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Product Reveal: Beau Diamond Epi Bespoke Handbag

I had a conversation with a gentleman associate who teased me on the high number of black shoes I own.  His obvious cluelessness created a teaching moment to explain that for savvy dressed women in developing a quality shoe collection, clearly not every pair of black shoes is equal.   A polished woman will own a display of black shoes distinguished by different shades of black, distinct textures and diverse styles. 

For instance, black slingback heels, considered more of a warm weather style to be most commonly paired with a darker business suit or an evening affair (although I possess a pair of suede black slingbacks which are more appropriate for colder season outfits).  Depending on the depth of your closet, the style of shoes may range from Mary Janes, leather sneakers, platforms, loafers, boots, etc. – all in the color black.  And, certainly, a black pair of signature Louboutin pumps would be the icing on the cake for the footwear connoisseur!

Of course, the same holds true for a woman’s handbag collection.  Whether traditional or whimsical, no matter the style (i.e., clutch, messenger, top handle, cross body, etc), the quality and design allows a couture bag the ability to stand alone as a statement piece.  Depending on the occasion, a woman will select a handbag based on coordinating like accessories to complement a particular outfit or that one instance when the bag was the prize and the outfits were just secondary.  For women of distinctive taste, acquiring over time a number of gorgeous handbags to enhance a wardrobe is essential.

When we asked our lovely North American Brand Ambassador, Grace Liang, what type of handbag she desired to add to her own fashion collection, her request was a summer bag with colors either in white or lavender to coordinate with her summer wear.  After some research from our leather sources, our design team was able to satisfy her request by designing and creating a white summer bag, combined with a pretty lavender interior leather.

As promised, we were proud to present to her and the luxury world, the latest Beau Satchelle design, named The ‘Beau Diamond Epi’ Bespoke Handbag.  It features a French Montebelle “Epi” Calfskin exterior, which is water and scratch resistant.  Epi leather is uniquely textured and gives richness to handbags different from smoother cow leathers.

The interior is a French Chevré Goatskin in Lavender with two interior pockets for a cell phone and securing small, loose items.  Nickel Plated hardware was selected for the clasp, handle and feet and gives a nice pop to the white exterior.   An accent of lavender was set in the center of the turn clasp as a design element to hint at the inside color of the bag.  A rolled top handle and custom shoulder strap along with full name personalization completed this elegant and sophisticated piece.  The stitches were done with white thread to complement the white exterior leather and present a beautiful contrast to the lavender interior.  One final finishing piece for those who recognized fine leather handcrafting is the edge coating which was painted in white with a steady hand and then slicked with a tool called a slicker until the leather melts into one continuous seam.  This is the magic of a true artisan who pays attention to the smallest details with the understanding that it adds to the perfection of the handbag.  Women who know and purchase quality bags will appreciate these slight details.

T. Michael was particularly excited with the end result of the ‘Beau Diamond Epi’ Bespoke Handbag.  Since we only build custom designs, this gives women who want this particular bag, a chance to create their own one of a kind piece with several variations with the Diamond clasp.  Although Epi leather was used for this particular handbag and comes in 8 colors, the interior calfskin is available in 39 colors.  The top handle design is rolled and hand-sewn as the interior color has a peek a boo effect shown recessed in the clasp.  The thread can be matched with the exterior color or contrasted for a super dramatic effect.  Personalization in the form of initials will be embossed in the interior of the handbag,

Note From Our Design Team:  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks to handcraft your new bespoke luxury good in our Metro Detroit production studio and delivery to you.  Your free consultation and the time it takes to design and sample your piece will vary and are not calculated in the time required to actually build your unique product.

It is a beautiful work of art and we are anticipating that Grace and future clients will cherish this new design as it does its job in perfecting an effortless and sophisticated look.   -AJ

We want to hear what you think about the ‘Beau Diamond Epi’.  Share your comments below or on Twitter.


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