Leather and Tech: The Perfect Pairing!

The cell phone. Can’t live without it! Since our lives depend more and more on phones, tablets, and laptops, it becomes imperative that luxury leather designers stay ahead and create accessories that can accommodate these devices. Leather accessories have multiple functions that include protecting and holding the device while showing off your individual style. Although the range of textiles that can be converted into a holder for a cell phone are numerous, leather ups the game in conveying an indulgence that can’t be equaled.

Offerings with leather products include:

Handbags and Wallets – whether a tote, crossbody, clutch or wristlet, a woman will require a pocket that can handle her phone with easy access. From Beau Satchelle’s experience, more female consumers are requesting at least one pocket outside of the handbag or an interior pocket that is extremely handy if she hears one of her notification sounds. Even an unassuming leather wallet needs to have the ability to not only house the essentials (credit cards, money, and identification), but must offer a cell phone pocket to show a women’s style and simplicity when she runs her errands.

Duffle Bags and Backpacks – these particular bags are designed and built for multiple uses whether the gym, the classroom, the office, hiking or a weekend outing, multiple pockets and specific locations for tech products are essential. It is imperative that not only books, or a weekend outfit have a perfect home, but sufficient room is set aside to secure a tablet or laptop. Of course, once again an accessible cell phone pocket is necessary for easy access. With the advent of mobile chargers stations that allow phone and tablet users to become independent of “searching for a wall plug”, these technological have raised the bar to insure that a carrier can support these products as well.

Briefcases and Attache Cases – professionals such as executives, attorneys and realtors consider their briefcase as their necessary mobile office. These purchasers demand a product that is durable and multipurpose to carry his or her required items to get through the work day and look attractive while traveling from meetings and appointments. A leather product designer must incorporate sleeves or pockets that are home for tablets, laptops or mobile chargers. This allows this busy professional to have everything available while maintaining a high level of productivity without depending on an office.

Carry on Luggage – Similar to the duffle bag and backpacks with a couple of differences. Having airline tickets and documents (passports, identification, etc.) at the ready is important for any traveler. However, not being a slave to the “wall” for electicity is vital. A leather designer understands that being user friendly is paramount for his or her clients’ travels thus tech products can be accessed easily as circumstances change (or not) in an airport.

Other examples of leather products made to partner with technology include; tablet holders or portfolios, a well built leather tech cord carriers, individual ear buds holders, leather covered headsets and leather key rings that hold flash drives. These are just a few additional products that have the ability to protect valuables and be utilitarian while maintaining its beauty over the years.

The marriage of technological products with leather’s beauty and durability is quite remarkable. If it can be covered, leather is the way to go. The sustainability of a well built leather product is incomparable; it just gets better with age.

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