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Crafting Unique Holidays with Beau Satchelle

Holidays can be approached in many different ways, but we like them to reflect the core values of Beau Satchelle: taking the time to craft extraordinary pieces, appreciation for high quality material and making each moment a unique and singular memory. This blogpost is an invitation to savour the upcoming holidays in the most exquisite way, the Beau Satchelle way.

A vacation is a special moment to step out of our daily routine, take a step back and reflect on deeper things. Maybe it is the ideal moment to consider creating an exclusive piece with us?

Taking the time to craft the perfect gift

 The holiday season is inextricably linked with the art of gifting. Finding the right piece that can surprise as well as meet the expectations of the person you have in mind can seem quite daunting. This is why we enjoy making bespoke items: to find the most personal gift that can last through time. Whether you know this person by heart and picture precisely the creation he/she wants or you are uncertain and prefer to include him/her in the process of selecting the bespoke item, we are here to assist you and make your dreams come true. From choosing the leather, shape and hardware, adjusting the first prototype to experiencing the wait during the making and discovering the final piece, the time frame of the creation process is precious. We like our customers to understand what goes into hand-crafted leather goods and believe taking the necessary time is better than rushing and accepting imperfection. This can also go for holidays. We often want to make the most out of this free time by over-charging our schedules, maybe out of a fear of missing out. However, a mind only focused on productivity lacks an essential element to fully understand the nuance of true luxury: to appreciate and enjoy the things that need time to mature and reach their fullest form.

Making each moment special and exploring unknown territories

 May it be a calming instant or a festive night, we believe in making each moment unique. This could be simply breathing, meditating and reconnecting to your own body. How about pampering yourself with a relaxing massage and spa session in a restorative getaway? Holidays are also the best moment to try something new, to discover and unleash your creativity, by exploring crafts and manual activities. If you have more of an adventurous personality, this is definitely the moment to travel and discover new horizons. Our selection of the best luxury leather luggages for 2021 will guide you through selecting the bag that corresponds to any kind of trip. We also view travel as a way to reconnect with high quality material, such as in the city of Ubrique (Spain), one of our favorite leather destinations. Discovering unknown territories doesn’t need to be done only by going to faraway places. Tasting new textures, original combinations of ingredients, may it be an unexpected change or a subtle twist to a traditional recipe, can take you to many other places. A perfectly prepared piece of meat served with the right French bottle of wine, and for even more luxury, accompanied by our distinctive wine accessories, is part of what we think makes an outstanding moment.

Ultimately, the best holiday is made of what we believe in the most: something that is personal and tailored to your wishes.   -Beau Satchelle Select Luxury Guest Blogger

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