Beau Satchelle’s Bespoke Products Showcase

Our clients love leather!  Nothing comes close to the beauty and sexy nature whether derived from cow or exotic animal leather.   Enthusiasts and connoisseurs are drawn to the multi-sensory elements not found with other textiles – the intoxicating smell, the luxurious supple feel, and the range of functionality and longevity.   

And. in particular, a Beau Satchelle client especially appreciates the time-honored skills of creating an accessory with meticulous hand stitching and customization to fulfill specific needs and desires.

Master leather artisans will take days, if not weeks, to construct a piece because of the intricate processes required in building a timeless, superior product.  

Certainly, not our intent to take anything away from designers who mass produce high-end bags but there is a certain delight and opulent pleasure in knowing the bag you carry was created with precise artistry and exceptional tools by one crafts-person. Bespoke is a lifestyle and a philosophy whereby our clients live life by their own standards with personal high expectations.

Our clients understand and appreciate the amount of effort and training that goes into hand sewing leather accessories.    Not only does a Master Artisan have to understand and perfect the harmonious relationship of stitching thread to leather, but also develops brilliant command of different precision tools used in building a leather masterpiece. 

As we begin the new year with upcoming prototypes and products reveals, we wanted to re-introduce you to a number of our previous creations from past years that were made for clients and drew plenty of attention through our social media platforms.  

Bespoke Padfolio

A Padfolio is defined as a portable case that opens out like a book to reveal a notepad along with other daily essentials.  Padfolios alternative designs include enclosed cases to protect a Macbook or laptop, travel folio organizer for an IPad /Mini IPad or tablet, a smaller briefcase with handles, a ring binder, a legal pad folder, an A4 folio, or leather wrap for transporting documents.

The elements of a Padfolio include:

  • Is design to be carried by hand, under the arm or in a bag
  • Fits small tablets
  • Can be Letter or legal size
  • Closes with a zipper, strap, or buckle
  • Usually does not have handles
  • Notepad is positioned for writing within the padfolio
  • Slim and lightweight

High-end leather Padfolios will use premium leather made from buffalo or cow leathers which are more environmentally friendly than leather’s plastic counterparts – with care and maintenance, this leather case will last for a lifetime.  This heirloom piece ages beautifully as the natural grain’s patina will deepen richly over years of handling.

Compared to a number of our American peers, Beau Satchelle’s designs have an European influence by sewing with the  intricate saddle-stitching method and ensuring all cut leather edges are painted and burnished for a smooth finish  (as opposed to western or minimalist which may display raw edges).

 Our Padfolios will be slightly heavier than store bought, since we use premium leathers and quality hardware (Brass, Nickel plated, Gold Plated, Rose Gold or Gunmetal).  An owner’s essentials will initially fit quite snugly for some time, because stitching is tighter in terms of the initial  ‘give’ of pockets and sleeves.

 Each and every Beau Satchelle Padfolio is made one at a time, with a single large piece of leather, unless a client prefers a wider gusset (the sides panels) to enlarge the Padfolio.

We offer exterior colors in the typical executive shades of black, brown or blue, however for our clients who work in more creative professions or possess a mavericky style, we can certainly offer bolder colors.  A lot of our conservative clients do enjoy tiptoeing on the edge by selecting a bold interior color or contrasting thread.

Exotic Clutches

For our clients preparing for a formal gala or dressier affair, a striking leather clutch to complement your outfit plus compact enough for a small wallet, cellphone, key fob and a fabulous lipstick!

Our exotic leather selections tend to be more exclusive and pricier than most cowhide and the look and feel of these leathers are distinctively classic and exceptionally beautiful. 

When leather artisans produce smaller products such as clutches the objective is to use one whole skin for an uninterrupted design.   As opposed to the need for two or more hides to stitch larger handbags.  Keep in mind, if a large bag with exotic print is seamless and looks to be made with a singular piece of leather, the odds favor that it is probably embossed cow leather.   Another clue is embossed snakeskin’s patterns tend to have recurring patterns versus natural imperfect patterns of authentic snakeskin.

Tote Bag

Our professional clients adore the versatility of leather tote bags.  If a briefcase slants a little too masculine, a tote is a perfect business carrier.

One such bespoke piece that we introduced last year was ‘the Boss’, adding to our line of bags made for individuals who exude confidence and discerning tastes. We create works of art, uniquely designed and handcrafted to speak to a woman’s savvy tastes and unique sophistication among her peers.  No other woman will have a tote bag that comes close to this extra-ordinariness; our client will experience pure pleasure when carrying such a stunning piece of perfection. 

The Boss was created for the professional, jet-setting woman who requires a durable mobile office carrier. This tote is breathtaking and promises to be a conversation starter from admirers.    Borrowing elements from a conventional tote design, yet adding luxurious black on black alligator and cow leathers with peeks of radiant nickel hardware creates a show-stopping handbag because of its richness and opulent look.   It’s built roomy enough to carry essentials and much more without an iota of worry of overburdening the bag or its’ straps. 

The Boss Bespoke Alligator Tote Bag Features:

  • Genuine Wild American Alligator Exterior in Black Matte Finish, 
  • Italian Buttero Leather Interior in Black
  • Bespoke Exterior Smartphone Pocket; Custom Base Cut from Front Panel
  • Rubberized Foam Padding For Interior Bottom Panel
  • Reinforced Genuine Wild American Alligator Exterior Panel On Bottom
  • Hand-Cut Double-Sided Arm Straps/Handles With Same Alligator
  • Nickel-Plated Zipper, Bottom Feet and Stud Accents
  • Custom luxury design and handcrafted with the traditional saddle-stitch… featuring, hand-painted and hand-burnished edge

It took 40+ hours to build and no machines were used during the production process.  For our bespoke clientele, preferring to design The Boss from square one, the design-to-delivery process will take 4 to 6 weeks.  

A Beau Satchelle Bespoke tote design will involve selecting the color of the exterior; offering either a range of basic dyed matte or glossy leathers  (white, black, brown, blue) or a more dramatic hue that fits your whimsical nature (reds, yellows, oranges, etc.). You will also select from a rainbow of interior leather and thread colors to either contrast or complement the exterior leather.

In addition, our designers, at your request, are able to create a secondary pockets (or a sleeve for containing a tablet or smaller laptop), replace the color of the hardware, and even add an adjustable single shoulder strap.  Be certain, we will tailor the design of The Boss or any other tote to fulfill your carrier dreams.


Beau Satchelle Bespoke provides products to our clients in two ways. We have created collections of products, conceived from our artisans’ creative minds, (i.e., handbags, briefcases) built structurally the same but will not necessarily have the exact elements (i.e., the type of leather, the dye, the hardware and handles may differ).

Our second service is exclusively bespoke and will be designed to the specifications of the client. Since our inception, we have been commissioned to design and build briefcases, attaches, handbags, journals, wine carriers, chef rolls, leather costumes, leather jewelry, pet collars, phone cases, and furniture/homewares.  For us, the sky’s the limit as we encounter more niche luxury product requests for clients who desire a one-of- a- kind piece that no one else owns. We love the challenge of bespoke and servicing the high expectations of our clients!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our product showcase!


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