Lessons From A Shark

If you consider yourself to be a student of the fashion industry, then giants such as Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren or Tori Burch would be recognizable names as being game changers in the world of retail. As a start-up luxury business, we have to stay on top of our game by gaining knowledge from individuals such as those mentioned who have successfully forge their own paths. Auto Biographies are an important teaching tool for visualizing someones success and wanting the same for yourself.

One of those giants that we recognize as a game changer in the world of fashion is Daymond John, the founder and CEO of FUBU, a television personality and investor on the hugely popular realty television series Shark Tank. He has written a book named “The Power of Broke” and it resonates well with any entrepreneur who is beginning their own journey of a thousand steps to building a business brand. In the book, he takes 15 entrepreneurs from different backgrounds who offer insight on what it took to build their successful careers and brands from nothing.

In a nutshell, Daymond John bootstrapped his way to success and he feels in many ways that “the struggle”….not having money forced him to be creative which kept him focused on his goals.

So in the course of reading his book, he shared in his first chapter 3 philosophical takeaways that resonated with Beau Satchelle’s growth which inspired this blog.

Be Innovative – Daymond John refers to the power of broke as a mindset of providing substance over flash. It takes inspiration to stand out when you are a minnow in a sea of whales in the luxury industry. Our story is a good old fashion tale of basically learning an “old school” sewing art form from YouTube. Hand sewn, handcrafted bespoke leather is mainly celebrated and held in high esteem in Europe. We have stayed true to the trade, with touches of modernism. Our bags are pure works of art that will not ever be categorized as trendy, but sustainable and beautiful.

Be Genuine – luxury for the discerning individual is our target as a luxury leather brand. Learning to perfect the art of hand sewing leather is the ultimate in authenticity. A finished product will conjure up adjectives such as exquisite, effortless, sophisticated and sexy. Leather aficionados appreciate the intense work and time of days, perhaps weeks to build a one of a kind luxury product. Although technology has influence the utilitarian segment of a handbag, we will still offer a product that celebrates the origins of bespoke leather crafting.

Be Hungry – Or as we call it “making a way out of no way”. Our marketing budget equals time and effort and being minutely conscious of getting the best bang for our buck. Beau Satchelle’s growing success consists of doing the work every day to insure our products are seen and sold in the right arenas. Whatever it takes! If it is to be it is up to me. We work with patience and intensity while practicing our craft everyday looking for creative ways to introduce are products to the world.

Daymond John’s book confirms for any entrepreneur that striving for success is not about beginning with a lot of money, but more about being visionary, lean, resourceful and using every opportunity to your advantage. -AJ

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