The Facelift of Luxury Holiday Gifting

Learning firsthand from our growing group of affluent clients, it is without a doubt that gift giving is pivoting. Purchasing an experience or creating memories is exceeding above everything else when celebrating the gift of giving with loved ones. Opening a gift box housing a rose colored diamond tennis bracelet can still make a girl squeal with delight; yet the experience of working one on one with a top jeweler in creating her own unique design makes the gift more exceptional. Or that the golfer in your family will adore you for buying him a prestigious Titlist by Scotty Cameron -Tiger Woods Stainless Masters Winner Limited Edition golf clubs but to use those clubs while playing a round on a golf course with an acclaimed golf coach will be a memory of a lifetime.

Even companies who offer products are embracing the trend of creating memories around the gifting of the product. Subscription services are gaining momentum in offering a new monthly experience of receiving a different outfit, the sexiest lingerie set, or a delivered box of fresh ingredients to cook a full meal is an upward trend for sophisticated consumers.

For example, the Robb Report, a luxury lifestyle magazine that introduces the best of the best in products and services to high net worth individuals is now offering a monthly membership club that delivers a monthly exclusive box of luxury which contains curated and themed products that expose unique items from boutique brands and elite artisans. One of their delivered packages contained a tape measure and swatches of Handwoven Honduran fabric to order a bespoke hat made by the master milliners of Worth & Worth in New York City. What a delightful gift for that dapper gentleman in your life!

Every industry in the luxury space from cars buying, to real estate, to fine dining must live and breathe in taking care of the smallest detail to satisfy the desires of a client. Even hotels are stepping up their game in offering one of kind excursions to their global properties that begin with a private chartered jet and all the luxurious amenities that come with the flight (including a leather carry- on bag which, of course, peaked out interest).

It is such an exciting time for small luxury companies to be creative and inspired by offering their best. Although Beau Satchelle manufacture leather bespoke items, what we ultimately sell is unique pleasure. We offer the experience of owning a hand-stitched handbag, a handcrafted briefcase, a handmade duffle bag that you can be assured no one else will own. We are confident that what you carry or use will be a showstopper in whatever environment you decide to expose your Beau Satchelle luxury good. We can guarantee you will possess a legacy piece that can be passed down to your children as it ‘with proper care’ becomes a classic. Our inspirations are designed and produced in America, smack dab in the manufacturing Midwest, nestled in the rising phoenix called the city of Detroit.

As we end our first year as a new business, our mission is to add to our more of our white glove experience when it comes to building a bespoke piece for a client. Even clients who purchase our one offs or prototypes that are models for the start of a new line will enjoy our first rate service. Or if you come to us with a bespoke piece in mind, you will be a hands on partner in the process of building a quality Beau Satchelle piece to own for a lifetime.

Please be our guest and explore our website for products we have introduced for the gift giving season.

Reach out to us, it will be our pleasure to assist with your holiday buying experience. -AJ

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