Reflections and Forecasting from Beau Satchelle

Reflections and Forecasting from Beau Satchelle

Saying goodbye to another decade generates a range of emotions for entrepreneurs:  astounded by ten years gone so swiftly…time raced by with not a care in the world; inspired and recommitted to lessons learned as a growing business; and thrilled as to what the future holds as we all strategize for the next year and decade.   

Entrepreneurs in the business of fashion and accessories, always keep a vigilant eye on world events and future trends which impacts their bottom line.   Retail, across the board, experienced an explosion of change in the 2010 decade by several factors.  Beginning with the deep drop in consumer confidence and discretionary spending in the early 2010s caused by the impact of the global financial as many were in a survival mode during the U.S. economic recession.   Secondly, young adults recognized as the millennial generation, dramatically redefined what luxury looks like, subsequently, forcing stalwarts of luxury brands to either change with the times or become extinct.  Brick and mortar properties, whether in malls or main streets have had to reinvent themselves as destinations to their online sites.    Another factor responsible for consumers’ purchasing habits rapidly changing is credited to online buying growing exponentially, especially Amazon’s culture of free shipping and speedy delivery has influenced online selling and buying as well.   Although the luxury market may have been caught off guard, iconic and emerging brands are still competing by offering exceptional craftsmanship and custom personalized service.    

Reflections on 2019

The last year (5 years actually) has been an absolute whirlwind of marvelous memories, teachable moments and those who influence our daily lives.

Our Family and Friends:  Blessings have been bountiful for our teammates with regards to our immediate families (especially our elderly parents) who are still relatively healthy.  Sadly we have experienced the passing of extended family members and friends bringing to bear how life is short and precious. 

Our Clients:  Our numerous clients who not only become believers in the bespoke process, proudly show off their Beau Satchelle pieces, and immerse themselves in being spokespersons for our brand.  We are forever grateful!

Our Partners and Collaborators which include:  the House of Pure Vin, Alexander Custom Clothier and Bespoke Tailoring, and Viga Boutique who have not only allowed Beau Satchelle to take up precious real estate in their stores but are somewhat advocates in promoting our luxury goods within their business; our international brand marketing partner CCI Riveria & Monaco; and our North American brand ambassador, Grace Liang and International brand ambassador for 2019 Dandy Cannes.  We have to give a special thank you to our luxury branding coach and friend, AndréTaylor who has been an integral part of our growth with strategic marketing and sales training and mentoring.

Giving Back

It was an honor to team up with two separate non-profits and donating bespoke handbags and travel bags with the proceeds benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Association and Project Beautiful Inside and Out that holds charitable functions all year to donate proceeds to over 30 charities in the Metro Detroit Area.   We were pleased as punch that our donated items did exceedingly well and look forward to a continued relationship with both organizations in 2020.


We created our visioning plan three years ago to create measurements in positioning our bespoke leather accessories within the luxury world knowing an occasion trip off the planned path may occur just as long as get back on track.  Our 2020 marketing strategies are solidifying and look for our social media platforms to have a more prominent role as we share more of our journey.

The second half of 2019 guided Beau Satchelle into a market that was unexpected but worthwhile in exploring:  the world of racing car owners.  This was all due to working with Project Beautiful that holds its auction within the same weekend as the famed Concourse d’ Elegance of America, which provides a judging event for owners or prominent race and vintage cars.  When our master artisan agreed to create a duffle bag inspired by the racing brands of Maserati and Ferrari to be auctioned off, we realized that owners of these timeless machines enjoy the showmanship of complementary accessories that enhance their particular automobile. We look forward to exploring this market with dealerships as well as car clubs by offering bespoke duffel and sport bags. 

New Designer Collaborations

We are also in current talks, with artists and vendors for several projects that will either become one-off collaborations or private label pieces for particular boutiques and will be thrilled to unveil to our fans in the near future.

Web Site E-Commerce Changes

In addition, we will introduce a number of smaller gateway pieces (i.e. card and passport wallets as well as key fobs and luggage tags) for admires of the Beau Satchelle Bespoke brand which will provide clients purchasing opportunities on our website, personalized and shipped immediately.  Stay tuned for that exciting product unveiling.

Blog Changes

Followers of Beau Satchelle’s blog since its inception understand our love in sharing and updating our readers on individual artisans or brands which spans every field and industry who are committed to their craft or service that excels above all others.  Our weekly blog is written to honor individuals or a particular art form, foods or products which embrace tradition, distinctiveness and a continued strive for perfectionism.

Exploring the world of luxury allows me, as a writer, to dive into the world’s classroom of learning luxury at all levels.  Since connections and relationships have grown over the past three years, our blog will develop somewhat of a change in offering more information to assist with your luxury lifestyle choices. Our bespoke leather products have continued to open doors for us and sharing our exposure with the best of the best is our gift to you.   

We express our deepest appreciation for your support of Beau Satchelle’s blog and I leave you with this magnificent picture of a mountain in Switzerland that represents challenges we all face whether personal or professional, yet can be conquered with beginning with that first step.   -AJ

Hat Tip to contributing Photographers from Pixabay and Unsplash

Ella Lifflander     Niederbaen-Venhulm, Emmetten, Switzerland 

Arek Socha  designing items

Free-Photos –  Champagne Glasses with panoramic view


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