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Luxury Timepieces For Gifting To The Women In Your Life, part 2

Welcome back to part two and the continuation of luxury timepieces for women.  The goal is to continue to share insight and tips especially to those of you rather new to the game of investment luxury watches.

As a reminder, we began this series discussing watch brands considered to be exceptional among enthusiasts, collectors, and investors. Our journey began with the first blog that discussed the prestigious and incomparable Rolex.  We next explored high-end watches that have dominated in the ladies category including Cartier’s divine elegance, Rolex’s untouchable and timeless nature, and the rare and coveted Patek Philippe’s timepieces.

Our love of leather draws our attention to watches with the wristbands hand-sewn with either cow or other exotic leathers yet we recognize that many women are attracted to watches with bracelets made out of gold, platinum, or other fine metals.

Several factors to keep in mind when considering an investment piece:

1.      The actual watch-making

2.      The watch’s status symbol

3.      Its functionality and movement preciseness

4.      The Resale value

5.      The Brand Reputation

6.       Sizing – When sizing a watch for a loved one, keep in mind that most women will wear a watch snugly (meaning being able to place a finger between the watch and the wrist) or she will prefer to wear the watch loosely like a bracelet.  A larger watch face for a woman will be 36 millimeters and a smaller face watch will be either 28 or 32 millimeters. 

Now let’s introduce two other prestigious brands to consider as a gift for a female loved one:

Maximilian Busser and Friends (MB&F)

MB&F, a Swiss watch brand founded by Maximilian Büsser in 2005 and based in Geneva, Switzerland.  The company’s designs are a balance of futurist creativity with exceptional watchmaking skills

Described as whimsical, futuristic, or quirky timepieces, even those who consider themselves conservative with watch preferences, can’t help but admire or perhaps even invest in one or two MB&F pieces.

Admittedly, Beau Satchelle is head over heels in love with their first piece designed and dedicated to women, particularly his mother, named The Legacy Time Machine Flying T (the T is short for Tourbillon) made its debut in 2019.   Ultra contemporary and high-tech,  it borrows from the masculinity of their men’s collections with the addition of jewels and stones to add a feminine softness.  A gorgeous, detailed piece that even positions the dial at a 50° angle so that only the wearer can read the time.

These types of watches designed with a Tourbillon element are costly due to the intricate and complicated nature of the craftwork.  

So what is the purpose of a Tourbillon?  Basically, the Tourbillon is added to the mechanics of a watch to affect the precision and accuracy. A Tourbillon acts as a way to counter the drag effect gravity plays on some of the smaller components in a timepiece. Tourbillons put the entire regulation system in a “cage” that rotates around its own axis once every 60 seconds.

Tourbillon means whirlwind in French and this particular watch’s mesmerizing spiral motion can be quite hypnotic.  A Tourbillon watch will attract a ton of attention for just being an amazing art piece.

The other MB&F watch that we particularly admired is the limited editions Legacy Machine Flying T Red Gold and Platinum editions.  Designed minus the diamonds and stones reserved for the exclusive pieces and instead embraces its natural self with one designed in red gold with a guilloche dial plate (shown above) representing night and the other in Platinum with a blue dial representing the day.

IWC Schaffhausen

Being more of a tomboy growing up I have adapted well to girly clothes, but I still love to sport an occasional masculine item or accessory. For instance, the unparalleled diving watch, the IWC Aquatimer, or the Pilot’s Watch (also offered in a ladies size) is definitely a male sporty design although one could argue that the midsized watches are appropriate on any wrist.  

IWC collections give an investor the choice of automatic or chronograph and self-winding or hand-wound watches.  For watch enthusiasts, this company offers a number of limited editions and highly sought-after designs with the usual stainless steel and gold bands but also designs wristbands consisting of beautifully dyed alligator, Crocodile, or cow leather.

So why consider a purchase from the International Watch Company (IWC)?  With a balance of American engineering and Swift’s craftsmanship, IWC was born in 1868.  IWC has been trailblazers in the world of technical watch elements including the Aquatimer being the first diving watch to be water-resistant at 2,000 meters.

A beast when it comes to functionality. Yet it holds its weight in the aesthetic department as the company employed an engineer by the name of Ferdinand Porche for his exceptional designing skills who later founded his own car company. In addition, the Aquatimer is produced in limited quantities, becoming a rare collector’s piece rivaling the top competitors in quality craftsmanship.

Discerning women have versatility when selecting the type of watch to complete a wardrobe ensemble.  Either the traditional wristband or jewelry timepieces, yet no matter the choice, speaks volumes as to her sophistication and confidence.  

When selecting a particular timepiece, determine if it’s being used as a daily watch that looks perfect with both a business suit or business casual ensemble; or a dressier piece for after five events; or the third category which consists of your most elegant watches for formal affairs.  However, rules are made to be broken…wear any of your watches just because!  Life is just too short to store away elegant watches for ONLY

special occasions.  Wouldn’t you agree?   -AJ

Please Note:  Beau Satchelle is not paid commissions or affiliate fees for any of the products mentioned in this blog post.

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