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Launch Getting Closer…

Beau Satchelle has begun the countdown to launch! It is our hope to bring you on our journey of building our brand to contend in the luxury lifestyle market. It has been a splendid, yet humbling experience preparing for the introduction of Beau Satchelle – crossing our T’s and dotting the I’s, completing the business plan, consistently writing and posting blogs by incorporating luxury lifestyle with our leather products and of course, the production process. As entrepreneurs with our new launch in the luxury leather category, it is just never enough hours in the day! After a number of months of turning our visions into designs, which then were made into templates and then sourcing the right hides, threads and tools, T. Michael has diligently crafted a line in a few areas which will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. What has been particularly interesting in the last several months is our participation into the world of wine. We were thrilled to be asked to design and showcase creations that are used exclusively by wine connoisseurs and lovers of wine in the areas of leather backpacks and messenger wine bottle carriers and leather wine tasting journals, along with bespoke leather accessories for the wine tasting world. And, as per request, we would also like to mention extending into bourbon and whisky tasting journals as well. We are anticipating that this project will cater to a market wanting heirloom quality luxuries for a lifetime of memories in which we are perfecting to serve. T. Michael has always preferred to work his magic in bespoke items for the high end and affluent market that searches for one of a kind items, whether for home, fashion or travel. This pathway will allow us to offer other specialty merchandise for the discerning […]

Top Six Things That Luxury Buyers Need To Be Aware Of

You consider yourself to be fairly stylish and fashionable, and you have a love of luxury goods. We’re with you. There’s nothing like quality handcrafted goods in a world of mass production. Luxury goods are made to last with premium materials and quality craftsmanship, and they make you feel good to use them. Here’s our guide to investing in the best, most sophisticated goods that money can buy. 1. Consider where the product is made Let’s face it – luxury items are usually not mass produced in China or India. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but they are usually made by smaller companies in areas of Europe, or North America. The reason for this is because luxury can’t be churned out. Luxury items are carefully made, with individuals in mind. Our luxury bespoke products are made in the U.S.A., for example, by people that you and I might know. 2. You should consider who is making your luxury goods You want to feel good when using your luxury goods, not guilty. You don’t want to be feeling like people weren’t paid a fair wage to create your product. After all, you don’t want your pleasure to be someone else’s misery. Do a little research, and make sure that people are paid a fair living wage to make your items. 3. Consider the materials used Luxury buyers should consider what materials are used to make the item. If you are purchasing a handbag, where is the leather sourced? Make sure it’s a reputable source, and that they are using premium materials. 4. Support small local shops and boutiques You may want to consider supporting smaller local shops and boutiques instead of shopping malls. When you buy at shopping malls and big chains, you are putting money into the […]

Selecting The Perfect Luxury Handbag

So you’ve decided to pamper yourself with a new handbag. After all, you work hard, and you’re worth it. Whether you’re celebrating a promotion, a birthday, anniversary, another special occasion, or have just decided to treat yourself, a new bag is an ultimate gift to yourself. First of all, a luxury handbag is a great idea. In addition to being a good investment – many luxury leather handbags have great resale value, should your tastes ever change – bags and other accessories are great for your self-esteem. Unlike clothing, like shirts, pants, dresses and swimwear, purses will always look wonderful on you, and complement all body types, even when you’re not feeling the best about yourself that day. Unlike clothing, which is worn in rotation, handbags are also used every day, and are a practical accessory that everyone notices as soon as you walk in the door. It would make sense to spend the money and the time to choose one that really suits your needs, in a style that you really love. At Beau Satchelle, we have every current style you could possibly want. All of our bespoke leather pieces are functional, yet luxurious handcrafted works of art. Handstitched with love and care, they convey confidence, professionalism, glamour, sophistication, style, elegance, and the good life. Once you’ve decided to make a purchase, the choices can be overwhelming. There are so many choices out there. Do you choose a clutch, or a satchel? A cross-body bag, or a tote? What size of bag should you choose? Ponder Its Purpose Where will you be using your handbag? If you’re saving this bag for formal or dressy outings, a clutch might be all you need to hold your wallet, phone, and a fabulous lipstick. But if you’re a mother, a tote might […]