Marriage Series:  9th Anniversary Gifts for your Beloved

Marriage Series: 9th Anniversary Gifts for your Beloved

As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving
And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May
Just as hate knows love’s the cure
You can rest your mind assure
That I’ll be loving you always

As now can’t reveal the mystery of tomorrow
But in passing will grow older every day
Just as all is born is new
Do know what I say is true
That I’ll be loving you always

Until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky (Always)
Until the ocean covers every mountain high (Always)
Until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea (Always)
Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream…

AS    Stevie Wonder

Salute Love Birds … has another year of married life come and gone already?!   Three hundred and sixty-five additional days of growing more accustomed to the nature and qualities of your loving partner.   Your relationship has certainly deepened as vulnerabilities and imperfections have revealed themselves over the years. 

And now the time has returned to honor the legal covenant you publicly exchanged in front of family and friends nearly a decade ago.   You are celebrating a period of time of growing into best friends, allies, and partners.   And vowing to spend your lives together as a unit takes both strength and fragility which makes the themes of this anniversary year entirely appropriate. 

Congratulations on your ninth year of matrimony!  Have you decided yet what will make this celebration special?  This day recognizes the continual loves, pains, joys, and challenges experienced and moved through as a team and family.  

Whether your celebration involves one day or a few days… call the sitter for the little humans or animals left behind, schedule to be away from all work, and plan to be present and attentive as you devote this time for each other. 

Now obviously the usual anniversary traditions will certainly make the grade.  The bouquet of fresh-cut red roses and reservations at a Michelin dining establishment are most appropriate; however, let’s see if we can stimulate the creative juices just a bit by incorporating the themes created just for this particular anniversary.

Themes of the 9th Marriage Anniversary

Our research on this anniversary uncovered, interestingly, how the element of water is the underlying theme of this particular anniversary.  Water is life and represents the ebb and flow that a marriage experiences. 

Water can be as frightful as an angry sea or magnificent as a towering waterfall; agitated as roaring rapids or serene as a wind-free lake…all depending on where and how the water flows or pools.  The element of water runs through many of the themes:  

Traditional:  Pottery and Willow (U.S.); Copper (U.K)

Modern: Leather

Gemstones:  Lapis Lazuli 

Colors:   Lapis Lazuli, Purple, Green, or Terracotta
Use the colors to weave throughout your planned day:   how your gifts are wrapped, the clothes you wear, the selected flower colors, the lighting, the color of the cocktail colors, and so on.       

Flowers: Poppy and Bird of Paradise


Symbolizes nature and simplicity; a lump of clay transformed into beauty is symbolic of how far a married couple has come together.  Pottery is also a vessel to carry water which purifies and cleanses and represents home, hearth and family.

Gift Suggestions:

1.        Purchasing pottery locally.  In Michigan, Pewabic Pottery, established in 1903 is a non-profit organization that sells renowned artists’ pieces, architectural tiles and hosts a number of in-studio workshops, and educational talks and tours which bring visitors from all around the world.

2.       Explore and purchase pottery from different cultures including Native American, Asian, European, Islamic, African, and Oceanic.

3.       Mud is clay, right?  Is athleticism a shared lifestyle?  There are numerous amateur endurance obstacle course competitions for individuals, partners, or teams of three to test your skills including Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race.

Pottery is also one of the traditional gift themes for the 8th Anniversary Blog where you may find additional ideas. 


Symbolizes nature and durability and the willow tree is naturally drawn to water

Gift Suggestions:

1.       If you’re attracted to a farmhouse décor, Laylaloou has a beautiful picking basket made out of willow that can be mounted on the wall as a piece of décor or use functionally to carry fresh cut flowers out of the garden that the two of you have been building and adding to over the years.

Living Willow Farm is also an artisan organically grown willow farm located in Roseville, OH which produces amazing products ranging from baskets, fences, garden structures, borders, screens, and any woven creation your heart desires.

2.       Consider a willow picnic basket to carry a few indulgent edibles for your outdoor meal.  Furthermore, why not elevate your picnic by either hiring a personal chef or arrange for your favorite restaurant to cater a private romantic champagne picnic at a nearby park, your property, or some other unique outdoor private meeting place within your community.

Or surprise your beloved with an exclusive picnic in an exotic region whereas a good concierge agency can have a chartered plane ready and waiting to begin your journey.

3.       What better way to share a message of love than to plant a willow tree(s) on your property.   Sitting under or beside the cascading branches which sway hypnotically in a gentle wind and is a true joy to observe and be one with nature. 

Horticulturalists suggest when decided to plant a sleeping willow tree, be aware of this tree’s insatiable need for water – meaning their invasive root systems searching for water will clog up pipes, so it advised to plant this type of tree some distance from your house and water sources (i.e. swimming pools). 

Also, stay away from sidewalks and driveways for the eventual upward growth of its destructive roots.  The willow tree is known for having weak wood so be prepared for this species to be a victim of windy storms. 


Leather represents warmth, strength, and durability.  Of course, this being our lane, we have the wherewithal to provide customized leather pieces that would be made for both you and your beloved. 

What would make the gift more special is to allow your spouse or the both of you to be intimately involved in the creation process guaranteeing that the unboxing of your bespoke item will carry a deeper meaning for you both. 

Gift Suggestions:

1.       We wrote extensively about bespoke leather gifts on our 3rd anniversary Blog.   Consider a leather hand-bound journal embossed with initials to keep memorable notes throughout the upcoming year towards the crossing of a major milestone, your 10th  Anniversary.  

2.       Perhaps commission Beau Satchelle to create an elegant wall art (we would build the leather frame) to showcase a unique photo of you and your spouse representing the year nine. 

3.       We mentioned this in our March 10th Blog… for international travelers, a perfect bespoke gift to give to each – handcrafted leather passport wallet.  As travel routes begin to expand and Americans’ confidence increases, carrying a protective cover that will keep your travel documents incognito, sophisticated, and personalized is a wonderfully indulgent gift. 


Lapis Lazuli is symbolic of wisdom and truth. It brings out the energy of self-awareness, to speak one’s truth, in addition to inspiring confidence, harmony, and happiness.   Its ‘typical ‘ colors are deep blue flecked with gold. 

1.   Gemstones gifts all provide healing properties.  Consider a Lapis Lazuli bracelet or if you both are into meditation, a lapis lazuli stone can be used to awaken the third eye chakra for deepening meditation and clearing emotional baggage


1.       The exotic and stunning Bird of Paradise, a native of South Africa, but also goes in the states of Texas, Florida, California, and Hawaii.   These flowers have successful life spans in tropical areas or potted inside in cold-weather regions.  If deciding to gift a Bird of Paradise for indoors decor, there are only two of the five Strelitzia family sturdy enough for successful growth indoors:  Strelitzia Nicolai and Strelitzia reginae

2.       Cut poppy flowers are lovely additions to an arrangement but only last just 2-3 days. You may prefer to add to your garden and depending on the species can be annuals,  perennials, and biennials.   Poppies are hearty plants that can be grown in most soils that are well-drained in full sun.  Some species of poppies are quite invasive so be selected as to where you plant. 


  • Plan an over-the-top Hawaiian trip where Little of Bird of Paradise thrives wild.

  • Once travel is permitted perhaps a plan to Visit ancient artifacts of Lapis Lazuli jewelry, amulets, and ornaments in galleries in Rome and Egypt or museums with art galleries showcase artists who use powdered Lapis Lazuli in their paintings.

  •   Anna and the Willow plan to add to your next visit to the UK to admire the work of Anna Cross who is commissioned to create willow sculptures for non-profit and for-profit organizations and businesses as well as private clients.  Two of her pieces ‘The Spirit of the Medieval Hunter” and ‘The Stalking Horse’ are located in the ancient woodlands of Skipton Castle Woods in Skipton, UK.  Or schedule a time when she is hosting a talk or workshop in her North Yorkshire England studio of creating your own willow work of art. 

It is our hope that we brushed away a few cobwebs with our suggestions in commemorating your union. Happy Anniversary to our dear readers as you approach a decade of spectacular matrimony.   -AJ

How did you elevate your 9th Anniversary with your spouse?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on Twitter!
We appreciate the source material from these online sites. -9th wedding anniversary gift list


Thank you to the following contributing photographers

Marla66 – Wedding rings

Thank_you – wood carving

Janine Meuche – pussy willow

Zhenya – Sleepy Willow

Swapnil Dwivedi – Pottery Wheel

Hans Braxmeier – pottery water vases

Teaad012 – Lapis Lazuli pendant

Enric Caujapé – Lapis Lazuli gemstone

Alex_Fotos – Bird of Paradise arrangement

Darren Richardson – Poppies greeting the sun

Guille Pozzi – Valley of the Temples, Kaneohe, Hawaii


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