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Skills Building Tips To Consider During This Global Crisis

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’
One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity.
In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.”
― John F. Kennedy

While the world has literally slowed to a crawl or ceased all normal activities, this would undoubtedly be an appropriate opportunity to capitalize on this situation to invest in yourself for breaking non-productive routines, developing new habits, doing introspective work, revisit personal and business connections that you never quite had the time to pursue, tapping into your creative self, revamping, renewing or for some, just taking a much needed break to recharge.. 

This week, in an effort to assist any of our readers with information, sharing suggestions and resources Beau Satchelle has adopted for maintaining focus with our own North Star, even as we have had to currently divert operations and our daily schedules now that we have pretty much isolated ourselves within our studio and home within the last 3 or 4 days. 

Since local, state and Federal governments are asking more of their citizens to stay within the confounds of their home for the next week or so, or longer, Beau Satchelle is choosing to make this time beneficial for ourselves, our families and our business. 

For instance, I committed to the team to take photography courses.  My responsibilities outside the studio are carrying choice bespoke pieces to showcase for promotional opportunities as I go about my day.  Numerous times I find myself in situations taking photographs of our luxury accessories with my cell phone which produces solid photos, but realize the need to understand  the technical elements with lighting and shadows for better quality shots.  So, I am devoting myself to take some online courses.

If diving into a new skill that can better serve yourself or business has been out of reach and in conflict with your daily schedule, today’s the day to jump in with both feet!  And what better online courses to start the journey than with to learn from some of the best in the world?   Currently, there are eighty classes to choose from ranging from culinary arts, writing, sports, photography, business, fashion, music, and entertainment. 

Perhaps re-committing to working your fitness plan – if you haven’t stayed true to the Jan 1, 2020 resolution of getting fit, what an absolutely great time to reboot!  Obviously, if a gym is within the confines of your house, there is really no excuse.  Unless you and your trainer have decided it may be better to be instructed from a distance, personal trainers worth their salt will have online workout programs to provide their clients or at least available for purchase.  We’ll consider a future blog on selecting the best in-home fitness equipment. 

The Toilet Paper Dilemma

Toilet Paper has been the topic of discussion as TV therapists attempt to explain why consumers panic buy these household paper goods.  Enter the 17th-century French invention called a Bidet.  More popular in European and Asian countries, Americans have been slow to embrace but are more acceptable as an alternative to toilet paper in being more environmentally friendly and the ability to treat health and hygiene issues.  With the COVID-19, sales of bidets have gone up “ten times” according to the bathroom fixtures company, American Standard. 

Of course, if we’re going to invest in the toilet paperless method of cleansing our bottoms, we should only expect the best, yes? 

Toto and Kohler appears to be the reigning champs in selling luxury bidets.  If, the goal is to install the seat as opposed to the entire toilet, then the Toto Washlet C200 – includes a remote control with an illuminated touchpad, a pre-mist function spays the bowl before each use to keep the toilet bowl clean, adjustable water temperature, dual-action sprayer, warm air dryer to dry your tush after cleaning, automatic air deodorizer, and an elongated heated seat with temperature control.  It retails under $500.00 and can be purchased at all the big box stores as well as Amazon, Wayfair, and small retail hardware/plumbing stores.

If the goal is to install an entire toilet, then either explore the Toto Neorest 700H Tankless Dual- Flush Elongated toilet or the Kohler K-77780 Karing 1.0 GPF One-piece elongated toilet.  Both are fitted with all the ground-breaking, high efficiency, innovative and technologically advanced features that an intelligent toilet can possess including all the features mentioned above with the attached seat in addition to auto lid open and closure and can be customized to an individual’s personal tastes.  These toilets range from $2,500  up to $9,000.  

Wine Delivery

Certainly, if a long “stay-cation” is the plan, unless you work with your own sommelier, tapping into a wine subscription service will be idea in keeping the wine flowing by way of delivery. 

Forbes – The Best Wine and Booze Delivery

If you’re in the Detroit Area, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our local partner, House of Pure Vin, who also provides delivery service for subscription members at four different price levels incorporating a number of bottles per month and opportunities to host intimate private tastings and invitations to exclusive club tastings and events, pairing recommendations and educational opportunities with their team of Sommeliers.


1.     Museums with virtual tours  

2.     Met Opera virtual shows  

3.     For lovers of Art, a number of fascinating online Auctions will be held at Sotherby’s as of this posting were still being held, which include sales of rare wines and spirits, contemporary prints, handbags & accessories,  and watches & jewelry.

A sampling of their auctions to consider:

·        A deep catalog of original artwork and re-released movie posters and title cards from the U.S., Britain, Italy, France and Australia, Japan, Poland, and Spain and Hong Kong (several signed by the film’s Directors or Lead Actors). If you’re a movie buff, especially for early 20th-century animation and classic films, as well as blockbusters and sci-fi, this will be up your alley.  Online bidding will be open until March 24th.

·        Online bids will be accepted up to March 26th for Sotheby’s London for a collection of prints of the celebrated and provocative British street artist, Banksy  including one of his most admired pieces, Girl With a Balloon.

·        Live Auction of Modern and Contemporary African Art showcasing the artists from across the African continent of a curated collection of paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures from the 20th and 21stcenturies.  The live auction will be held on the 25th of March offering participants advance bids, as well as telephone, and live online (it currently says on their site, in-person bids which may change). 

·        The Orientalist Sale will culminate in a live auction on March 31 in London with online bids being taken now.   This dynamic and beautiful collection of paintings and sculptures representing the landscapes, people and customs of North Africa, Egypt, the Levant, Arabia, and the Ottoman during the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Mental Work

·        “A Crisis is An Opportunity To Create Something New”

Article “More Than Toilet Paper” by Jeff Goings – Author  of The Art of Work and  Real Artists Don’t Starve


· – top 20 books you need to read to crush 2020

·        Fast – 13 books that CEOs think you should read in 2020


Business and Self Improvement Podcasts

·        Why You Need Atomic Habits – James Clear (Outstanding research and real life applications on building good habits)

·        Akimbo – Seth Godin

· – Tim Ferris

·        How I Built This With Guy Raz

·        Tim Ferris Podcast – Interview with Jack Kornfield – Author, Buddhist practitioner, Teacher of Buddhist mindfulness practice to the west. His most recent book, No Time Like The Present:  Finding Freedom, Love and Joy Right Where You Are

·        The Investors – We Study Billionaires

·        And finally, my favorite who I have followed for years in books and CDs

Tony Robbins Podcast

Business Planning

Strategic  Work

As a leader of your company, after confirming the security and comfort of your family, what a better time to focus on strategic projects, especially long-term, dying on the gone-but-not-forgotten vine?  Maybe re-evaluating customer acquisition processes or social media strategies from a customer perspective.  Why not evaluate your teams/vendors/subcontractors – can our team/business improve 10% in all areas identified?

How do we serve and lead within our communities (i.e., owners from professional teams committing to paying their hourly workers)?   Can we create new benchmarks to measure our business’ future with regards to employees’ work environments?  Is a work at home workforce viable for our future business?

If your employees are working from home, there are a number of resources to tap into to assist in navigating through this new normal. 

·        Tara Gentile – Tips on hosting dynamic virtual conferences, online meet-ups, and mastermind sessions.  A great article on resources to set up virtual conferences, meet-ups, and mastermind sessions and just setting up online events that involve your employees or clients

·        The Vox – Brands benefitting from the Coronavirus

·        Forbes   Impact of the Coronavirus On Business

Crisis Strategies

The COVID-19’s impact has been so incredibly fast, that for any business, whose experienced either a volunteer or forced shutdown of business has been devastating.  Yet some industries are flourishing quite nicely, including manufacturers of medical tests kits and devices like ventilators, germ-fighting (face masks) and disinfectant products (wipes),  Streaming Services (Netflix),  video conferencing services (Zoom), home fitness equipment (Peloton), grocery stores, producers of  pantry non-perishable foods and food delivery services.

This certainly won’t be the last crisis that Americans or other countries will experience, so here’s the opportunity to evaluate your company’s processes.

Similar to what we’ve done at Beau Satchelle, identifying source diversification or inventory placement.   Are there opportunities that we can leverage during the downtime?  Just reconnecting with our networks of vendors, clients, prospects and anyone we consider to be a stakeholder in Beau Satchelle.

If you had a crystal ball warning you about COVID19, what steps would you have put in place to minimize disruption?  In our case, we realize that constant communication with our client base is key to maintaining trust and providing information where we can that affect our clients.

Inc. com provides a thoughtful, article on doing the work of digging deep to “future-proof”, since most businesses will be on pause for a  period of time.

In addition, read how this Seattle fine dining restaurant Canlis brilliantly decided to “play offense, instead of defense” to feed the community and keep their employees working.

In addition, Beau Satchelle’s Luxury Lifestyle mentor, Andre Taylor, wrote in his most recent blog, advising his clients to re-examine their online strategy.  Are you a prisoner to one or a couple of methods in marketing your business?  Is this a time to offer a more robust online strategy to assist you in weathering the storm if parts of your business are slowed or shut down?

“Sometimes you need a little crisis to get your adrenaline flowing and help you realize your potential.”
― Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

Finally, always seek beauty in the world, no matter through this challenging environment of feeling despair and fear.  Certainly, this crisis has reminded us of how truly connected humans are to each other, even by the simple act of staying home can create less harm for those more vulnerable.    I am hopeful we will successfully prevail in the long run.   –AJ

What actions are you taking to make this time useful?  Share your thought in the comment box below or on Twitter.

Hat Tip to the visual eyes of the following photographers

Neil Thomas – Hand supporting Tree

Gerd Altmann – Plan A, B, and C

Robynhobson – Banksy Street Art

Sabine van Erp – Elderly Hands

Vinotecarium – pouring wine in a glass

Stokpic – world map on hands

Beau Satchelle’s  response to COVID-19

On behalf of our Beau Satchelle family, we want to communicate to our clients and readers of our blog our love and well wishes.  We are prayerful that we all navigate through this unprecedented time of our lives, as we struggle to understand and of uncertainty and fear of those who’s health and safety has been impacted.    We remain optimistic that the global citizen community by being supportive compassionate and looking out for families and neighbors, we will not only survive this challenge but also come out on the other side stronger and more resilient than ever. 

Until further notice, clients who want to place an order for a custom piece, we are equipped to handling consultations through Skype or video chat platforms with our design team.   Nothing changes in regards to  our communication processes throughout the manufacturing and delivery of your product.


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