How Selecting A Bespoke Bag Is An Essential Step In Elevating Your Luxury Journey

The world of luxury possesses its own codes and secret subtleties. From learning to spot the classic creations to knowing by heart the limited editions, there are a variety of steps to building knowledge and awareness of the finest things in life. The act of collecting luxury goods is similar to a coming of age. The birth is first that of an aspiration to higher standards of quality and exquisite shapes and textures. Then comes the purchase of the first luxury item, nearly like transitioning from a child to a teenager with all of the first time experiences. The first luxury good is an object of desire that can require dedicating a certain amount of savings. But it is more than a simple expensive purchase, and rather, a moment in time dedicated to selecting a symbolic object. From visiting the boutique to choosing the right item, there is a form of ritual before the acquisition.

What happens after is when the object becomes part of life: a relationship and memories start to be intertwined with it. Some details become noticeable, a particular stitching or even a secret pocket. Once in adulthood, growth and sophistication characterize the choices of life. Then a new desire comes along for another specific object and your luxury collection starts to grow. By looking at different pieces and wearing them in a variety of situations, the perception becomes sharper: the gesture to open a clasp, the delicate tinker of the hardware or the touch of leathers.

As time goes by, the imagination begins to wander and you may ask yourself: “What if the leather of the front was different? How about the material and length of the handle? If only the bottom could be larger or the flap close differently.” Even the most expensive and luxurious pieces may lack an essential element, which is that of being perfectly tailored to your own needs and individuality. 

Selecting a Beau Satchelle creation is about making a dream come true and the epitome of sophisticated personalization. Entering our universe of bespoke creations is close to discovering a world of infinite possibilities and exquisite taste. The creations, made with fine leather and stitched by hand, aim at finding the ideal balance between aesthetic and functionality.

Making the decision to have a custom-made bag or carrier goes beyond buying an item simply to follow trends in fashion. This choice requires maturity, a taste for quality and an attention to detail. Experience and introspection help to know your personality and needs. Taste takes time to be refined through trials & errors as well as continuous learning. Progressively, luxury is understood in a subtle way and is less about over the top show-off and more about material quality and craftsmanship. The quintessence of a high-quality lifestyle comes from the understanding of one’s own taste and individuality. Taking the time to lie down through writing, both your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a handbag, is an excellent way to start.

Clarify your thoughts with words or let your imagination flow freely with drawings. A sharp pencil, a precise pen and high-quality paper awaken the senses and the mind. The quality of the tools and materials used when writing is something we fully acknowledge. For this reason, we propose beautiful luxury accessories like hand-crafted leather padfolios to protect journals and notebooks for the people longing for distinction in all aspects of life. 

Write down if you are more of a romantic soul seeking a poetic object or wild extravagant spirit looking for a bold statement. Are you evolving in a corporate world, living in natural surroundings or constantly traveling? Defining the needs, functionality and aesthetical aspect of a piece also comes from the dialogue and relationship with the client. The wine connoisseur looking for a carrier for an exquisite bottle can be fulfilled. The evening festive personality will find remarquable cross body bag or a clutch purse (such as our english bridle leather clutch purse for example.)

The type of objects that will be put in it will determine the type of bag and its shape. A briefcase for a computer and paperwork, an elegant handbag for perfume, makeup and a purse, a larger handbag such as our Lena model, a practical backpack for headphones, notebooks and various accessories, or a wide travel bag for clothing and shoes for the week-end…

The reason why considering a bespoke hand-crafted piece will elevate your luxury purchase journey, is because not only will it distinguish you from the crowd but it will also place you at the starting point of creation. You have the freedom to choose the type of straps, shape of the flap, the perfect color combinations and special details. The team will carefully listen to your needs and usage and start to sketch out the piece you desire. The only limitation is your imagination. The plan then becomes a mock-up that is refined to suit your convenience. Once the prototype is validated, then comes the time to pick the perfect leathers for your unique creation. Whether you are just discovering the brand or more familiar, there is one key common point that unites all Beau Satchelle clients: the appreciation and passion for leather. Chosen for its high quality, the noble leather we propose range from French goatskin and Italian Buttero to American Alligator. Depending on the texture and type of leather you are looking for, we will advise the best material to suit your taste and stand the test of time.

There are several color options of leather and hardware combinations available and even embroidery for a one of a kind piece. The interior living is also not to neglect, as the beauty of the inside is as important as the outside. It is also essential to consider the color and finish of the hardware, which can be seen as jewelry ornamenting the bag. The color of the hand-stitching can be a tone on tone or a contrast to the leather. At Beau Satchelle, we use a very specific french hand waxed linen thread for its strength and quality.

The meticulous skills and patience of the craftsman will make your bespoke creation come to life. All our limited edition bespoke handbags are handcrafted with no machines and are an embodiment of uniqueness and individuality. Acquiring a piece that has been hand made and manufactured with the highest standards to materialize your ideal bag is a fulfilling experience. This creation will carry the personal trace of its owner and its timelessness and durable quality enables it to be passed down to future generations.

Our extreme attention to details enables us to tailor a piece to the needs and lifestyle of our clients. Being aware of the uniqueness of each client is key to Beau Satchelle that aims at guiding him through the creation process of a distinguishable item and making his dreams come true.  -Beau Satchelle ‘Select’ Luxury Guest Blogger

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To find inspiration for your own one of a kind item, from our iconic models such as the Audrey, the Michelle, the Lena and the newly introduced Boss model, we invite you to discover a gallery of bespoke leather goods crafted by Beau Satchelle on our instagram page: 

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