Optimal Fitness Lifestyle:  Hiring A Personal Trainer

Optimal Fitness Lifestyle: Hiring A Personal Trainer




In interacting with affluent and elite clients it is quite evident as to their commitment to finding the best methods with regards to high performance in all areas of their lives.  Their “secret” to success can be attributed to hiring specific coaches for optimal training whether professionally or personally.  No matter the industry, being held accountable to a coach is the difference between good and great performers.    Top professionals, no matter the area – business, sports, the arts, etc., understand that the key to being exceptional is training with an effective coach who will keep their client accountable to their goals.

Working with a personal trainer is old as time.  For my mature readers – does TV exercise guru Jack LaLanne ring a bell?   The fitness and wellness industry has grown into a 100 billion dollar business globally that touches every income level as we all desire the need to get or stay fit through a regiment of cardio exercise and strength training.  Whether the goal is to lose weight, train for an athletic competition or just living a wellness lifestyle, many would agree that having a fitness coach to keep you motivated and accountable makes a world of difference in the ability to stick with a habitual workout.

Even before the pandemic of 2020, having the ability to schedule private sessions at a trainer’s gym or at your home would be considered a true indulgence.  Depending on the state you reside in, gyms were one of the last industries given permission to open due to the odds of being exposed and sharing airborne fluids.  With gyms and workout facilities closed for months, innovative and opportunistic personal trainers took advantage by providing personal sessions digitally for clients and hire a trainer for private sessions will become more of a norm as health and safety continue to be online. 

So let’s say you’re in the market for a trainer to begin the journey  or seeking someone to elevate your fitness regiment.  What should you look for in a personal trainer?  I have been fortunate to know a number of athletes and athletic trainers who were able to create fitness regiments for me while keeping me honest throughout my workout and I can testify to the difference in effectiveness with a coach versus doing it on my own.

Here are several elements to consider when determining your next  personal trainer.


Is it weight loss or gain, strength building, training for a athletic competition, or a daily fitness regiment?

What is your time to commit and training location?

Do you expect this professional to travel with you, and will both be able to adjust to Face Time works if necessary.   Do you need hands on coaching throughout your workouts or space to do on your own with your trainer observing.  Do you need a cheerleader or someone to call you on your crap.

TYPE OF WORK-OUT –  Individualization is key.  How are results measured.   weight loss or gain, muscle building, cardio  endurance which can  be broken down into many categories strength/stability, your health, your pain threshold, you medical history, chronic injuries, age, gender, eating regiment, work as a nutritionist or in conjunction with        


Cross training

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT –a workout strategy involving both periods of quick intense burts of exercise followed by short recovery periods

Resistance Training

Plyometics – jumping exericses such as squat jumps, box jums or  burpee (continuous exercise of jumps, squats, planks, and pushups)

Isometrics –  tension exercises in holding a position for a set amount of time i.e., wall squats or planks


Immersive Fitness usin VR games

Fitness adventure seekers ulta marathons or endurance events





Circuit Training – used for a full-body workout in doing a specific exerice for a period of time and then move on to another exercise involveing endurance trainng, resistance training, highintensity aerobics

Resistabce Exericses ,  exercises using equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells or your own bodyweight.  Total Resistance Exerices (TRX) which is a a form of suspension traing that uses an individual’s body weight and gravity to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaeniously




Strength training  – workouts to increase muscle mass and increase strength to improve everyday body performance, prevent injuries and increase metabolism.




Speed Walking

Martial Arts


THE TRAINER – Are you compatible?   Wil they interview you?  Just like our clients, there may be the occasional time where we are not going to be right for the potential client.   Does this person get you?  Flexibility in scheduling, pro a  particular style of workout.  Do they continue to hone their craftt?  Are they respected by their peers?  Do you have evidence of their growth as a trainer (youtube videos, website history, involved with local and national associations)  What is their background,  education, certifications?  Is important that they have their own gym.    Their approach to not only a toned body and healthy mind are they innovative in their fitness techniques

Is it important to hire a trainer who has worked with CEOs and other executives, athletes and celebrities understanding they have to help develop and maintain high-performance habits to manage their professional lifestyles

Many Trainers have developed into providing services at high levels for confidentiality and availability that they have developed companies into concierge services. 

Are they 100% focused on your needs?  Do they genuinely enjoy what they do

Holistic approach.  Sleep Hygiene,  diet,  stress management – but they better know what their doing or just stick to what their pros at

Celebrity trainers advise that attaching an event or stakes to health outcomes.   Keeping a public journal, run a marathon, schedule a photoshoot,  amatueru power lifting contest, a triathlon. a high school or college reunion,  which ties a specific deadline to get you motivated                               

Do they practice what they preach –

Do they listen

Set proper expectations – build right habits for you

Should be results focused not scheduling sessions to make more money

TRUST – If you are a public figure or  powerbroker do they respect  your animinoty.  Do they post selfies/pictures of their clients without their permission just to gain publicity for their business?  Do they hold their clients privacy is crucial to building a relationship.   Honesty would be a characteristic that ahigh performance individual wants from a trainer

Where do you find these spectalar human beings.  Referrals from trusted source would be the tried and true method.  Whose family, friends, associates, doctors do you admire, or their fitness lifestyle. Are they in shape.  Word of mouth especially in a tight knit community can  give you access to THE trainer who is used by high performance individuals

Is staying fit, a lifestyle for that person.  Do they look well rounded – i.e., big chest and arms but thin legs would raise my eyebrows.  Do they walk the talk.  Talk to other clients of theirs.  Interview them just like interview a candidate working at tyour company.  Do you appreciate their ability and want to meet the expectations they set for you.  One of my coaches, pushed me so bad, that we stopped working out for awhile, until I admitted that he got the results that I wanted. 

When contemplating on hiring a trainer keep in mind:

That hourly rate is paying for their years of experience, schooling, training and expertise and gives you the value of results of a healthy lifestyle.   -AJ

Hat Tip to the following Photographers.

Sule Mararoglu – trainer and trainee

Logan Weaver – floor exercises

Andreea Boncota –  balancing equipment

Scott Webb – rope strength training

Annie Spratt – pushups on the beach

Foto Garage AG – man weights lunging

Pixabay – resistance training

Jannis Brandt – Acai bowl

Mor Shani –Yofa at  Sunset


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