Celebrating Marriage Series:  7th Anniversary

Celebrating Marriage Series: 7th Anniversary

Don’t go changing, trying to please me
You never let me down before
I don’t imagine you’re too familiar
And I don’t see you anymore
I would not leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times
I’ll take you just the way you are

–       Billy Joel – Just The Way You Are

Seven years in loving matrimony and still going strong!  What seven-year itch?   Your love and dedication are solid than ever and your relationship is exceptionally powerful as you’ve developed into fox hole buddies over the years.   Perhaps, the honeymoon phase has begun to alter, but your love has matured into a good space of healthy communication and intimacy while bringing out the best in each other.  What a joy to honor and reflect on living through another year of together.   The importance of investing creativity and thoughtfulness guided by the customary anniversary themes and symbols is a special ritual and reminder of your devotion to every year of your marriage.

Each anniversary year the themes continue to celebrate growing strength, resolve, and commitment to each other:


Copper and Wool

Copper’s durability is a conductor of energy flow and heat similar to the spiritual flow of energy between couples.  Wool symbolizes security, warmth, and comfort.  Both needed elements for a strong and stable marriage


Desk Sets, Stationery


Jack in the Pulpit or Freesia

Onyx or Yellow Sapphire
     Onyx is believed to absorb negative energy

Yellow or Off-White


During the 19th century, wool was considered a precious metal and only worn by the wealthy and only became bountiful for the masses when Australia and New Zealand became major importers.  The shaved fur of sheep is called fleece; the best quality grows on the back and sides.  When making your gift purchase know the differences in wool mainly depends on the type of animal and fiber production.

·         Lambswool – considered the softest and finest

·         Merino Wool – named after Merino sheep which originated from Spain, but most come from Austalia

·         Cashmere – the fine undercoat of the Cashmere goat

·         Mohair –  This more frizzy wool is acquired from the Angora goat

·         Angora – Fine fibers that are obtained from the Angora rabbit’s undercoat

·         Alpaca – comes from the Alpaca, a South America native animal

·         Camel – obtained from the undercoat of camels

·         Quiviut – this wool comes from the Alaskan musk ox and the fiber is eight times warmer than wool which is most appropriately used for winter clothing.

·         Vicuna – rare and most expensive, described as one of the softest and finest from the Vicuna in Peru in the wool category

·         Also, rare in the market is  Llama  and Cashgora ( crossbreed of an Angora doe and Cashmere buck)

Several high-end stores and independents carry quality wool clothing, bedding, and throws that are warm, sustainable, and beautiful.

Amara – selection of wool products

Cornelia James – wool gloves
American Wool – household and clothing


Neiman Marcus – Chunky Knit Throws

Exquisite Blankets

Frankenmuth Woolen Mill   – from our home state of Michigan

John Hanley – blankets and throws from Ireland


A planned excursion to the countries of New Zealand or Australia that boasts of having larger populations of sheep than people to incorporate a private tour of a sheep farm

Sheep Herding Farms in New Zealand
Tobruk Sheep Station – Private Day Trips in Sydney Australia 

Virtuoso – Concierge service that arranges a private sheep farm experience in Melbourne Australia


Windchimes – Whimsical Winds – https://whimsicalwinds.com/Item/Corinthian-Bells-44-Inch-Copper-Vein-Wind-Chime

Copper jewelry –  cuff links, necklaces, or bracelets

For a romantic anniversary dinner, purchase fresh salmon from Copper River Salmon in Copper, Alaska


–       Copper Harbor, Michigan

–       Copper Mountain Colorado   


A gift of updating or enhancing the desk set of your ‘old soul’ partner who enjoys the décor of a matching desk set with elements of a desk pad, letter tray, memo holder, business card holder, etc.   With the ever-increasing growth and dependence on technology, remote and mobile offices,  the end may near for traditional desk sets as professionals lean more towards a minimalistic décor consisting of mainly electronics.  However, gifting a high-quality writing implement (fountain pen, ballpoint, or rollerball) and  personalized stationery is still quite the motivation to write beautifully and write often.

Several of the luxury brands that offer writing pens  including limited edition works of art include:

–       Montblanc International

–       Dunhill

–       Cross

–       Montegrappa

–       Waterman Pens

–       Parker Pen Company

–       Sheaffer Pen Corporation

–       Aurora Pen Company

There are a number of emerging (i.e., Sugar Paper) and classic (i.e., Smythson and Benneton Graveur) luxury stationery brands that produce beautifully designed paper for those personal notes and letters that are listed in Gwenyth Paltroys magazine Goop.


–       Support a local dining establishment and purchase your complete anniversary meal as take-out or hire a private chef to prepare your romantic dinner for a delicious drop-off.

–       Ready for a dog to join the family?  The perfect anniversary gift for Dog Lovers is to actually, adopt rescue breeds of dog historically used in raising of sheep Old English Sheepdog of America Rescues  or Bearded ollies or certainly, any loving looking-for-a-home puppy or mature dog from a local shelters will be just as satisfying.   -AJ                                                              

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Beau Satchelle is not an affiliate or sponsored by any of the above sources. 

 Thank you to the following sources to assist with unique luxury gifts.

The Knot – 7 year anniversary gift ideas

Agrono Magazine – 11 things to know about wool

Goop.com – 14 stationery companies elevating the art of letter writing

Hat Tip to the following photographers’ works:

Mabelle Imago – I love you candies

Picjumbo_com – electronic desk

Todabasura– fountain pen

VK1960 – New Zealand Sheep

Essexweb1 – Wind Chimes

Yuna Kim – Freesia Flowers

Kevindvt – Jack in the Pulpit

Espressolia – Chunky Knit wool blanket

Bastien Rebattel – Onyx beaded bracelet


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