Why Is The Luxury Consumer So Fascinated With Luxury Goods?

When a brand sells luxury products or goods, it is not just about selling an item, it is about selling an idea or promoting a luxury lifestyle. Tapping into the way someone desires to live or recognizing how they choose to live, is called lifestyle selling, and, it is a meaningful strategy when marketing items that are considered luxury.
In a world where we are free to dream most any creation imaginable, there are luxury designer architects anxiously awaiting our call to make any fantasy and the wildest dream come true. The more unique, intricate and customized, the more excited the luxury consumer becomes. “Why?”
As the wealth of consumers continues to increase, luxury goods companies are continuously searching for ingenious creations to provide to their expanding clientele which is younger and more successful than ever before. Many luxury consumers have created enormous wealth for themselves and continuously seek out ways to self-indulge by purchasing one of a kind products and partaking in services where others only dream.

Luxury consumers who create their wealth, take extra special care and exercise creativity in how it is spent. Luxury consumers enjoy, appreciate and desire all aspects of their lifestyles and activities as much as possible. From the clothes they wear to watches and accessories, what they drive to private exclusive club memberships, it all must represent their individual brand image. It is part of their strategy to continuously market themselves to the very people they try and engage in business whether on the golf course, in the boardroom or at a black tie affair.
Luxury consumers buy products and consume services for their premium quality, personal history with the brand and self-pleasure. Many luxury brands position their products to be highly differentiated in the market amongst competitors by the use of celebrity spokespeople, distinctive packaging and multi-media ad campaigns. Consumers also associate this premium quality with superior materials and colors that ensure product longevity and durability. Quality should ensure longevity when the product is passed on from one generation to another. It should never lose its appeal and should become better with time. Therefore, a higher price is more justifiable because of the outstanding quality and aesthetics that mass-produced goods can not guarantee.

Luxury consumers prefer to buy products from luxury brands that are considered experts in their field, such as bags from Hermes, accessories from Gucci, leather goods from Armani, or jewelry from Cartier. Most brand names represent guaranteed quality and security that the product will last for a long time. Many consumers buy luxury products mainly for the bespoke qualities and it makes them feel empowered filling their lives with enjoyment. Luxury goods are also consumed for social recognition and status or for pleasure seeking purposes. Luxury brands enhance emotional values while providing personal, intangible benefits.

Luxury consumers enjoy the experience of buying products. Therefore, selling luxury and high-end products requires a special type of experience that consumers are expecting to engage in. Luxury brands attempt to create an experience unlike other brands during the purchasing process by inviting customers to interact and indulge with the brands they love. Customers enjoy the option of being involved in everything from assisting in the creation process of the packaging for the products to interacting with the designers and creators to build their own one of a kind luxury good.
This generates a situation in which luxury consumers are not price sensitive to the cost of fulfilling their needs, but emotionally connected. They are ready and able to spend thousands of dollars to allow the experience of continuous enjoyment with their favorite products or services.
Patience and understanding the process are two important factors the consumer should consider before making a bespoke purchase. Luxury customers are willing to pay whatever is needed to secure what they want when they desire it because they enjoy higher levels of disposable incomes. However, with handcrafted luxuries such as a Roll Royce, it could take months or a Hermes handbag which could take weeks. Time is a factor as it will require the artisan to design and build with the hands a product that speaks luxury.

This is why Beau Satchelle provides bespoke services to those who crave individuality and one of a kind luxury leather goods. We want our customers’ engagement to be fulfilling and an experience he or she looks to revisit often. From premium and exotic hides and skins, to high-end hardware, we can build an heirloom to be admired and coveted. Luxury designer and leather artisan T. Michael loves it when a client sees his or her idea come to fruition knowing there is no duplicate. For him, the results are humbling when the client admires his craftsmanship along with the gratification of being involved in the creation process.

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