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To our loyal readers…the Wednesday blog has returned.  As of last week, we are ready to roll out new content and expose more of the Beau Satchelle Bespoke world.  We took a hiatus of several weeks to regroup and determine how best to serve our readers in showing more of our bespoke leather universe.  Along with  introducing you to the high-end luxury community that we are fortunate to intersect with while our bags travel the world delighting new and returning clients.  

The blog’s mission is, celebrate luxury in all its glory.  With bespoke being our way of life,  we will continue to seek those who specialize in customization, either in service or products all over this big beautiful planet.

I had a conversation with a gentleman a few weeks ago in regards to the type of resurgence happening among businesses from the last two years.  The discussion turned to whether there has been a noticeable shift and gap in how entrepreneurs and established companies do business during this recovery period.  

For instance, instead of succumbing to the real or perceived shortage of employees, we know business associates who made the decision to pivot their servicing times to maintain a quality experience for their clientele. 

I have returned to our favorite premium local restaurants where surprisingly, the quality has dipped, leaving me quite disappointed and wondering if this was a one off experience or have the owners/chefs dropped the ball when it comes to maintaining past quality standards .  On the other hand, I have visited eating establishments whose commitment to an exceptional dining experience has endured and thrived.

Another example has to do with servicing our cars.  Our mechanic of over 6 years, decided to retire last year.  Finding a good trustworthy mechanic can be difficult and being loyal customers, we referred him to anyone who asked.  Needless to say we were overly nervous with his referral, yet, I dare say, our new mechanic shop has blown away our expectations.  The entire staff (from customer service agents, to the mechanics to the management) consistently bend over backwards, work in synchronicity and offer red carpet service that I would argue, not many mechanics have the forethought to create within their businesses.   

One other instance has to do with our experience with two different Porsche service departments.  Everyone knows Porsche offers superior standards with regards customer service, right?  I actually was shocked at the ordinary treatment and lack of awareness from one of the service departments.  Vowing never to return especially after their competitor’s exceptional performance.

By working in the luxury space for over 7 years, one develops a focus on the smallest details of other businesses who claim to serve the luxury market.  Transforming into a closet snob… certainly not in the sense of being unkind or mistreating those who make their living in the service industry… has created an enlightenment as to who are the pretenders versus the players.  

Looking at their practices with both their employees and the public, it is easy to identify what businesses are here for the long haul or out to make a quick buck with smoke and mirrors. Selling a true luxury service or item is hard work and those in the business understand the unconditional practices of exceeding your clients wishes by doing more than expected.

Just a side note:  a few months ago, I started researching the luxury electric Lucid Air which won the 2022 Motor Trend Car Of The Year.  The Lucid Air checks off all the boxes of exceptional quality and exclusiveness that just takes your breath away.  In addition, the company has designed a company culture to reign within the luxury sedan space,  even gunning for the engineering wonders of the Tesla.   Stay tuned for a future blog on this beautiful machine. 

One more example, regarding subscription services.  Even before Covid, we have purchased a number of subscription packages, allowing us to protect our precious time with Beau Satchelle.  One service in particular has (another future blog) outstanding products and the systems they have in place are incredibly impressive.  When an issue came up in changing the order, the representative didn’t hesitate in making sure we were parted with her as very, happy clients.

The term Luxury is thrown around so cavalierly meaning way too many businesses adopt the term with not a clue as to servicing a high end market.  Believing that attaching the word ‘luxury’ to the product or service will have clients easily flocking to your doors.  Many so-called luxury entrepreneurs must realize that it is so much more to earn and keep a high end clientele.  It is not as simple as creating a slogan or elevator pitch.    

This month marks the 2nd year anniversary of the catastrophic event that would impact the lives of every person on this earth.   Just 24 months later, our challenge as global citizens is to still find some normality as the world continues to search for solutions to a virus that continues to mutate.  

With immortality, at one point in the past two years, staring every human being in the face, shouldn’t the saying “Stop and smell the roses’ take on a higher meaning and be embraced by us all?

We realize our good fortune in the ability to share with our readers, Beau Satchelle’s insights on our love of all things luxury, particularly in the space of leather.  We pledge to you to continue seeking out content that both educates and features people, things and experiences that embrace living the ultimate good life.

Lastly, as 2022 continues to roll along, it is our intention to continue to grab life by the horns by way of our small company, while communicating with you our love of luxury leather handcrafted products through this blog.   Although we will not compete with mass producers in the luxury leather accessories space, we can offer the ultimate experience in customization and craftsmanship and fulfilling a discerning client’s dream of owning bespoke.  Look for continued “breakthroughs” throughout the year as we reveal new products and adventures.

 We appreciate every person who takes the time to read our weekly blog!   -AJ

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