How do YOU define luxury?

How do YOU define luxury?

Fashion enthusiasts may remember late last year in the news,  an elaborate prank was pulled on fashion social media influencers by an ad agency in an attempt to show how the buying public can be fooled into believing the value of a high end product just by a change of environment.   The struggling discount shoe chain, Payless Shoes, in an attempt to change the public perception’s toward their low-priced, unstylish shoes, hired the ad agency, DCX growth Accelerator, to created a seemingly extravagant pop up shop by renting out a former Armani boutique in an upscale shopping mall in Santa Monica, California.

‘Palessi’ was transformed into a new luxury designer brand accompanied by an instagram account and website with models and shoes in high end editorial photos.  The brand was then introduced to the world as Palessi through inviting fashion influencers to a private launch party to give feedback to ‘Bruno’, the fictitious shoe designer.  Guests gushed over shoes with opinions suggesting that the shoes were worth hundreds of dollars for shoes that normally sell for on average $30.

Needless to say, for Payless the messaging was quite effective.  Individuals whose careers and livelihoods are based on discerning high end products can be duped based on the hype and environment generated by the brand.  It was an ingenious project to unveil the illusion of value and quality.  The ornate packaging of Palessi, gave credibility to a mass produced, inexpensive shoe created into a fictitious designer’s dream.  This focus group experiment proved that many consumers can be oblivious when it comes to defining quality.

After immersing myself in writing this luxury lifestyle blog for over three years, regarding the best of the best when it comes to all things luxury,  my appreciation has grown exponentially for quality built products or red carpet services of any industry. Whether it be fashion or artificial Intelligence, food or designing homes, electronic cars or the exceptional resort suites, does true luxury necessarily equal expensive?  Perhaps, this question is relative depending on who you ask, yet there is a schism when it comes to well-to-do individuals desiring to own the best, to travel the best and to experience the best in which all requires capitol.

For the aspiring affluent or affluential consumers, the ability to acquire the unattainable or  experience “rare air”, will have no hesitation in spending thousands of dollars on a particular bottle of wine, having private accessibility to a chartered jet experience, or purchasing a bespoke suit tailored to a gentleman’s exact measurements. 

So what defines luxury?  Words such as timeless, unique or effortless come to mind; or considered priceless and out of reach for the mass market.   Exceptional luxury celebrates the human senses used for discernment whether it be the weightiness and comfort of a Montblanc writing pen as the ink flows gracefully on paper, or viewing a grey whale off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, or sipping Tokugawa Ieyasu, considered one of the best sakes made in the world, winning numerous competitions in Japan.   Even the most frugal millionaires and billionaires appreciate well made, quality items that can be passed down as legacy gifts.    

For Beau Satchelle, to compete in the exceptional world of luxury, our craftsmanship has to rival the elite work of master artisans across the globe.  We have worked extremely hard, the last few months on rebuilding a totally new website to present our clients favorites and current offerings; plus, our luxury brand stories.  It is with extreme pleasure to introduce our new Youtube video named “French Inspired. Detroit Built.  Beau Satchelle (Craftsmanship)” which will appear on our new website making its debut next week.  Enjoy! -AJ

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Freestocks – Header photo woman with shopping bags
Pixabay: luc-van-loon – interior of a Bentley and sidney-pearce – passport

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