day and night) connections arrive and depart from all major central and eastern European countries.   Another alternative is renting a car and using any of the major motorways running through neighboring cities and countries.  

Budapest’s offers the finest in Five Star luxury hotels dotted along the banks of the Danuabe.  In comparing all the top luxury hotel publications, here are just a few exceptional hotel properties that roll out the Red Carpet in offering impeccable suites during your stay.

1.       Four Seasons Gresham Palace    https://www.fourseasons.com/budapest/

2.       The Ritz Carlton Budapest           http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/europe/budapest

3.       Aria Hotel Budapest                     https://ariahotelbudapest.com/en/

4.       The Corinthia Hotel Budapest     https://www.corinthia.com/en/hotels/budapest

5.       Budapest Marriott Hotel               https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/budhu-budapest-


During your stay, the number of activities to see and do are plentiful and runs the gamut.   In planning a few destinations to experience the historical elements of Budapest, be sure to schedule a visit to the massive Hungarian Parliament Building; the Royal Palace, said to be destroyed and rebuilt at least six times and was converted into several museums; and the House of Terror, a museum with exhibitions on the Fascist and Communist regimes used headquarters while ruling Hungary during the 20th century.    

Part of the Budapest’s charm is to take a boat trip on River Danube, along with the incredible offering of spring and summer fairs, festivals and concerts.  As a wine student, I would be remiss to not suggest visiting the Faust Wine Cellars to sample various Hungarian wines while being educated by the local Sommelier.  

Budapest is famously known for its’ thermal spas.  If you have the desire to venture to a more public spa (as opposed to the private spas located within several hotels), the Gellért Bath and Spa Centre offers a number of pools and saunas as well as spa treatments.

Please Keep in Mind:

-The national currency is the Hungarian Forint (HUF) and can be exchanged for Euros at vendors, banks or bank machines.  Credit Cards are widely accepted.

-In terms of crime tourists main concern is minor theft like pick pocketing or scams/rips, so just use caution and common sense. 

-The climate ranges from cold, cloudy, snowy winters to relatively warm summers.

If you following the bucket list check off of adventure-seeking Box Office actor, Will Smith, last year he used Budapest as his backdrop for a viral dance challenge on the Chain Bridge.  In his post interview of climbing onto the bridge’s roof, his advised the Budapest Government to keep the doors locked, to prevent others from attempting the same shenanigans.   I would rather believe that Budapest will always remain a neighboring, hospitable city who will continue to welcome the world to experience all they have to offer (being Will Smith didn’t hurt either).   -AJ

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