Month May 2016

Why Not Pledge To Slow Down And Learn To Enjoy The Simple Things Again?

Life is about simple pleasures – watching the sun rise, enjoying the summer breeze with a favorite glass of wine, conversation with good friends, writing with a good, flowing pen in a beautiful notebook. As life moves faster and faster, and people get busier, we lose some of these moments. Everything is about speed and efficiency. People want the latest toys, the latest technology and there literally is an app for everything. Why not pledge to slow down and learn to enjoy the simple things again? It’s important to stop and remember the enjoyable moments in life. If you’re a wine connoisseur, take the time to really taste it. Savor the flavors, and write down what you notice about it. Although there are many great apps for wine lovers to take notes, there’s something special about documenting your find in a beautiful, luxury leather journal. Beau Satchelle creates gorgeous, bespoke handcrafted luxury journals in lambskin and premium parchment paper. They make for a wonderful writing experience at the time that you are documenting your notes. The feeling of the pen flowing over the beautifully smooth parchment paper, the smell of the ink and the pages, and the feel of the cool leather and paper under your fingertips is truly a treat for all of your senses. And when the journal is complete, you have a wonderful, tangible record of your experiences. It’s a souvenir for the rest of your life – and for generations to come. It’s collectable, it’s sentimental, and it’s a memento that you can hold in your hands. As handy as technology is, you don’t – and we guarantee, won’t – get those same feelings from using an electronic journal, or an app. This is about taking the time to slow down and enjoy those same, tangible […]

Launch Getting Closer…

Beau Satchelle has begun the countdown to launch! It is our hope to bring you on our journey of building our brand to contend in the luxury lifestyle market. It has been a splendid, yet humbling experience preparing for the introduction of Beau Satchelle – crossing our T’s and dotting the I’s, completing the business plan, consistently writing and posting blogs by incorporating luxury lifestyle with our leather products and of course, the production process. As entrepreneurs with our new launch in the luxury leather category, it is just never enough hours in the day! After a number of months of turning our visions into designs, which then were made into templates and then sourcing the right hides, threads and tools, T. Michael has diligently crafted a line in a few areas which will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. What has been particularly interesting in the last several months is our participation into the world of wine. We were thrilled to be asked to design and showcase creations that are used exclusively by wine connoisseurs and lovers of wine in the areas of leather backpacks and messenger wine bottle carriers and leather wine tasting journals, along with bespoke leather accessories for the wine tasting world. And, as per request, we would also like to mention extending into bourbon and whisky tasting journals as well. We are anticipating that this project will cater to a market wanting heirloom quality luxuries for a lifetime of memories in which we are perfecting to serve. T. Michael has always preferred to work his magic in bespoke items for the high end and affluent market that searches for one of a kind items, whether for home, fashion or travel. This pathway will allow us to offer other specialty merchandise for the discerning […]

Celebrating the Fashion of the Kentucky Derby!

This past Saturday, the “Superbowl” of horse racing sporting events took place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby with the participation of twenty jockeys and their horses competing for the top four finish. The undefeated Nyquist (3:1 odds) completed the first leg of his journey to the triple crown (which means winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness held on May 21st and finally the Belmont Stakes which will be held on June 11th) earning the win of a most thrilling race. Nyquist took home a $1.24 million dollar purse for his owner, J. Paul Reddam. As incredibly it is to witness the race, what is just as fascinating is the celebrated cultured events that are held with fashion being the star of the show that attract visitors from all over the country. The Derby is steep in tradition with the drinking of mint julips and Kentucky Bourbon and all things that represent Southern belles and gentlemen. The Derby festivities include a two week public festival, a number of galas with auctions and many pre and post parties with celebrity and affluent attendees. Over 150,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby every year and there are races all day up till the actually Derby that starts around 6:30 pm. So what else is there to do until the main event, but watch the fabulous fashion. And, based on Derby etiquette, the more expensive your tickets, the more formal you should look. Let’s be clear again….. as exciting as the race is, the Derby is not all about the horses…but being seen in the finest attire. The hat is EVERYTHING. Whether it is modest or magnificent, ranging from a trendy London fascinator (a chic, dainty headpiece decorated with feathers and netting and secured with a comb) […]

Mother’s Day Message from Beau Satchelle

To our Moms and all Mothers who have taught us swag, style, beauty, jazziness, grace, laughter, healing, and being powerful. Who introduce us to patience, acceptance, being grateful and humble, showing class and being devoted. Who told us to follow our heart, keep it real, living a life of giving, fall in love, and being open minded. To love ourselves, to being committed, having self-respect and doing the right thing, and experiencing unconditional love. To say nothing if you don’t have anything nice to say. Always represent Mom well in public through manners and appearance. Never stop learning no matter how many years you’ve lived. Take care of Mother Earth. And to pass all of this knowledge on to future generations. T. Michael is not only a master in building stunning bespoke leather products, but he has the talent to create word symphonies into beautiful poems. We decided that there was no better way than to honor Mother’s Day by sharing this poem he wrote years ago for his Mother. Enjoy! Blessings from Above Going from one child to another I love what you made us become, Mother Your beauty and grace makes you a queen And your children are proof of your winning team I do not see you often but I miss you much You have an everlasting effect that keeps me in touch I thank you for your support and trust If it were not for you, I would be in the dust I remember those times when you gave us an inch and we took a mile This was knowledge gained as our lessons started to pile Teaching us each day was your mission And wanting the best for us, you were wishing I will never forget those hot meals right before sunrise Hearing you call […]