Superyachts On Tour

Superyachts On Tour

The beginning of the year kicks off the elite yachting season with a multitude of consumer shows hosted around the globe to introduce the latest and greatest in technological advancements, hands on instruction and displays.   These shows are the industry’s time to show off to purchasers and those who aspire the opportunity to “kick the tires” and experience optimal indulgence.  Owning a decadent floating vessel is the status symbol among the super wealthy – certainly not a necessary buy, yet an essential want.    Unlike other types of investments that may serve more useful purposes, a private plane or a sports car getting an owner from A to B; or an investment that appreciates with time (an art piece or real estate), a yacht’s value is purely hedonistic and drums up a bit of competition to buyers of these lovely floating palaces.

Superyachts owners are the ultra wealthy, multimillionaires and billionaire who purchase to separate themselves as the elite of the elite.   Buyers fall into two categories, most purchase pre-owned and upgrade with their own personalized tastes with regards to furnishings and interior design.   The second category will commission a custom yacht designed by naval architects and could take years to build by a shipyard.

The smaller yacht (up to 164 feet long) that earns super yacht status will provide cabins for 10-12 guests and its crew and will have all the creature comforts including a swimming pool and equipped with satellite communications.  A yacht over 164 feet will be designed to store more luxury accessories or toys  (i.e., a speed or sailing boat, watercrafts, etc.) to enhance the owner’s experience.  The mega yachts  (213 feet in length) will most often possess a helipad, VIP suites, and amenities that would compete with a luxury apartment complex (indoor Jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms, a beauty salon, a medical center, a disco, a theater, private sitting rooms, and a library.    

Understand that the lifestyle of a yacht owner is to not just to sail out to deep waters and commune; moreso to explore the world in luxury and dock in the prestigious docks of regions such as Monaco or Cote deAzur, to show off their latest purchase to their peers.   Docks are used as showcases for showing off the biggest and best. -AJ

The Top International Yacht shows include:

Yachts Miami Beach –

Palm Beach International Boat Show –

Dhabi International Boat Show –

Cannes Yachting Festival –

Singapore Yacht Show –

Sydney International Boat Show –

Salone Nautica in Genoa, Italy –

Monaco Yacht Show –

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show –

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