Celebrating The Men We Love: 2021 Leather Gifts Edition

Throughout the year, precious moments will occur to pay tribute to your male heroes and role models in your life. Whether the occasion is an anniversary, a holiday, a birthday, or a commemoration that allows you to give a standing ovation to the beautiful men in your life. If those occasions call for a display of love through a well thought out gift…buying the right gift for the man who has everything can be quite distressing!

We should all be so fortunate to have been exposed to men from all walks of life that have fathered, mentored, protected, coached, guided and fulfilled the necessary roles to support us with our dreams.

How to define luxury in relationships with the men in your life? Connection in spirit, surround you in boundless love, provide certain comfort that the men in your life stand besides, behind and at the appropriate times, in front for you.

You honor men in your life who are gentlemen, cultured, well-rounded, and charming. We enjoy all of their multi-facet characteristics: from an introverted nerd to mischievous jokester, or dresses vogue-like or as comfortable in western-gear, or shy to a fault or the life of the party.

Last year, at this time,the gifts we suggested (link) were more in line with the world dealing with the pandemic, our focus was directed to more in-home wares, sanitizing products or social distancing solutions.

This year, we are back in Beau Satchelle’s space of leather goods. If you desire to honor the important man or men in your life around the theme of leather, consider a few special gift ideas that Beau Satchelle found to be unique and unexpected:

Touch screen leather gloves

So maybe this is not the time to think about leather gloves as the thermometer is rising and days are longer. Keep in mind, before you know it the cool weather will arrive and your gift of touch screen gloves will be welcomed.

● British company Dents that crafts luxury handmade leather gloves handbags and small leather goods Dents’ Shaftesbury men’s cashmere lined Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Leather driving gloves

For that particular someone in your life who possesses an exceptional cool persona, Worn Simple lists a number of gorgeous driving gloves including two lovely selections most men will enjoy:

● Shinola men’s deer skin leather driving gloves
● Ferrari men’s driving gloves in Nappa lamb skin

Western boots

The Cuadra manufacturer and exporter of exotic Western leather boots in Mexico. They have branched out into different shoes and apparel and bags however they got their beginnings from their beautiful handcrafted boots. Their western boots are made from exotic skins such as Cayman python stingray ostrich bovine lizard and shark.

Golf shoes

For the golfer in your life, shoes are a key component to the game. Significant resources are invested into the research research and development of golf shoes to improve an athlete’s overall play.

Leather is still the most popular choice for golf shoes. Processed leather is added to the exterior of the shoe creating a stretch- free, tight-fitting, waterproof shoe. Here are a few stand-outs to consider with regards to leather golf shoes:

● Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoes  (shown above) – Italian footwear company known for his shoes appear on high-end accessories in the golfing industry
● Cuater Golf Shoes by Travis Matthews
● Adidas retro spikeless shoes

Leather wrapped Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ear plugs certainly do the job in most circumstances, but sometimes you just want to erase all the noise, publicly announced no interruptions and look doing it with a touch of premium leather:

● Bose noise canceling headphones 700
● Montblanc Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Wilson NFL super grip official football

Is your recipient a sports crazed fan, especially when it comes to the National Football League. What better way to add to his wet bar or smoking room memorabilia than an official Wilson NFL super grip football? And then, of course, getting it autographed by his favorite athlete.

Leather Work At Home Office Chairs

Herman Miller Aeron chair – the only part of this chair which is leather upholstered is the arms, however this chair is recognized as one of the best ergonomic office chairs in the industry.

Ergonomic Trends has a comprehensive list of leather office chairs that have been touted for their ergonomic designs with a mix of leathers and other sustainable materials.

And of course…

Beau Satchelle Bespoke Leather Good

Bespoke is a lifestyle and a philosophy whereby our clients live life by their own standards with personal high expectations.

They possess a strong work and play ethic, are accomplished, cosmopolitan and we’re fine and the man exceptional service showing the world each of those friends that deliver. For sure our clients appreciate our commitment and prisoner of leather as finest when carrying a Beau Satchelle work of art.

Interested in created that statement piece for the male hero in your life for a special occasion.

  • Duffel bags
  • Men’s crossbody bags
  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases and attache cases
  • Handsome binded Golf log book blank or wine journals with parchment paper
  • Camera bags
  • Golf club covers
  • Cigar boxes
  • Writing utensil cases
  • Sunglass cases
  • Laptop and Tablet cases
  • Wine carriers or cases

The sky’s the limit for any client who desires a one of a kind piece that no one else owns.

Start with a complimentary phone online consultation. Complete the form on the contact page or email us directly at info@dev.beausatchelle.com

– AJ

Note: Beau Satchelle does not receive any commission or payment for the suggestions mentioned above. Opinions shared are from personal experience or research done with the vendor and independent reviews.

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– Alex Iby – Dad in son hiking
-Jake Charles – Leather and wood chair
-Timokefoto – western boots -Baptiste DAVID – riding gloves on BMW motorcycle –Brent Storm – Standing tall on Dad


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