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Product Reveal: The Audrey Bespoke Handbag

You’ve decided to schedule your handbag consultation with a Master Leather Artisan trained in luxury design and saddle-stitching leather to create fine accessories for yourself or home.  A portion of the time spent will be answering questions to determine your needs and desires; including describing your perfect leather handbag.  What does it look like … a crossbody, a top handle, a tote, a messenger or an exotic clutch?  What does it feel like … satiny soft or textured? How do want your arm candy to make you feel …on top of your game, alluring, or exceptionally stylish?  What’s the occasion(s) for use …running errands gorgeously, fashionable office wear or elegant after five?  Are you ready to handle comfortably the many stares you’ll draw when carrying your Beau Satchelle Bespoke Handbag?  

The feedback we have received from owners of our gorgeous pieces, invited from the “been there, done that, designer bag world” and instead decided to purchase a one of a kind, highly crafted, timeless statement piece built by an emerging leather artisan. 

Without fail, while enjoying their handbag in public, admirers often stop our clients to say, “I love your bag!  Where did you….?” Certainly, you can fill in the rest of the sentence!

To our beloved clients and raving fans, we are pleased to reveal the first piece of another stunning collection for 2020 conceived from the artistic mind and talented Master Artisan, T. Michael.  The handbag joins his continuing quest to offer a variety of unique pieces to style icons desiring exclusivity.  All of his designs combine traditional lines with a bit of a wow factor for women seeking perfection when it comes to their collection of designer handbags.  Just like a pair of high fashion eye-catching shoes, an adorned watch or bespoke jewelry, the handbag is a finishing touch to a well-dressed woman ensemble.    

As with every piece we create, we name our handbags after “larger than life” women by paying homage to their societal contributions in all professions while representing grace, glamour, were/are transformative, stylish, and inspirational. A few selected names will be easily recognizable; others bags will have a name shared by several women but were “s-heroes” in their biographies.   

With that being said, we are pleased to introduce The Audrey Bespoke Handbag, petite yet luxurious, defined by two signature elements: an ultra-premium Saffiano Leather and the considerable oval buckle intentionally chosen for a center-like piece  to compliment and elevate the simplicity of the bag.

The Audrey is a cousin to the mini Regina Bespoke Handbag, similar in stature, designed for the woman who either is looking for a smaller bag to complete her office attire, an After-Five affair, or an upscale weekend event.  We took The Audrey Bag for a public test drive last week and the comments were incredibly flattering.  We are anticipating several orders as we continue to showcase the classy Audrey Bag throughout the month. 

The Audrey is quite simplistic in design, completed with outstanding workmanship. It consists of a vibrant black coal color, textured Saffiano goatskin leather imported from France, extremely light in weight and you will appreciate the preciseness of each stitch when you receive amazing reactions from admirers who discover that your bag was created with no machines….just basic tools – two needles, waxed thread and the hands of a self-taught artist.  


Sourced from the Alran Tannery in France, the exterior, interior, interior pocket, and top handle are made of scratch-resistant French Chevre Saffiano goatskin leather in Black, with a smooth cross pattern texture, tanned in a combination of vegetable and chrome resulting in firmer leather. This particular luxury handbag was modified from its original vision by adding Italian Lambskin side panels for a creative mix of European leathers.  

To interrupt the continuous flow black, rose gold hardware was selected for the clasp, d-rings, feet, and removable shoulder chain. Complimentary black Lin Cable thread (its French name is Noir Au Chinois) was used for the intricate stitching. 


As with all of our premium leather accessories, we expect The Audrey Handbag to become a legacy piece, gifted to a young woman in your family.  The leather is premium quality; and with the proper care and maintain its attractiveness will endure decades of wardrobes.    

It is advised to be conscious about taking the right steps to protect your leather accessories and maintain its beauty for years to come.

Just like your skin, leather needs to breathe and stay hydrated through proper moisturizing and conditioning products.  After use, dust off with a soft clean cloth both exterior and interior and store in its accompanied dust-bag.   

Preserve your handbag’s shape by carrying only essentials to prevent stretching of the bag or straining of the handle. Unlike natural vegetable tanned or bridle leather which over time develops a patina from the owner’s body oils and normal daily usage; Saffiano leather will maintain its coloring from the unique tanning process. 

As with all of our handbags (except for clutches), feet are purposely attached to protect the bottom of the bag from unclean surfaces (heaven forbid, please not the floor, which was considered bad luck by my elders). And for deep cleaning and conditioning, we suggest hiring a cobbler or leather cleaning professional.

For more leather cleaning tips, here is a link to our previous blog,   A Client’s Concern: Caring for Your Bespoke Leather Product



The handbag featured in this blog is a prototype created to give clients the ability to imagine how this treasure can be incorporated within a discriminating wardrobe.  

The Saffiano leather has seven accessible colors to be used for both the exterior and interior; or our design team will be happy to show selections of softer, luxurious leathers with additional colors to be complimented.  If your fashion style is bolder, perhaps consider a contrasting pop of color with regards to the interior cell phone pocket.   

Additionally, another fabulous design element is the choice of thread color; either understated with the same color incorporated or elevated with a contrasting color.  Also available are three (3) additional hardware color choices for the (clasp, chain, d-rings and feet) which are silver, gold or gunmetal.  

The retail price of The Audrey Handbag is $799.00 with free shipping within the continental U.S.

It takes 4-6 weeks from design to delivery.  When you are ready to order, drop us an email or complete the form on our contact page and you will hear from our design team within 24 hours.   – AJ

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