The Uniqueness of Beau Satchelle: from traditional hand-stitching to rare bespoke creations

When creating special pieces for our clients, we always try to elaborate a shape that will suit a person’s needs and desires, while staying true to our fundamental values.

 We continuously ask ourselves what makes Beau Satchelle unique and identifiable through each individual creation. There are as many one-of-a-kind handbags, briefcases, purses or wine carriers as there are people in the world, and maybe even more. For this reason, we decided to tell you about what we sincerely believe makes us stand out.

The Art of Traditional Hand-Stitching

 Beau Satchelle is born from the will of creating unique bags with high quality leathers and traditional crafting techniques. Hand-stitching is at the heart of our conception of craftsmanship. As opposed to machine stitching, hand-stitching possesses a technical and emotional value that can’t be imitated by industrial production, as advanced and perfected as it may seem. Our use of this Ancient technique is a way to maintain the spirit of hand-stitching and our admiration towards the meticulous manual work of the sewer.

Luxury connoisseurs can perceive and appreciate the gesture of the craftsman that is translated into hand-stitching. Learning about the different stitching techniques is the starting point to building the ability to recognize this authentic detail. The eye has to be refined from the beginning, just like when a sewer starts to stitch. Similar to two panels of leather coming together thanks to a strong thread, the two worlds of reasoning and sensing come together in the mind and finally unite with the thread of continuous training. Thus, bringing this unique capacity of discerning hand-stitching.

 We pay close attention to hand-stitching by using the adapted tools and waxed linen thread, which is a common denominator in the high-end leather industry. The hands of the artisan are trained to sense how tight or loose the thread must be stitched. It enables parts of leathers that are carefully cut to hold together and bring structure by its solidity.

 Our attention to this artisanal hand-stitching is equal to our devotion to rare bespoke creations.

Bespoke Luxury: The Promise of Rarity

The one-of-a-kind approach to high quality luxury handbags is also a main element of our philosophy.

One may wonder how we find the balance between individuality and being in tune with fashion’s obsession with unique items. Our bespoke creations go beyond simply following the current fashion trends, but still connects to the fashion world by having a quest for rarity. By making a unique piece with us, you make the decision to acquire a handbag that will fulfill you entirely and stand the test of time. The high quality of the pieces make them resistant and durable. We are also convinced that by having an object made only for you, is a way to ensure it will please you unconditionally. This is linked to our vision of fashion and our attention to the way bags and accessories take place in our lives.

The demand for limited and unique bags is connected to the way some people tend to collect rare pieces as they would for special editions of clothing. Compared to mass-produced luxury items, bespoke has the benefit of being unique and singular. With order specific pieces we can be similar to the ‘Dream Bags’ that are only available to a limited few. But Beau Satchelle is more forward thinking as no pieces are identical.

Beau Satchelle is The Promise of Unique Bespoke Creations.

 If you haven’t found something you like, nothing assures that you won’t find inspiration the next time you visit us… Keeping up with the latest news from Beau Satchelle is a beautiful way to always be surprised by our recent creations. We, ourselves, never know what the next item or order will be.   -The Beau Satchelle Family

Stay-tuned for new products coming soon !

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