You Can’t Stop Change!

Unbelievable! We are half way through the summer. Many Michiganders seriously cling to this time of the year with our warm weather because Michigan winters can be brutal. Although, Mother Nature has been quite kind the last two winters. Grudgingly, there is an appreciation for our four seasons in that it reminds us that life has its own changing seasons and time waits for no one.

Almost three weeks ago, the citizens of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union which according to economists impacts their currency value, trade agreements and immigration policies. Needless to say, the global economy has been impacted and for now, the cost of purchasing goods for consumers in the United States has become favorable.

There is no denying that we are all impacted, not only things that happen in our country, but when global changes take place (whether it be political, economical, technological, or social changes).

Although Beau Satchelle, is a small luxury brand, we even recognize the impact of “Brexit” and other world changes. Buying certain premium leather and supplies from our friends ‘across the pond’ in London has suddenly given us a price advantage. The ability to level the playing field by introducing our products to luxury consumers in not only Europe, but Africa, Asia and the Middle East is an inspiring challenge. In addition, the luxury consumer tide to search for more independent, artists whose values stress integrity and quality has been a blessing for us.

As we share our mission statement, please keep in mind that in this ever changing society, we continue to evolve and play our part in helping build a better community. -AJ

Beau Satchelle’s Mission Statement: Beau Satchelle provides fine bespoke leather handbags, cases, luggage, accessories and connoisseur specialties to those who crave individuality and one of a kind pieces. Luxury Designer and Leather Artisan T. Michael carefully crafts these works of art and is committed to reviving the time honored tradition of hand-stitched luxury leather goods. Made exclusively from luxurious and exotic skins, premium hides and hardware, he meticulously builds his distinctive products to meet his discerning and sophisticated client’s needs.
Beau Satchelle (Beautiful Handbags), make a statement and stand the test of time…

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Mark Your Calendars! Lovers of Leather and Wine…now that’s a pairing.

If you plan to be or looking for something to do in Detroit Downtown area on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, we would love to meet you live and in person as we showcase our bespoke leather wine accessories and luxury goods in partnership with House of Pure Vin, the hottest urban wine retailer and wine tasting locale in Southeast Michigan.

We will be presenting Beau Satchelle’s newly designed and manufactured leather wine carriers suited to carry one, two or three wine bottles. We are also proud to introduce our own take on the tradition of recording the tasting journey of a wine connoisseur with hand bound, lambskin wrapped wine tasting journals.

The wine tasting event is free, but you must RSVP online to attend.

Visit EventBrite: Wine and Accessories Social Tasting Open House

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