Getting to know Beau Satchelle, Passion for the Art of Handcraft.

2022 is a time of radical change in the fashion sphere and we are proud to lead the way as pioneers of the bespoke luxury handbag industry. Transparency, authenticity, and impeccable craftsmanship have always been the driving force behind Beau Satchelle Bespoke. 

From the raw materials down to the last stitch, we aim to create a remarkable experience, worthy of every modern woman and man with a busy, luxury lifestyle and a demand for excellence. Beau Satchelle Bespoke really celebrates our design philosophy and drives our continued vision to craft hand-stitched, customized luxury pieces that overflow with raw creativity and remarkable artistry. 

In a time when passing fabs are rather unexceptional, our French-inspired luxury goods incorporate age-old techniques into bags with a trend-driven edge that would look chic daily. From the finest American alligator and European leathers to premium hardware and hundreds of hours of mastering the incredibly intricate Saddle stitching technique, we aim to offer a luxurious sartorial upgrade to clients who admire extraordinary bespoke luxury and want to incorporate it into their jet-set lifestyle.

One-of-a-kind leather goods that adhere to your luxury lifestyle

Instead of mimicking the work of other designers, we inspire clients to create something entirely unique and one-of-a-kind. An exceptional bespoke luxury piece tailored to your discriminating tastes. Our artistically-inclined products are made to be loved long after they have been received.  Your  high end legacy piece is designed  to carry sentimental value for future generations to enjoy. 


Luxury Designer and Master Leather Artisan T. Michael draws inspiration for various aspects of life. Designed from imagination, nature, and European  influence, everything can act as a stimulus if one possesses a creative spark. The partnership  of art and luxury fashion is harmonious. Through this delicate assembly, we get the chance to communicate who we are  without having to speak a single word. 

All art is infused with the energy and passion a Master Artisan breathes into it. What is fashion if not a way to amplify your own distinctness  by carrying a showcase piece made especially for you? 

 We consider Beau Satchelle Bespoke as an artful maze where timeless luxury goods with the characteristics of  quality materials, adaptability, longevity, and simplicity beautifully coexist.

Luxury goods hand-crafted to perfection with the Saddle Stitching technique

Handbags, travel bags, luggage, satchels, soft-sided briefcases, backpacks, attaches, clutches, messenger bags, journals; our wide range of bespoke luxury is hailed as a quintessential part of every modern, jet-set explorer’s Luxury Lifestyle. Each and every piece is hand-stitched to perfection with the Ancient method called ‘The Saddle Stitch’ along with the finest of leathers and exotic skins.

Also known as hand stitching or two-needle stitching, the saddle stitching technique is celebrated as being stronger than a machine stitch. It refers to the process of sewing by hand with needles and thread in a way that creates two rows of stitching in one single row of holes. 

Unlike other techniques, Saddle will remain intact even if a thread is cut on one side. In fact, the first leather saddle traces date back to 365 AD – even though the technique has evolved since then. This time-consuming process drives many luxury fashion brands away from it (one could assume 99.9% of leather goods aren’t saddle-stitched), but for Beau Satchelle Bespoke quality is not up for debate. 

This traditional sewing method is at the core of our relationship between fashion and art. Unlike machine stitching, handcrafted luxury goods reflect our shared impulse for self-expression rooted in our desire to craft heirloom pieces that possess both a technical and emotional value. It takes a lot of effort to create the structurally perfect pieces our clients covet and admire so much. Once a client wears our pieces, they become living expressions of art and all its mesmerizing beauty.

Where hand-stitched, bespoke luxury, and sustainability collide

Our commitment to our values-driven sensibility begins at the sourcing of raw materials. We pledge to obtain sustainable leathers and exotic skins from trusted tanneries to create bespoke luxury goods from American alligator, or European leathers and premium hardware. Rest assured that our suppliers are committed to following the laws that are required in the U.S. and abroad.

We are widely aware of the unethical nature of some parts of  the leather industry and thus, we choose to acquire raw materials that are by-products of the meat industry. This means that no animals have been deliberately farmed or captured for their skins. On the contrary, our exquisite leather comes from food sources where the hides or skins are a byproduct and would usually be disposed of and buried into landfills if it were not for artisans and makers who use these raw materials for crafts, leather goods, and functional products.

Beau Satchelle’s passion for our clients

Whether it’s a statement piece made just for a particular occasion, an all-year-round bag that meets all your luxury lifestyle demands, or a work-appropriate briefcase to become your best ally during your busy work hours, Beau Satchelle Bespoke is here to help you create the luxury goods of your dreams. 

It takes 4-6 weeks from design to delivery.  When you are ready to start your bespoke leather adventure, drop us an email or complete the form on our contact page and you will hear from our design team within 24 hours.   -AJ

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