Shoe Leather Luxury: Louboutins

“When a woman puts on a heel, she has a different posture, a different attitude. She really stands up and has a consciousness of her body.” Christian Louboutin

Whew readers!  Let’s just marvel at the beauty of leather luxury footwear at its finest. There are a few standouts in the space of women’s shoes but nothing rivals the iconic Louboutin.  The fascination behind these heels is mystifying, especially when you wonder if Louboutin has a tiny mean streak in creating heels with an unnatural height.

With that being said, when a woman walks out the door wearing those red bottoms, there is no stopping her attitude or confidence and how she looks and feels.    She will undoubtedly turn heads, especially women who recognize with a slight peep, appreciate her selection of footwear!

“I would say a good shoe is exactly like a good wine. These shoes are going to stay and last for a long time.”Christian Louboutin

There are certain timeless brands that stir up pure emotion just by one glance.  Take, for instance, the head-turning, quintessential, American built Chevrolet Corvette represents a certain status, coolness, and fascination.  This sports car’s body lines are distinct, sleek, and incredibly seductive.  It has a long reputation of attracting middle-aged enthusiasts who view this car as the ultimate indulgence.  Thankfully, times have evolved as the percentage of women who are passionate Corvettes owners continue to increase. It has certainly maintained its reputation of being a sexy performance car.

“I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, Oh my God! They look so comfortable!” Christian Louboutin

The iconic Louboutin shoe is recognized by their signature lacquered red sole which epitomize exquisite shoe design.  Many words describe “Loubs” :

Ultra platform, Stilettos, Sexist, Uncomfortable, Erotic,  Sexy, sensual, feminine, fantasy, seductive, femininity, temptation, passion, sensuality, charming, exotic,  statement pieces and  obsession

“A lot of men said they were jealous of me because my shoes excite women in a way they can’t.” Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin, a French-Egyptian born fashion designer who began his Paris shoe salon in the early 1990s after working with has a designer at both Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.  Attracting many famous and celebrated public figures as he successfully helped bring stilettos back into fashion at the end of the 20th century.

Louboutin is known for crafted handmade red soles which were created in 1993 after he experimented with an assistant’s red nail polish on his sketches.  

“The core of my work is dedicated not to pleasing women, but to pleasing men. Men are like bulls – they cannot resist the red sole.”  Christian Louboutin

Though his answer to why his shoes are so expensive he blames production costs, yet the professionals understand what goes into designing manufacturing and materials that are used to make these magnificent shoes.  The design materials can range from feathers, rhinestones, or exotic materials, on top of amount of detail that goes into creating the look.  

What is also mind-blowing is how a cottage industry was born from Louboutins as shoe repair businesses developed a specialization in repairing issues, repainting, and replacing the red soles.  Additionally, products especially made for Louboutin footwear range from grip pads to clear bottom protection, high heels stem shields, and, of course, the paint for redying.

Women who own these lovely statement masterpieces argue that the real value is that they last forever if maintained and well cared for throughout years of ownership.

1.     Research thoroughly your local cobbler to ensure experience in working with your Louboutins

2.    There are a several nationally renowned repair shops that offer mail-in service including:

West Coast:  Pasquale Shoe Repair (California)

East Coast:  The Leather Spa (New York)
                     Rago Brothers (New Jersey)

3.            Add the red rubber material Vibram which can be permanently applied.  A professional    cobbler will know what part of the song requires it

4.            Have your cobbler change the heel tips regularly.

5.            Keep the interior footbed clean from dark marks and smudges with a quick wipe down with baby wipes or soft damp cloth until you can have the shoes professionally clean.  In time-continuous cleaning of the footbed risks the fading of Louboutin’s gold embossed print.

6.            Be vigilant in treating and removing scuff marks on your patent leather

7.            Keep in mind leather is easier to maintain than suede.

8.            Shoes considered daily wear, Black, is easier to maintain than nude or other colors.

9.            It will take a few wears to break in these timeless heels, but there’s no turning back or looking at other designers’ shoes!

10.          If you’re just starting the Louboutin journey, consider purchasing a pair of classic pumps first, then a sexy pair of black booties.  Then the sky’s the limit in choices to fulfill your footwear desires.

11.          Pumps will stretch out over a number of years, so also consider buying heels with straps or a platform sandal style

12.          The red liqueur on The soles will wear off as a result of normal use. To minimize this effect, avoid wearing his shoes and wet weather or on abrasive surfaces.  Or just have the Carpe Diem attitude 

13.          Wipe with a soft dry cloth and store spaciously in its dust bag to Corvette exposure to direct sunlight or wet conditions.

“Shoes are just a pedestal. What interests me is the power of a woman who wears them.” Christian Louboutin

Louboutin has built an incredible cult-like following for high-end purchasers by creating such a status symbol with those coveted red bottoms.  Enough to make a wearer swoon with delight!   -AJ

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