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What attracts one to customization as a chosen manner of living?  Even within our overly mass produced western culture, there are individuals that will transact only within a world of exclusivity and exceptional craftsmanship.  Bespoke has unfortunately become an abused marketing tool for entirely too many industries who want to create the perception of finely crafted products or services.  The word is so overused that true bespoke businesses have to step up their marketing strategies to fight through the noise of high end luxury pretenders.   Our market, perceived as snobbish and elitist for embracing indulgence for the finer things in life.  And why not?

Whether commissioning a traditionally designed hand sewn suit, or hand carved wood furniture, or the intricate work of a perfectly engineered timepiece, a bespoke connoisseur appreciates craftsmanship.  Certainly. consumers of custom are not considered impulsive and rather enjoy the time committed to their purchased piece.  Anticipation is part of the worthwhile journey.  

Creating high-end leather accessories one at a time, puts us in rare air in the leather industry.  We are committed one hundred percent to the art of customization while creating lovely functional pieces.

I absolutely enjoy being able to share an example of a new client who truly represents what we love about offering bespoke.  Nothing excites us more responding to inquiries from admirers of one of our product photos displayed on our social media platforms.   Having a Porsche 911 GT2 RS in the family, this gentleman spied our Porsche Inspired duffle bag and reached out to discuss whether Beau Satchelle could make a similarly inspired handbag for his wife to carry when they were out on the town.  It was an honor to accept the challenge in modifying the Porsche inspired bag into a single top handle handbag – we hoped to be a dream gift for his wife.    

As a reminder, the initial  Porsche duffel bag was built after an overwhelming reception for our first hand crafted travel bag inspired by two ultra luxury automobile brands, Maserati and Ferrari made specifically for a charity auction event held in Metro Detroit.  Our master Artisan, a sports car enthusiast, wanted to test his leather crafting skills again, by paying homage to another legendary high performance automobile, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.  The bag’s overall structural design was to emulate the red and black gorgeous racy hood design.  

The duffel bag was made with extremely supple leather called Italian Buttero reinforced for longevity and durability, all solid brass hardware and, of course, a genuine Porsche hood emblem.  For that one perfect Porsche owner and diehard enthusiast, this overnight bag was made as if it were created simultaneously as the car rolled off the production line, to immediately be placed in its spot in the front trunk.

When that duffel bag made its debut, luxury leather bag connoisseurs were profoundly kind with a wave of compliments.   Subsequently, this year, the gentleman reached out to Beau Satchelle to explore if a similar design could be made into a handbag for his wife for an anniversary gift.   

He wanted to create a handbag that would evoke uniqueness and a timeless conversation piece whenever he and his wife were out on the town that resembled his black and red Porsche GT2.  After the initial consultation, our client selected a similar bag from one of our collections with the Porsche emblem as the showpiece.  T. Michael decided to not have a secondary competing front clasp to take away from the Porsche emblem and instead used magnets for the flap closure.  After the client’s input, a small buckle strap was added to the front flap for more security. 

Keep in mind, the smallest details added even more intrinsic value to this lovely bag which involve over 50 hours of design and hand-stitching.  Our client wanted the main body of the bag in the color black (selected for the larger back and front sections of the bag). The color red was selected to accent the sides and the interior.  The same Italian Buttero premium leathers were used and reinforced with stiffening material to maintain its rigid shape. A single top handle incorporates both colors of the bag.

Once again, solid brass was the chosen hardware.  The interior has two pockets for storing her cellular phone and smaller essentials.  Black and red linen thread was incorporated for contrasting and complimenting the bag’s two tone colors.  Since the interior of the handbag has some depth, T. Michael added a leather and solid brass spring clasp key ring for both easy access and security.  The last loving touch was personalization of her initials displayed on the front flap. 

And this is why we love offering bespoke!  Our client’s wife now owns a timeless leather jewel that her husband designed with loving intention; there’s just no comparison of a gift being created and handcrafted from scratch.  

Are you ready to take the journey of designing your own luxury leather accessory with Beau Satchelle Bespoke?  Whether desiring a small accessory such as a wallet or belt or perhaps, a larger travel bag, the process starts by reaching out to us through our contact page, by email or by phone for a free consultation.   -AJ

Please Note:  The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Inspired Duffle Bag or Handbag is in no way affiliated with Dr.-ing.h.c.F.Porsche AG and the hood/trunk emblems were “repurposed” ornaments used for this one-of-a-kind collection.   -The Beau Satchelle Family

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Acknowledgement to the contributing photographer: 

DariuszSankowski – Porsche emblem


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