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Extravagant Pet Pampering, part 2

Anyone who is a pet owner recognizes and appreciates their adorable, loving pets that stepped up to the plate and kept us sane during 2020.   Home quarantining has everyone searching for ways to de-stress and self-care; needless to say, cuddling with your fur companion does wonders in lowering blood pressure and tuning into mindfulness practices with an animal that gives us unconditional love.   Even Fido’s outdoor routines allow humans’ stir craziness to level out as we all cope through this seeming never-ending pandemic. 

The billion-dollar pet industry business is evidence that humans will pamper, indulge, and spoil fur babies without a tad of hesitation.  Whether you are purchasing for your animal babies’ birthday, Christmas, or just one of the hundreds of observances that take place throughout the year for cats and dogs, options are boundless.  Indulging your fur child, when money is not a factor can open up so many more possibilities.  In 2019, we wrote a blog on some high-end ideas to spoil your deserving pet (or two).   
With the holidays approaching, let’s explore six more luxury offerings for your beloved 4- legged animals:

Forego the humdrum doggy treat and instead invest in a year long delivery service of premium beef, such as Wagyu Strip Steaks to indulge Fido (and the family) throughout the year with HarvestBox  that curates a number of  ethically sourced U.S. livestock farmers and fishermen committed quality practices in raising free-range, free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Investing in a Pet Subscription Box can be a saving grace in delivering time-saving essentials for canines including treats, interactive dog toys, chews, dog grooming products, and even fashion accessories.  Having a monthly gift box of collected items to keep your pooch happy is worth every penny spent.  The subscriptions rates depend on the size of the dog,  payments can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual,  most vendors offer a sample, standard, or premium selection.

The Refined Feline out of Austin, TX sells high-end, modern furniture for the cat(s) who run your home and deserve the very best while lounging.   Their designs range from towers/condos, litter box furniture, cat scratchers, cat trees, wall perches, shelves, and cat beds. 

Cat owners ready to splurge will certainly impress humans and perhaps your feline companion by installing a Cool Cedar Cat Cottage designed for one or multiple cats comes insulated with options of  remote control air conditioning, heat pads, and porch & deck systems.

Luxury Dog Beds and Car Seats – Be ready to be spectacularly impressed by Animal Matters who offers dog parents dog furniture including well-designed dog beds and loungers, beautiful blankets and rugs, stylish companion car seats and travel hammocks, among other products.

Dog Strollers –  Pet Rover  highly rated,  beautiful upscale range of strollers to address taking your canine or feline outdoors whether still enjoying the outside even if convalescing from surgery, it provides safety in crowds, a perfect tool when traveling, or running errands.  Depending on the stroller, options can include airline cabin compatible, detachable carrier, able to hold animals up to 100 pounds, built-in access ramps, 4x all-terrain wheels and roomy for multi-pets.

Beau Satchelle’s recommendations have no financial affiliations.  We just love what these vendors do in offering unique bespoke products and services that are exclusive and perfect for the discerning pet owner seeking something more unique than what is offered in brand pet stores.   -AJ

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In addition to the links above, thank you to the following sites that supplied blog content: – 10 Outrageously Expensive Gifts for the Pampered Cat – Best Dog Subscription Boxes

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