Beau Satchelle’s Debut Night On the Town

Last week, we were extremely honored to be invited to participate in an exclusive affair, The Wine and Accessories Social Tasting Open House with one of the hottest up and coming businesses in Detroit. House of Pure Vin, the signature wine retailer located in the heart of downtown Detroit, opened its doors last year and is the talk of the town!

Curating their extensive wine and champagne selection is Master Sommelier, Claudia Tyagi, only 1 of 3 in the State of Michigan and 1 of 147 in North America. House of Pure Vin offers the most amazing wine tastings events which take place weekly offering bottles from vineyards throughout Michigan, across the United States and internationally.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, we partnered with House of Pure Vin to create bespoke wine leather accessories that included wine journals for wine connoisseurs, hobbyist and wine lovers who desire to document their tastings and wine carriers of varying sizes and preferences. This was our first advertised public showing of our products and we were anxious to collect feedback from wine lovers on their interest in adding to their wine accessories.

We were fortunate in that House of Vin not only allowed us to showcase our wine accessories, but we also displayed our collection of luxury goods ranging from some early vintage Bedrock Beauty pieces to the latest Beau Satchelle creation “the Michelle Bag” inspired by the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

So our takeaways from our first formal showing. A lot of hard work to make sure everything was perfect. The final touches on completing the accessories to be shown, creating the signage, being prepared for onsite sales, creating line sheets, and even creating the exterior packaging for each product.

Believe the hype….Metro Detroiters turn out to support Detroit local businesses. The crowd was a gorgeous mix of young and old, all colors and backgrounds and people who love wine, leather or just being social. The encouragement and appreciation that we received was overwhelming. Many visitors being introduced to our collection were in absolute awe of T. Michael’s craftsmanship. His stitching is so refined that for an untrained eye it appears as if it stitched by machine. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

We are so energized with the growing buzz that we’re experiencing locally and online and this event just confirmed our years of hard work and learning is starting to pay off.

A special thank you to Regina Gaines and her staff for opening their establishment to Beau Satchelle and graciously accommodating us in promoting the event, providing the high energy music with their in house DJ, loaning wine bottles for props and steering visitors to our table displays. We deeply appreciate our own friends and associates who stopped by to support our first endeavor.

Our display of wine journals and carriers were made exclusively for House of Pure Vin, so if you’re interested in taking a look at our accessories collection in person, stop by House of Pure Vin at 1433 Woodward Ave in Downtown Detroit or soon to be featured on their website. When you stop through, be sure to buy a bottle of wine and support a local Detroit business. -AJ

We would love to hear your thoughts on our leather wine accessories on social media.

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