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The Crown Jewel of Women’s Accessories: The Handbag

The iconic handbag is described as sexy, fun, regal, classic, and empowering.  It is the perfect accessory and the cherry on top of a well-dressed woman as a constant companion to carry her personal treasures.   It is versatile, can be a workhorse, and a practical staple in completing a wardrobe. 

The origin of handbags started over two hundred years ago when women carried their belongings in a purse hidden into the folds of clothes.  When women ventured outside of the home for work or recreation, a purse was socially accepted as a functional method of carrying possessions.  With the advent of rail and sea travel for the wealthy, the popularity of luggage as a status symbol, ranging from suitcases, dressing cases, hat, and shoeboxes – and eventually this led to the birth of the modern handbag.

Women love their handbags and for many have become avid collectors.  Seven reasons why women adore handbags:

The quality

A well-crafted handbag will be designed and crafted with detailed attention paid to the components of the lines, materials, colors, and textures for a seamless balance between functionality and beauty.  Designs will incorporate distinctive embellishments and textures (i.e., precious gems, exotics skins) to standout from the competitors to ensure a future owner has a one of a kind piece.

A luxurious Accessory Intended To Attract Attention

High end and authentic designer handbag look good with any outfit for any situation, casual, athleisure, business, or after five, representing your uniqueness and personality.  A bag that you love carrying, no matter the situation, speaks to your individuality, your lifestyle, your savvy tastes, and sophistication.  A distinctive piece can accentuate and enhance even a minimalistic ensemble. 

An Investment or Statement Piece

Whereas many men invest in performance or vintage cars, handbags are the equivalent investment “toys” for women with discretionary income.  Particular handbags have the ability to successfully convey beautiful fashion statements, the epitome of status, earning power, and class.  Investing in particular high-end handbag brands (Hermés is the queen of investment pieces) is considered an asset as it appreciates in value if maintained pristinely.   


Utilitarian, but not overloaded and well organized with protective pouches or cases for items; be it make-up or a small toiletries bag, a change purse (for those who still dally in cash), keys, cases for sunglasses or reading glasses, an elegant writing utensil, a notepad for quick reminders or thoughts, a cell phone pocket, a wallet, and of course, hand sanitizer – essentials for daily activities or special occasions

Ultimate Indulgent Buy

Shoes may be a close second, but nothing says, “I deserve to spoil myself” better than a designer or a high end handbag that is an absolute joy to carry.   Many women become passionate aficionados for this accessory which basically was created to securely carry a woman’s essentials.   Yet, carrying an exceptional handbag is a pleasurable experience, enhancing a woman’s elegance and glamour.

Family Heirloom

The workmanship is heirloom quality and these masterpieces will stand the test of time.  With care, classic and distinctive handbags will be passed down through generations to be enjoyed repeatedly.

A Woman’s Constant Companion

If cared for, it will continue to shine for you forever.  Each handbag deserves protective details such as equipping with feet hardware to prevent the material from touching surfaces, not overloading the bag, dusting and scheduled cleaning/moisturizing with a professional, storing correctly in its dustbag, being conscious of carrying with clean, non-oily hands, immediate drying for a bag that has been rained on (or pull out a lovely handbag raincoat) and protecting from other liquids, dirt, and dust.

However, there are certain handbags designed and sewn with leathers to withstand everyday use, especially totes and crossbody bags that will patina and create a worn look over time from your body oils and constant handling.

As we are entering the holiday season, Beau Satchelle has the ability to satisfy any style of products ranging from briefcases, handbags, and other luxury accessories.   Consider a gift to your loved one to experience bespoke at its’ finest by contacting us at or visit our Contact Us page and begin the journey in creating a hand-stitched leather product.

Please Note:  For Christmas orders, a personal bespoke leather travel bag or accessory, will require four weeks from design to delivery.  The last day to order is Wednesday, November 15, 2020, to ensure timely delivery.   – AJ

October 10th is National Handbag Day!  Share your thoughts on your love for handbags in the comment section below or on Twitter. 

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