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Open Road Luxury

You gonna fly away, glad you’re goin’ my way I love it when we cruisin’ together
The music is played for love, cruising is made for love
I love it when we’re cruisin’ together

         “Cruisin’ ”   Smokey Robinson

If you’re just beginning to peek your head out your front door or began your traveling as soon as borders opened…now more than ever it’s time to satisfy your wanderlust callings!  

So choose your destinations, pack up the family, and hit the road!

What better way to see the world and create cherished memories with your loved ones, then a short or long term countryside adventure.

Thank goodness my parents were absolutely insistent on my brother and me seeing all of America –  from the highways, two-lane roads, big cities and small towns from coast to coast.  

Every summer, a road trip was made in the family’s 1970 bright orange Dodge Charger, roomy enough to accommodate a family of four and a ton of luggage.  I even distinctly remember my Mother’s baby blue leather covered classic hat box used to carry her headgear finery and other accessories.

Now that the pandemic is in the rearview mirror, globetrotting is beginning to build although changing habits of travelers have caused the industry to make adjustments.  For travelers, the risk of being confined in a small space on an airplane is still rather high.  

Perhaps you aren’t yet quite comfortable enjoying destinations where mass tourists are beginning to flock.  That being said, the call for summer travel is loud and clear as we all are ready to explore and experience the world.

Selecting a Luxury Ride

Unless you already own a luxury vehicle with all the latest amenities, this can be the time to consider buying new or renting.  Pulling off to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere due to mechanical problems would not make for good memories.

This could be the perfect time to test drive a luxurious ride that is not necessarily part of your own personal car collection.  Depending on your wants and needs:

  • provide all of the creature comforts for long drives and plush interiors making it comfortable for the driver in the sedan similar to a Bentley Mulsanne or Mercedes S Class
  • spacious front and back for a group or family with opulent SUV luxury bells and whistles such as a Lincoln Navigator or a Land Rover Range Rover or a Mercedes Benz G-Class
  • Satisfying the need for speed in reserving a high performance car for a weekend road trip may include an American Chevrolet Corvette Z06, a Porsche 911, Lexus LC, or a gorgeous 2016 Ferrari FF

The Best in On The Road Luxury Accommodations

Hotels and concierge companies have certainly not skipped a beat in enticing high-end guests.  Curated stateside journeys (North America, Europe, and other countries) can be enjoyed in your personal automobile or one included in your program.  

The travel industry has stepped up its game in providing couples or families new adventures while navigating through a post pandemic world.  

Travel companies have created bespoke itineraries that allow travelers to focus on nothing but enjoying the drive. These personalized getaways consist of customized maps, detailed itineraries, driving schedules appropriate to avoid traffic, private guides for outdoor excursions, and of course, being exclusively pampered at each destination stop along the route.

  • The partnership of Marriott international and luxury concierge company Quintessentially have rolled out a collection “one of a kind adventures” which include access to vintage cars as part of the road trip experience.
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts also offers a bespoke road trip excursion through southern France and Italy including driving the countryside in a classic European automobile and being supplied with a picnic made by four seasons chefs for each leg of your trip.
  • Kempinski hotels have joined forces with sister hotels to offer guests your five-star road trip with destinations ranging from Budapest to Munich to Nairobi can be enjoyed by guests’ own cars or motorbikes or rentals.


  • Auberge Resorts Collection and Black Tomato, an international bespoke travel company have designed road trip itineraries covering all parts of the US including: 

·         California coast Big Sur to Napa valley

·         East Coast adventure driving from Connecticut to Virginia

·         10-day Southwest journey the states of Utah Colorado, and New Mexico

·         New England Artisan tour

  • Lexus has designed its own luxury American road trip, a “Retreats in Motion” program promoting well-being on the go.  Road trip getaways are currently in California and Massachusetts and consist of wellness retreats, the use of a 2021 Lexus IS Sports Sedan, and suggested stops and wellness activities to enjoy throughout the drive


  • Finally, Airbnb properties are now considered some of the safest and healthiest accommodations and can offer some of the most impressive unique high-end lodgings for guests.  If being immersed in nature is preferable with a pampering edge, then glamping might just be an option as lodging can take many forms including log cabins, treehouses, lighthouses, cottages, etc.

Packing Beautifully

Unlike the burdensome baggage guidelines that have to be followed at airports, road trips give you flexibility as to the type of luggage or travel bags you plan to carry.  If the new age suitcases designed to be durable and tough looking for the general public, doesn’t match your sophistication, premium leather travel bags will always be the best choice.

Automotive history buffs and fans of vintage cars adore the leather and wood trunks or box cases that were actually built as a part of the car.  There was something just so stylish and glamorous of a leather trunk attached to the back of an automobile.  

For a person of elegance and style, Beau Satchelle has the capabilities of building luggage designed to match a particular car ranging from an overnight duffel bag to large cases to accommodate long distance travel.

Beau Satchelle has created a number of one- of-a-kind carrying cases and bags built as legacy accessories, durable and eye-catching attractive when pulled out of the trunk of your vehicle.

Interested in a perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for you, reach out to us on our contact page or email us at for a complimentary consultation in building your next travel bag.

Be safe on the open road!   -AJ

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Oliur – Leather Duffel with Tech Creature Comforts

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Jorgen Hendriksen – Jaguar ready for bags

Jorgen Hendriksen – Sand Driving

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