Luxury Timepieces for gifting to the Women in Your Life

Luxury Timepieces for gifting to the Women in Your Life

Admit it, ladies, is there no other pleasure than wearing a well-made,ultra-luxury watch to complete your signature look?  What type of watch craftsmanship gives you goosebumps?  Hermes,  Audemars Piguet or perhaps  Chanel?    Which elite brands consistently rise to the top of horologists and connoisseurs lists as the best in the world.   When picking a timepiece for the women in your life – whether wife, mother, sister, daughter, which speaks… “ I have arrived, I am impeccable, I am unforgettable”!  
If you’re in the market and need a few suggestions, here are three to consider:


The design of these timeless pieces is quite magical and Cartier takes the crown in being one of the most  recognizable brands in the watch industry.  Personally, I am more of a fan of Cartier than other brands because of their sleek, feminine lines that are simple, classic, and understated.    Being in the leather business I personally love the leather and alligator straps which bring out the richness of two different types of materials.   The precious metal against the leather reminds me of just how well they pair together when building our handbags.

Cartier has a number of collections  including the Panthère De Cartier Selection, the Santos de Cartier Selection, the Ronde De Cartier Selection,  the Maillon De Cartier Selection, Baignoire Selection, and the Clé De Cartier Selection.

Within Cartier’s collections, there are two watches in particular that are quite elegant:

The Tank Solo comes from Cartier’s most iconic and popular Tank Collection.   The face is described as a square rectangular shape and is versatile enough to be worn for any occasion whether casual or formal. Available in a range of prices, the Tank is considered the best watch for an entry-level start to a Cartier collection.  The tank is designed with the classic Cartier signature of using Roman numerals and has numerous options in strap selections depending on a women’s taste.   Prices start at $2650.

The Ballon Bleu De Cartier is a beautifully  designed 28 mm quartz movement timepiece which offers a signature element  described as a  “floating balloon” cabochon-shaped spinel  nestled in its side, embedded in steel and depending on your taste, selecting what gems or precious metals are set into the watch.  The one pictured above is set with 42 diamonds totaling 0.52 carats.  Prices range from $4,500, for the simpler designs, up to $146,000 which are entirely encrusted in diamonds.


May we all agree that iconic Rolex is the gold standard for a man or woman of discernment?  Based in Geneva, Switzerland,  Rolex is the epitome of quality and its watches are purchased for the high investment value.   This company boasts over 400 watchmaker patents over its’ 115 years history.  It has weaved its pedigree throughout cultures and societies in such a manner that the elite in every industry from entertainers to royalty to CEOs recognize ownership of a Rolex represents power and success.

The iconic men’s Rolex is so significant that women will choose to wear larger watches – perhaps,  the Rolex’s oversized look  ensures attention while wearing more casual attire (why else?).    Whatever the reason, women certainly have options among Rolex’s lovely women’s collection to be worn for more formal situations (professional, after five, or formal attire).

One watch, in particular, that exudes feminity and sophistication is the Lady Datejust  (shown above), a 28 millimeter Oyster case, fitted with a fluted bezel, and the movement is perpetual, mechanical and self-winding.   Variations of this watch are set with diamonds and precious stones.

Patek Phillip

The last family of timepieces to mention  within this post comes from the incomparable Patek Phillip which defines ultimate luxury and perfect craftsmanship.  The 181-year-old Swedish company possesses the elite crown over all high-end brands, including Rolex for a couple of reasons.  Only 50,000 watches are produced by hand a year and the painstakingly detailed process of a building a watch can take up to nine months.  Owners of these watches are true aficionados and collectors of these rare and coveted timepieces.

Patek have a number of women collections and the watch pictured is part of the Calatrava Collection.  It is number 4897-010 in rose Gold with a sapphire-crystal case back with 72 diamonds embedded in the bezel.  The watch straps are a pearly white brushed satin which is quite lovely.   It is manually wound, mechanical movement and the face is 33 millimeters.  The Calatrava models cost on average about $20,000 depending on the seller. 

When sizing a watch for a loved one, keep in mind that most women will wear a watch snugly  (meaning being able to place a finger between the watch and the wrist) or she will prefer to wear the watch loosely like a bracelet.  A larger watch face for a woman will be 36 millimeters and a smaller face watch will be either 28 or 32 millimeters.   –AJ

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