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Why Not Pledge To Slow Down And Learn To Enjoy The Simple Things Again?

Life is about simple pleasures – watching the sun rise, enjoying the summer breeze with a favorite glass of wine, conversation with good friends, writing with a good, flowing pen in a beautiful notebook.

As life moves faster and faster, and people get busier, we lose some of these moments. Everything is about speed and efficiency. People want the latest toys, the latest technology and there literally is an app for everything.

Why not pledge to slow down and learn to enjoy the simple things again?

It’s important to stop and remember the enjoyable moments in life. If you’re a wine connoisseur, take the time to really taste it. Savor the flavors, and write down what you notice about it. Although there are many great apps for wine lovers to take notes, there’s something special about documenting your find in a beautiful, luxury leather journal.

Beau Satchelle creates gorgeous, bespoke handcrafted luxury journals in lambskin and premium parchment paper. They make for a wonderful writing experience at the time that you are documenting your notes. The feeling of the pen flowing over the beautifully smooth parchment paper, the smell of the ink and the pages, and the feel of the cool leather and paper under your fingertips is truly a treat for all of your senses. And when the journal is complete, you have a wonderful, tangible record of your experiences. It’s a souvenir for the rest of your life – and for generations to come. It’s collectable, it’s sentimental, and it’s a memento that you can hold in your hands. As handy as technology is, you don’t – and we guarantee, won’t – get those same feelings from using an electronic journal, or an app. This is about taking the time to slow down and enjoy those same, tangible pleasures that are predecessors did for years.

Handwriting is truly a tradition and an art that has become lost. Children in school aren’t learning cursive anymore, and adults are losing their writing skills. Penmanship has gone out the window. Paper and ink is fast becoming seen as archaic, which is a loss for our culture, and our lives. We want to bring that beautiful art and that pleasure back.

We believe our journals will convince you to give handwriting a try again, and to bring the tradition back into your own life. The journals are so beautiful, so weighty in hand, and the leather such a pleasure to touch. Our locks on the journals are some of the most beautiful fixtures you will ever see, and the spaces to write in will certainly keep you organized. Your wine tasting hobby will take on a new life, and you will approach tasting in a different manner with this journal. You’ll become more aware and sensitive to the nuance of each wine, more descriptive, and more open to experiences.

Life is short. Document your experiences, and when you do, choose a beautiful book to write in. It will help you enjoy the little moments. -The Beau Satchelle Family

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