The True Costs of Purchasing Bespoke

Weekly and often daily, without fail, we have a discussion with a potential client who is sometime novice to the world of bespoke on the subject of price. Instead of the snarky response of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”, in which we’ve heard some artisans say, we decided to dedicate this blog to a discussion on the value of purchasing bespoke.

There are articles where writers question whether the growing popular word “bespoke” is an overused term. Basically the word means “specially made for a particular person”; it’s “customized” as many Americans relate to. In early centuries, throughout Europe, bespoke tailoring dedicated development to the craft of tailoring fabrics, especially men’s suits.

Bespoke exudes refinement, class, and luxury. For some, it brings a particular affluent lifestyle and status and for others to participate in an interactive journey with a personalized result.

Bespoke has a place in every high end industry including wedding dressings, perfume, shoes, interior design, cars, furniture, jewelry, watches, liquor, even software to name a few!

So as you make the leap into the world of bespoke, let’s look at 3 factors that influence the cost of these beautiful investments.

Labor – the Master’s talent, his or her craftsmanship and dedication to detail; it is an undertaking of the crafter’s love for creating excellence in his or her particular field. Even in the world of bespoke perfume, which takes personalization to a whole new level, developing a specific fragrance can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, a client pays for the time invested into his or her custom piece. A bespoke suit can take up to 8 weeks and several fittings before it is delivered. A leather bag or set of luggage can take months depending on the clients request which leads to the intricacies of the design.

Even the methods of creating the design can add to the labor costs. A bespoke watch created by a masters watchmaker is a collaboration of months with the client in designing the mechanics with custom tools as well as the personalized straps to fulfill the most demanding tastes. If you take Beau Satchelle’s arena of leather, even the exclusive designers of machine sewn products that belongs in the category of bespoke, going a step further, an elite leather craftsman of a hand sewn item can even surpass his machine sewn counterparts in precision and durability.

Materials – if you’re commissioning a bespoke item, the materials selected will reflect exceptionalism. Whether the sourcing for materials is local or overseas, or perhaps in some even in some industries obtaining materials from sustainable sources is crucial in value of the purchased piece; this will never be an exercise in buying something for the lowest possible price. With Beau Satchelle, as with our counterparts, material selection boils down to the selection of premium skins, quality linen and other high-end thread with superior tensile strength, and distinctive hardware.

Service – Bespoke artisans and designers stand behind their work. Many will require a non refundable design fee or a material costs fee, but the service you experience will be above and beyond. Guaranteed workmanship is a pledge that is taken seriously; the product’s worth comes in its heirloom characteristics and the ability to stand the test of time. A true Master of Bespoke puts as much time into servicing to build not only first time purchasers, but repeat fans.

Beau Satchelle provides products to our clients in two ways. We are continuing to build a line of products, still bespoke in nature, (handbags, briefcases and other fashion accessories) that are designed structurally the same, but will not necessarily have the exact elements (i.e., the type of leather, the dye, the hardware and handles may differ).

However, our second service is exclusively bespoke and will be designed to the specifications of the customer. We have been commissioned to design and build briefcases, attaches, handbags, journals, wine carriers, a chef roll, leather costumes for a fashion show, leather jewelry, pet collars, phone cases, and also reupholster furniture. For us the sky is the limit as we encounter more niche luxury product request for clients who desire a one of a kind pieces that no one else owns. We love the challenge and high expectations of our clients! -AJ

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