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A Message Of Thanks

What if, today, we were grateful for everything?

– Charlie Brown

As this year comes to an end with this week ushering in the holiday season, Beau Satchelle team dedicates this blog with a world of gratitude to our readers who have allowed us to visit weekly and introduce our point of view on all things luxury, leather and bespoke.  

“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”

Johannes A. Gaertner

We would have to go back to 1621, when the “inaugural” American Thanksgiving feast happened between the Wampanoag Tribe and the Pilgrims in celebrating the Pilgrims’  first successful fall harvest and bounty after their arrival from Europe and settlement on Wampanoag land.   The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, also known as the People of the First Light, has inhabited present day Massachusetts and Eastern Rhode Island for more than 12,000 years. 

Thanksgiving was adopted as a national holiday to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 who proclaimed a day of healing from the devastating Civil War.


“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

Long standing customs of this national holiday revolve around the love of cooking traditional foods and fellowship at the dining table.  Before attention turns to the frenzied rituals of holiday shopping for the perfect gifts, Thanksgiving has always felt sacred in commemorating those we love and/or volunteering with charities that serve the less fortunate.

Thanksgiving is a special opportunity to share public gratitude with loved ones and praise our good circumstances, but believe that on a daily basis our team recognizes our good fortune in having the opportunity to build a luxury leather business displaying old world European stitching skills sewn by a self-taught American artisan.

“Give Thanks 
For each new morning with its light
For rest and shelter of the night
For health and food
For love and friends
For everything thy goodness sends”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

With a heart of gratitude, it is important to us that we once again, publicly acknowledge who and what our team is thankful for as we close out 2021:

  1. God’s everlasting perfect grace in bestowing us with extraordinary talent and infinite creativity and the determination to be an influential player in the luxury world.
  2. Our health. Caring for elderly parents and other older family members through Covid-19’s widespread unending grip is a constant reminder of the Creator’s favor towards well being and good health.
  3. Our Family and Friends who’ve given unconditional support towards our success.  We love you dearly!
  4. Beau Satchelle’s Master Artisan and Leather Craftsman, T. Michael, whose discipline and high standards towards his craft are awe-inspiring.  He meticulously hand sews thousands of stitches for a bag or accessory while never settling for the ordinary.

    Those fortunate to experience a finished product understand why we stand behind the quality of our products. Hands down, his craftsmanship can compete with the top of the line hand-sewn leather brands. 

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough

Meister Eckhart

  1. Earning our clients’ appreciation and respect and becoming our biggest fans and promoters.  Beau Satchelle will prosper because of your love and loyalty.   Our journey with you confirms our decision to break into the world of bespoke and the luxury market.
  2. Our readers and followers of our social media platforms.  Especially to our reader of our weekly blog, and actively interact with us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Our growth in defining bespoke across the globe is such a joy and we’re eager to share and educate as we continue being exposed to true luxury.    And as always, we appreciate your encouraging comments and feedback!
  3. Given the opportunity to “begin again” in crossing new paths and forging partnerships with successful individuals and important events to propel us to the next level as a small luxury company.   This group includes business and funding consultants, business owners in the luxury lifestyle industry, fellow artisans, photographers, stylists, and selective charitable organizations.  Our promise is to continue to recognize and promote established and new “Business Angels” who offer exceptional products and services created particularly for high end consumers.

“As we express our gratitude…we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them.”

John F. Kennedy

  1. A gracious thank you to our “going above and beyond” vendors of premium and exotic leathers, hardware and luxury packaging while dealing with their own challenges of the past year.  Showing absolute professionalism by still assisting us with our purchasing and shipping issues, informed us on trends and practices within the leather manufacturing industry, and just being wonderful partners and mentors.

    Since Beau Satchelle sources from the same manufacturers as high end designer brands with buying leverage advantages, we are still able to negotiate with our vendors for competitive wholesale prices to provide exceptional materials to our clients.

    9. The fashion and luxury bloggers who have been extremely kind in promoting Beau Satchelle. We look forward to deepening our relationships with influencers who believe in our luxury brand. 

  1. The City of Detroit and the State of Michigan.  Similar to other U.S. metropolitan cities, the pandemic hit Detroit severely.  Even as 2021 comes to a close, our state’s recovery is enduring its ups and downs.  Yet, it is a pleasure to write that new businesses are blossoming as entrepreneurs are proceeding to invest in the region.

    As I mentioned in a blog some years ago, before the plague of our generation, there continues to be an energy of revitalization in Motown and Beau Satchelle is creating its own footprint in this city’s comeback story.

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving.”

W.T. Purkister

We hope this Thanksgiving is an opportunity for you and loved ones to gather in person, surrounded by love, unity, and enjoy a harvest of good food and sustenance. Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!   -AJ

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