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Luxury Is still here – Let Beau Satchelle Guide You to It

We may be going through one of the toughest times in our lifetime, a period when gathering up, meeting with friends and family, or even coming together to enjoy what life has to offer, is still just not safe.  Life, as we know it has stopped, hopefully only temporarily, but there are some things that are still standing and moving forward. Bespoke luxury goods are still king of craftsmanship; even the worst public health crisis cannot change that. This is what Beau Satchelle stands for—producing classic, high quality, and uniquely crafted , hand-stitched leather goods while offering clients great value for their money, even during these challenging times.

You may have for a time, been kept away from loved ones, and changed your daily life routines, all for the sake of remaining safe. This journey has not been easy. Yet being in a quarantine state within our homes for over half a year, has allowed us to turn our attention to our surroundings and personal possessions having meaningful attachments of beauty, love, and indulgence.  For many of us, optimism for the future is nearing to allow us to pursue our whims and desires of new products and experiences that have been bottled up for months.

Custom made goods show us how attention to detail and designing products according to the user’s taste are inspirational. They create an appreciation for our artisan’s hands that can take raw materials and transform into a beautiful, and functional work of art. This is what Beau Satchelle’s bespoke luxurious leather made goods are all about, carefully crafted to meet the customer’s need and made with love for each special individual with hands-on work that displays creativity, attention to detail, and patience. Beau Satchelle designed luxury leather goods are hand-sewn goods to not only stand the test of time but also remind us of cherishing these gifts of beauty to be shared for generations.

Our current challenge demands that we come up with a new luxury where we create our own happiness, enjoy the things we have in life, and engage in things that we have missed out on in a safe manner.  With the bespoke lifestyle leather goods, this is possible—Beau Satchelle still has it and is living out its mantra, getting you into the right mood through the creation of products that not only make a statement but also show appreciation of handmade crafts.  Luxury is alive and well!

The luxury industry is experiencing a metamorphosis to answer affluent consumers heightened buying trends of customization and personal servicing to address health and wellness concerns as well as expectations of quality white glove treatment. Understanding our discriminating audience, the Beau Satchelle team commits to working diligently in providing exceptional leather accessories to accommodate your luxury lifestyle whether for work or play. 

If you look to travel again, want to have sustainable pieces in our collection and need to add bespoke to your life, this new luxury, as presented by Beau Satchelle, will surely be an excellent choice to consider. Remember, tough moments may not last, but luxury made products will shine through your days and outlast the challenges that life brings.

A personal note:  As we usher in the last quarter of a fateful and historic year, the Beau Satchelle team wishes for this upcoming holiday season to unfold into a bit of normalcy in sharing, in person love with family and friends during the final celebratory period of 2020.   Be prosperous and be well.   -The Beau Satchelle Family

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