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Spring Has Sprung

After a long winter (in some locations, longer and colder than others), we’re all looking forward to the magic of spring. Especially here in Michigan, where Beau Satchelle’s headquarters is located, we’ve faced a characteristically cold winter compared to some of our neighbors down south. We really look forward to getting some warmer temperatures soon as the first day of spring comes near. There’s something about the spring. It’s exciting to watch the snow melt, the first green shoots poke through the brown dirt, and of course, the beautiful colorful flowers we plant in the fall sprout through the brown earth. We put away our shovels and snow blowers and our winter wear, and decide to throw open the shutters to let the sun shine in. We think about organizing the clutter to make room for the new things that spring brings, and of course, our attention turns to our closet and our wardrobe. Spring means that it’s time to evaluate our wardrobes. Anything heavy and dark gets put away for a few seasons’ rest with our gratitude, and we cycle our lighter fabrics, pretty prints, and brighter colors. Of course, we evaluate what we need and go shopping, which is the fun part. How to pack away your winter leather Use a soft cloth to wipe down your quality leather goods before filling the bag with absorbent paper to help the bag keep its shape. Store the bag in a cloth, or breathable bag before putting it in a place that it can breathe. Do not store your quality leather in plastic containers or plastic bags. Want to keep it simple? We do, too! You will note that some things are great year round. This is especially if you have fewer accessories, or are a minimalist and want to […]